Day 227

I started the day on time but I don’t really remember my morning. It feels like it was years ago. I know I had another great French practice and my kitchen is sparkly clean.

When I sat down for art I thought I’d try another portrait. This time I used a man’s face photo taken by Johan De Jager. I’ve been using a ruler to get the space in between features as accurately as I can. The one thing I’ve noticed is the slightest deviation in a line, can make a face look very different from the reference. So this sketch doesn’t really look like the reference but it does look like a mans face.

Once I was done, I wondered if I could digitally colour this sketch. I opened up ‘Krita’ and being it was my first time using the program, no, I wasn’t able to digitally colour in this sketch. One day maybe.

I then spent a couple of hours working on a lake and greenery digital image. I went for this image because there are brushes that will do the job for you; ‘stamp leaves’, ‘stamp grass’, ‘stamp grass patch’, ‘stamp water’. I tested brushes, I played around with colours, I layered many layers and came up with something kinda cool.

Want to know more about Krita?
Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.

While I was browsing blogs this morning, I stumbled upon a list of ’40 Odd Things About Me’ on; Quiet Water Craft. She found the post on another blog I follow; NothingButKnit. That isn’t where it started. It was found on Stitched Roots. These three blogs are worth visiting, reading and following.

1. Do you like mustard? Yes but only when used sparingly
2. Choice of carbonated beverage? Brown Cream Soda
3. Ever travelled to another country? Yes. New Zealand and Vanuatu
4. Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka? Vodka
5. Hot dogs or Cheeseburgers? Cheeseburgers
6. Favourite Type Of food? Le fromage (Cheese)
7. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes
8. What do you drink in the mornings? Le cafe avec le chocolat (Coffee with chocolate)
9. Can you do a 100 push ups? No
10. Summer, Winter, Spring, Or Fall? Winter
11. Favourite hobby? Art
12. Tattoos? None but I would love lots
13. Do you wear glasses? No but I need them
14. Phobia? Just about everything
15. Nickname? M
16. Three drinks you drink? Coffee, Water, Hot Chocolate
17. Biggest Downfall? Answering hard questions on about me lists
18. Rain or Snow? Rain (if we didn’t have a hole in the roof)
19. Piercings? None now. As a teenager, I had three in my left ear
20. Age? 38
21. Taken or Single? Taken
22. How long taken or single? 15 years with hubby, 8 years with wifey
23. Kids? One fur-child; Homer (He’s a Pomchi)
24. Favourite colour? Pink
25. Employed? No
26. Can you whistle? Kinda
27. Where were you born? Wollongong, NSW, Australia 
28. Brothers or Sisters? Only child
29. Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates
30. Surgeries? One, to remove a bone tumour from my left arm
31. Religious? I believe in something
32. Shower or Bath? Shower but maybe bath if I had a nice one
33. Like gambling? If I could do it for a living, I probably would
34. Are You Loyal? To the very end
35. Broken bones? I broke my arm many times, then they discovered a tumour
36. How many TVs in your house? 3
37. Worst pain ever? When my arm was hit by a body board and the bone snapped completely
38. Do you like to dance? Love to dance
39. Are your parents still alive? Sadly, no. My mum had a heart attack, my dad passed after a short battle with cancer
40. Do you like camping? In a hotel, with room service, yes.

If you would like to take part in the ’40 Odd Things About Me’, feel free to comment a link to your answers on this page.

Well that’s a whole lot of stuff. I hope your day has been stuffed full of things that make you smile.


Day 226

I woke just after hubby and very seriously considered going back to sleep. I brushed that thought aside and got up. Today was going to be a long day. Hubby had to work late and wasn’t due home until after 8 pm. I hate being alone for so long. I mean, I enjoy my own company but I haven’t felt safe on my own for a very long time.

A few years ago, when we were living in Melbourne, someone tried to break into the house about 3 pm, while I was there alone. That day, hubby had to work back. If he finished when he should have, he would have been home and I wouldn’t have had to go through that experience. I don’t like being alone.

