Day 221

I woke just after 8 am and waited patiently for art-spiration to strike. I was hoping it would be like a lightning strike but… nothing. Even after spending a good hour browsing photos, there was nothing that I wanted to art. I was also running out of time, so I put the art project on the back burner.

I had a comment on yesterday’s post asking when I would be doing my blog in French. Great question! While I’ve been learning for about 3 months, I’m not sure how good the things I’ve learned are for writing a blog post.

Curious, I opened up Google Translate, had the language set to French and made sentences off the top of my head, until I had about a paragraph amount. The translation into English made sense. I don’t know how to type the accented letters, so I just used plain ole’ English letters.

‘Salut. Je m’appelles Matilda. J’habite dans une trois piece la maison avec mon mari et ma femme. Nous avons un chien. Je parle un anglais et un petit Francais. J’aime la pizza, la musique, le chocolat et les vaches. Je vais ouvert la fenetre. Au revoir.’

Translated into English…
Hello. My name is Matilda. I live in a three-room house with my husband and wife. We have a dog. I speak English and a little French. I like pizza, music, chocolate and cows. I’m going to open the window. Goodbye.

So unless I have a busy day of opening doors and windows, while commenting on horses, dogs, cats and cows eating pizza, it could still be some time before I could write a blog post.

NEW GOAL: Write my 40th birthday blog post in French.

From 10.30 am until… dinner time, I played WoW with friends. This has become a highlight of my week. I spent the whole day laughing. Well, mostly. Towards the end I had a bit of a social anxiety type event. I was asked to join in the groups Discord channel. I thought about it but seeing that there were four people in there, I got really intimidated and didn’t want to join in.

Then I spent the next hour having obsessive conversations with myself about how I’m not normal. What must people think about me if I can’t even join in a simple conversation? I wanted to. I just couldn’t stop my heart from pounding, my mind from racing and my body from feeling sick. Hours later and I’m still feeling it. Ugh.

I’m going to get an early night tonight. Not sure what tomorrow will hold but I plan on holding a pencil.

I hope your weekend has been filled with relaxing, good memories and a handful of your favourite things.


Paris bottle image from Unsplash