Day 242

Today has been a really relaxed day but I feel like I was missing something. I spent most of the day playing WoW but there was also a little time for art.

I went back to the Youtube channel: Art for Kids Hub. It didn’t take long to pick a couple of fun cartoons to try. I tried; How to Draw Baby Yoda and How to Draw a Red Christmas Truck.

And that was my day. I hope you’ve had an amazing day filled with smiles and creativity.


Day 228

Sundays are a day of rest and relaxation in our house. It’s the first day of the weekend for hubby. I spend most of the day indulging in my guilty pleasure; World of Warcraft. There was no art or French today.

The photo I have used today is; Lake Illawarra. This lake is only a few minutes away from where we live. I took this photo a few years ago. It was one of the last times I left the house. Wifey was here for her first trip and we had gone out to shop for Christmas tree decorations. It was great sharing this little slice of our world her….and now you.

I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend.


Day 221

I woke just after 8 am and waited patiently for art-spiration to strike. I was hoping it would be like a lightning strike but… nothing. Even after spending a good hour browsing photos, there was nothing that I wanted to art. I was also running out of time, so I put the art project on the back burner.

I had a comment on yesterday’s post asking when I would be doing my blog in French. Great question! While I’ve been learning for about 3 months, I’m not sure how good the things I’ve learned are for writing a blog post.

Curious, I opened up Google Translate, had the language set to French and made sentences off the top of my head, until I had about a paragraph amount. The translation into English made sense. I don’t know how to type the accented letters, so I just used plain ole’ English letters.

‘Salut. Je m’appelles Matilda. J’habite dans une trois piece la maison avec mon mari et ma femme. Nous avons un chien. Je parle un anglais et un petit Francais. J’aime la pizza, la musique, le chocolat et les vaches. Je vais ouvert la fenetre. Au revoir.’

Translated into English…
Hello. My name is Matilda. I live in a three-room house with my husband and wife. We have a dog. I speak English and a little French. I like pizza, music, chocolate and cows. I’m going to open the window. Goodbye.

So unless I have a busy day of opening doors and windows, while commenting on horses, dogs, cats and cows eating pizza, it could still be some time before I could write a blog post.

NEW GOAL: Write my 40th birthday blog post in French.

From 10.30 am until… dinner time, I played WoW with friends. This has become a highlight of my week. I spent the whole day laughing. Well, mostly. Towards the end I had a bit of a social anxiety type event. I was asked to join in the groups Discord channel. I thought about it but seeing that there were four people in there, I got really intimidated and didn’t want to join in.

Then I spent the next hour having obsessive conversations with myself about how I’m not normal. What must people think about me if I can’t even join in a simple conversation? I wanted to. I just couldn’t stop my heart from pounding, my mind from racing and my body from feeling sick. Hours later and I’m still feeling it. Ugh.

I’m going to get an early night tonight. Not sure what tomorrow will hold but I plan on holding a pencil.

I hope your weekend has been filled with relaxing, good memories and a handful of your favourite things.


Paris bottle image from Unsplash

Day 214

Homer dog woke me up and before I could sneak back to bed, wifey had woken up. Morning started just before 7 am on our rest day. It didn’t bother me though because I’d had an idea as a follow up sketch to yesterday’s ‘sad penguin’.

I have an A4 sketch pad (super cheap one) and I split it into two A5 areas. I was inspired to create a scene with the penguin catching the balloon OR I think it looks like he’s changing a light bulb if you don’t see them together.

Project Penguin coming in 2020.
The joined penguin sketches.

Today was an awesome, relaxing day. I spent the morning doing my usual WoW mythic dungeons and spent the rest of the day doing WoW stuff with wifey. She’s the one that got me hooked on the game.

We finished the day with Thai Beef Mince in Cos Lettuce Cups.

I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and smiles while being surrounded by those you love.


Day 179

I woke up just after 6 am and thought I better stay up. It was kinda hard. I was tired and the allure of a soft bed was overwhelming. I pushed through with the help of my knitting needles. I knit my way through the first colour, then switched to the second colour. I think it’s working this time. Fingers crossed.

Then 9.30 am rolled around and it was time for me to log onto WoW for our Sunday mythic dungeons. We did well and we had fun. Before I knew it four hours had passed and that part of the day was over.

After lunch, hubby and I got to art-ing. Wifey wasn’t feeling well so she went back to bed. Hopefully she will join us on the next art day. I worked on the next Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 24. Books. I found a picture of a pile of books on Pinterest and used that as my reference. I enjoyed it.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

When I bought my art supplies, I got hubby and wifey their own colouring books. They are books designed for adults with very intricate designs. Wifey has a unicorn book and hubby has an owl book. He really enjoyed the experience and had a hard time stopping. It was great to see him excited about it.

Hubby art-ing

Once we had finished art-ing, I played the guitar for a little bit, then I did my French practice. It was a lovely creativity stuffed rest day.