When hubby raced off to work, I got straight to my workout. My arms, in particular, have really been feeling the workout this week. That didn’t stop me from pushing hard. It was another fantastic workout but after a hot day, my arms feel like jelly now.

I got in some French practice before deciding what art I should try. I haven’t been very watercolour inspired the last few days. That’s okay. There are lots of things I want to learn to do. I got out my sketch pencils and tried my version of ‘woman’s face’ by Johan De Jager found on Unsplash. It took five hours. This is the first face that I’ve finished and I learned a lot while doing it.

By about 4 pm the house was really hot and I was determined to avoid it by taking a nap in front of the fan. I can deal with heat so much better when I’m sleeping. I swear I was a penguin in a past life.

I hope your day has been filled with sunshine, happiness and laughter.


Day 224

It was a normal morning that started just after 7 am. Once hubby had bounced off to work, I worked out. I really really didn’t feel like it but I also know that sometimes you gotta ignore the feels and just get the job done. I worked out hard and I’m still feeling it.

I was thinking of practising drawing lips, so I avoided that by jumping into some French revision. It was a fairly successful practice. Once I was done, I decided to sing…and not just because I was still wearing a headset (or for that exact reason.) I sang for about 40 minutes. I am getting pretty close to having a song recorded that I like. The morning had started well and I was on track for having an extra productive day.

Then it was time for lips. UGH! I looked at so many drawing tutorials. Draw shapes. Draw lines. Draw things, add some shading and done. Ohhh nooooo. That isn’t how it worked. I am struggling to draw lips. This is going to take years of research and piles of eraser shavings. I don’t think my failed lip attempts started my bad mood but there was a bad mood brewing.

I was going to log onto WoW for a bit of relaxing before trying round two of art. I couldn’t log on. I’m starting to dread logging on. It made me feel agitated.

I wanted to be distracted and get some housework done. Then I saw a new message from Hubby. He proceeded to message me for about 20 minutes, for something he didn’t need to send a message about in the first place. It made me feel more agitated.

I was annoyed, unreasonably so, but by the time I’d started the dishes, I was in tears. I don’t think I’ve been dealing with wifey’s departure as well as I’d like to believe I am. I’m also worried about her. I’m worried about me and my journey. I’m feeling overwhelmed and sad.

Thankfully, doing the dishes gave me time to think, calm down and relax. Cleaning was calming and my kitchen is grateful.

Today I needed some words of encouragement and I found them. I hope you feel encouraged too.


Day 219

I went to bed early last night, woke up late and still felt exhausted. I really don’t know what’s up with me at the moment. I did French, then spent a little time with wifey, before climbing back into bed for a lunchtime nap.

I woke around 2 pm, it was hot, I was exhausted, my body ached and I was starting to feel pretty miserable about the whole situation. I tried to find some inspiration for a watercolour sketch but nothing seemed appealing.

Instead I got out my sketching pencils that I hadn’t used yet and did a little more work to my Romain Duris sketch. So I really don’t know anything about the different types of lead pencil, I just tried a number of them to see what they did.

WiP – Romain Duris

I have a lot of trouble drawing mouths and thought that may be a great place to stop for the day. I’m determined to finish this sketch though. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I hope your day has been filled with energy, excitement and happiness.


Day 218

I woke up at 7 am and started my day, although I didn’t really want to. I was feeling exhausted even though I had a good sleep. I did a couple of morning things, got my French lessons out of the way and then settled in for a morning of WoW with a friend. I enjoyed the distraction.

Around 10.30 am I heard from wifey saying she was back at home in the US. It’s a great relief to know she is safely back there. I can’t believe it’s only been one day since she was here, it feels like forever and I miss her.

Early afternoon I got out my watercolour pencils, found a colourful house reference and spent some time making a much more colourful version.

I spent the late afternoon in front of the fan trying to avoid the draining heat. Thankfully there are a couple of cooler days ahead. I’m going to try and get some extra sleep tonight, so I can have a couple of productive days before the weekend falls back into our laps.

I hope you’re having a productive and colourful week. Take care of yourself.


