Day 308

Last night I did Pain Relief & Healing GUIDED MEDITATION “The Cleansing Pool”. I fell asleep before it ended and don’t even remember taking the ear buds out. I have some vague memory of them yanking from my ears when I turned over. It was a good sleep but when Homer dog woke me up, I wasn’t ready to be the day.

I didn’t do much while sipping coffee and when hubby left for work I still couldn’t get started. It was at that point I had to do a workout or go back to bed. I worked out. Well, I half worked out. I got through half of it, felt light headed and went back to bed.

When I woke up the second time, I still felt tired. I’m not sick anymore and I’ve been getting sleep, so why was the sleepy chasing me all day? I reluctantly got to art-ing but I art-ed.

Watercolour felt scary again today. I really don’t know why. So I opted for something I thought would be simple. I sorta made a mess of it. Oh well. I followed (sorta) this video on Youtube; How to Make Tree in Watercolours Easy Demo for Beginners.

For my 10 minute doodle today, I obsessed over as many B words as I could. Balloons seemed too simple. Baboons seemed…. who even knows what a baboon looks like? While I couldn’t decide I picked a time on the clock, picked up my pencil and waited to begin. When the clock ticked over my first thought was BRIDGE. That’s a B word I could draw. Not really. Ugh! I need to add looking at bridges to my to do list. There’s a boat, birds and bodies on half a bridge. Not terrible for 10 minutes. That took the whole time, so no colour today.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him pretending to be a weatherperson for National Weatherperson Day. He made all the signs himself and set it up on the wall in his living room.

I finished the day with a good French lessons of ‘Shopping’ words and 10 minutes of smiling for no reason. I definitely need the extra smiles.

I hope your day has been filled with creativity and smiles. Happy hump day.


Day 247

It was a normal start to the day. Hubby left at 8.30 am and I worked out. I’m not sure how much energy I have left for working out this week but apparently I will do it anyway.

I was recommended a video on Youtube; Twelve Easy Flower Doodles. The word ‘easy’ lit up like a neon sign. That’s about the level of art-ing for me today. I’m either really off my game or they aren’t as easy as the title would have you believe. I’ve never really liked roses (after I spent one Valentine’s Day working at a florist, removing thorns from roses. OUCH!) and I found the rose the hardest of all the flowers.

I checked my Pinterest feed for art-spiration and found some pins on sketching trees. I just liked the look of them. Check out; Best Tree Drawing Tutorial Sketch Ideas.

By the time I’d done fiddling with the plant sketches, it was a hot afternoon and time for French. It was a fairly good run. I paid closer attention and was getting about 18 right. Sometimes more.

I finished the day with housework. It was too hot for housework.

I hope your day has been filled with laughter, family and kindness.