Day 242

Today has been a really relaxed day but I feel like I was missing something. I spent most of the day playing WoW but there was also a little time for art.

I went back to the Youtube channel: Art for Kids Hub. It didn’t take long to pick a couple of fun cartoons to try. I tried; How to Draw Baby Yoda and How to Draw a Red Christmas Truck.

And that was my day. I hope you’ve had an amazing day filled with smiles and creativity.


Day 220

I woke around 7 am and pondered what sort of art I wanted to do today. An hour and a half later, I went for a shower to avoid having to decide.

Once out of the shower I quickly jumped into French. I did two levels from the new group of words I’m learning, then kept doing timed practice runs. If I didn’t stop my French practice, I wouldn’t have to work out art.

French went on for far too long. The second I stopped, I jumped up to do some housework. If I didn’t finish housework, I wouldn’t have to work out art. I got the kitchen clean and a bunch of other odd jobs scattered through the house.

Once back at the computer I started to browse some ‘village’ photos for inspiration. I got a message from a friend and quickly got disracted playing WoW with him. If I was doing that, I wouldn’t have to work out art. We had fun and he inspired me to art. While we were hanging out he did a quick sketch and it was awesome. I knew I had to try.

I found a photo of a little blue truck on the street. I used watercolour pencils and finished with a thicker ink pen than I’ve been using. While it was much easier to make lines on the rough paper, I feel they turned out too thick. I’d prefer to make thicker lines with a thin ink pen. I learned some stuff.

I now have my two latest watercolours in a frame on the table. I like them.

I hope art-spiration strikes early tomorrow.

Happy weekend. I hope it’s full of relaxing, inspiration and fun with friends.