Day 217

Oh Day 217, you are my least favourite of all the days. I knew this morning would be hard and it was. My reaction in the hours after wifey left, was not really what I had expected.

Last night we cried a lot and fell asleep exhausted around 11 pm. I woke at 1.30 am worried that we’d missed the alarm. I went back to sleep until the alarm did go off. I cried some more. We sipped coffee together for the last time on this trip and wifey went about getting ready to leave. I cried.

No matter how hard I tried to keep myself together, tears would continue to bounce down my cheeks. Before I knew it 5.30 am was upon us and hubby and wifey were ready to head to the airport. I held her as long as I could and then they were gone. I cried. In fact, I wailed and sobbed. As I walked through the house there were so many of wifey’s thing scattered about that it almost felt like she was still here.

I sat down on the sofa and decided to sing. One thing I learned when I was working as a radio announcer is; if you smile while talking (or singing) then your voice will sound lighter and brighter. Singing meant I needed to plaster a smile on my face. There were smiles. There were tears.

I was inspired to draw another penguin cartoon. This little guy will be the star of his very own adventure cartoon in 2020. I promise there’ll be less tears for him in the future.

Project Penguin coming 2020

I wanted to continue the creative and started to pencil sketch a portrait of French actor, Romain Duris. It took about 30 minutes for the first rough sketch.

WIP – Romain Duris

With all that under my belt it had hit 8.30 am. WORKOUT TIME! So, this was one habit I thought I had formed and neither hell nor high water would stop me. Then we got sick near the beginning of wifey’s trip and I didn’t work out for about 3 weeks. The next week or two I did minimal workouts until they had fizzled into nothingness. I have been disappointed at myself for not being more disciplined.

Anyway, I climbed back onto the workout horse (not an actual horse) and got through the first 15 minutes very quickly. I was tempted to stop. I wanted to justify a half workout as a way of ‘getting back into’ working out. Rubbish! I went the full 30 minutes and pushed harder than I have before.

Then I started a new set of ‘home’ French words and practised for about 30 minutes before heading off to the kitchen to get it all in order. Housework hasn’t really been a thing for the last few days.

By lunchtime I was tired and unmotivated. It was understandable though. I’d been awake since 3 am and had only got about 4 hours of interrupted sleep the night before. I spent the rest of the day in bed and woke up feeling just as exhausted.

I whipped up a meal plan for the week. Hubby will do a little shop on Friday to get us through to the next pay day, then it will be a weekly shop again.

Spicy bean & chilli fajitas (vegetarian) : Thursday
Shopping / Chicken skewers + Salad : Friday
World’s Best Veggie Burgers : Saturday
Corned Beef & Potato Salad : Sunday
Lasagne : Monday
Japanese Chicken Noodle Stir-fry : Tuesday
Shopping / Lasagne : Wednesday

So today I got a lot more done than I thought I would have and that feels good but at the same time, I feel crushed.

I hope your day has been creative, inspired and filled with things you enjoy.


Day 213

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Wifey makes two trips to Australia each year, each for two and a half months. When we’re apart it instantly feels like it’s been years since we’ve seen each other. Then the second she gets here it instantly feels like she has been here for years. The hardest part; the end of the trip.

The last few days get very emotional. It’s not intended but just a natural reaction to the idea of being away from the one you love. Wifey is really feeling it at the moment and I am worried. I know she is amazing, strong, resilient and more than capable of dealing with whatever she gets dealt but… I worry.

We woke early. I had a fairly decent sleep, wifey did not. After a few hours of spending time together, wifey went back to bed and I tried to art. I missed having a prompt to rely on as I am not feeling creative. I tried a couple of sketches and gave up. Then I distracted myself with some housework before returning to my pencil and notebook.

I’m not sure where this idea came from but as I was wrist deep in dishwater, I wanted to draw a penguin who was watching its balloon flying away. I guess today I feel a little like a sad penguin.

I’m glad I finally got some sort of art done and it was totally what I wanted to create. I also had some great practice runs in French.

I hope your day has been creative and filled with smiles. Happy weekend. =)