We finished the day with a M. Night Shyamalan movie marathon. We set out to watch; Unbreakable, Split and Glass. We only managed to watch two of the movies before it got too late.

This was a sensational Sunday. I hope you’re having a sensational one too (whatever it is you’re doing!)


Day 172

I said that today would be a rest today and it sure was a rest day.

For the last couple of years my Sunday mornings have been filled with World of Warcraft. Until wifey got me hooked on WoW, I had never been a gamer and didn’t really care for MMORPGs. It is most definitely one of my guilty pleasures now. It was an extremely enjoyable morning.

My druid; ‘Lustarris’

With the high of a great morning, I took a nap. I indulged in my relaxing and it was an extremely enjoyable afternoon.

When I woke from the nap, it was nighttime and a vegetarian dinner was almost ready. I took off my lazy hat briefly and did some French practice and spent some time doing some digital colouring in.

I’ve been using GIMP for all my editing purposes. I imagine there is something better to use. I am about as technology aware as a pebble.

Question: What are the best programs for creating digital art?

That’s all there was to my day. I hope your day has been filled with relaxing, things that make you smile and a big heaping of motivation if there’s something you need to achieve.


Day 165

I woke first and watched some Youtube videos. It was a nice start to a pretty relaxing day. The rest of the family woke around 9.30 am and I did the usual Sunday stuff in World of Warcraft until about 1 pm.

I started the afternoon with an art supplies shopping trip…online. There’ll be new paints, brushes, pencils, pens and a couple of fun art projects on their way soon. It’s very exciting. I’m really looking forward to using watercolour.

I did another Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 12. Laptop. I used a laptop photo on Pinterest as my inspiration. It wasn’t my favourite thing to draw.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

That was my day. I hope your Sunday is relaxed, creative and blessed.


Day 137

I stayed up too late hanging out with a friend in WoW, while hubby watched the cricket. I think it was nearing 3 am when we finally went to bed. That meant a sleep in. It wasn’t much of a sleep in for me. I knew my afternoon would be taken up with WoW, so I tried to get onto my drawing first thing.

For today’s Doodlewash – August 2019 drawing challenge, I used the prompts; 3. Safari + 18. Toiletries. I created a bathroom scene with safari themed toiletries, and an African inspired landscape. I didn’t have proper light while getting this photo but I really wanted to share it.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – August 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

There have been some ups and some downs in my day. The ups were fantastic and filled with giggles and good gaming. (Thank you, Paladin.) The downs are irrational and (mostly) self inflicted but they’ve left me feeling anxious and agitated. I know it won’t last. I have lots of things to be happy about.

I hope your weekend has been filled with fun, laughs, creativity and the ever watchful eye of your local giraffe.


Day 130

So often you hear stories about when someone gives up on looking for love, they find the love of their life. Yesterday I proclaimed that I was giving up on sleep. Last night I slept well. I went to bed just before midnight, woke once briefly, then went back to sleep until 9 am.

Normally I would really enjoy the privilege of sleep but as I start running dungeons in WoW at 9.30 am, it didn’t give me much time to wake up. By the time I was half awake and had coffee in hand, it was about 9.25 am.

I spent most of the day playing WoW. It was a gloriously relaxed day and I kinda forgot about all responsibilites in the house or in the creative.

I was in more pain today than I have been in a while, so I ended up getting a nap in the afternoon. I hope my body feels the way it does because I worked out pretty hard through the week. I know stress used to make my pain worse but I’m not really feeling stressed. Just a little tired.

I finished the day with a delicious meal of steak and portobello mushrooms stuffed with balsamic onions and feta. So delicious. This has got to be my new favourite side for steak. Also a yummy treat for those who don’t eat meat.

I had some French for dessert. I only did about 10 minutes because it was almost time for me to write my post. It was a pretty good practice though. It could almost be time for me to learn some new words.

Today was an indulgent day of relaxing and yummy food. I hope your day was filled with all the nicest things that make you smile and feel good.

Happy weekend.


Day 128

The sleep drought continues. I crashed early last night and thought I could get a good 8 or 9 hours sleep. Wrong. I woke up after a few hours, had trouble getting back to sleep, then woke again just before 6 am. I figured I’d just try and start my day.

I’m almost having trouble remembering my day, as I continue to ride the wave of tiredness. I know I had an extra good workout because my arms have been feeling weak and shaky all day. I worked out to my indie playlist again and put even more effort into my muscles than normal. I want to keep getting better at working out and doing more.

Next on the agenda was today’s drawing challenge topic; feathers. I ended up going with a peacock feather, because they are one of my favourites. I didn’t do it justice. I’ve been a bit unfocused with my pencil.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

The next five hours were spent playing WoW with a friend. I honestly had a blast and laughed almost the entire time. If you want to know how hard I laughed, I snorted! You know you’re comfy with someone when that happens.

I also got some housework done, got 200 xp points in French, went on a comment spree and updated the weekly Happy List. I feel content with the last minute push of doing things.

I hope your day was filled with snorts, giggles and good friends.