Day 209

Homer dog woke me up about 10 minutes before hubby’s alarm would have gone off. I dragged myself out of bed and started the day. I pulled out my sketch pad to work on an Inktober prompt. Eight attempts and a pile of eraser shavings in my lap later, I still had nothing. So I moved on.

I thought it was about time I did the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; 15. Unicorn. I had done this sketch a few days ago but was a bit sheepish about what colours to use. I referenced this fat unicorn photo. I made the cake a cupcake and did what I felt were unicorn-y colours.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

The unicorn is my last prompt for the Doodlewash – October 2019 challenge. I only managed to do half the prompts. With a new month about to begin I’d like to start focusing on some art for myself. I will focus on pop art, landscapes and learning to draw humans. I have lots of ideas and I’m excited at what I’ll create.

I am going to finish the Inktober 2019 event. I did the prompt; 28. Ride. It took a number of attempts at various carnival rides and vehicles before I settled on a hot air balloon. This was my reference.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

Then I worked on the prompt; 29. Injured. I did a search on Pixabay with the word injured and was inspired by the least gruesome thing; a teddy bear. I didn’t copy the reference and made my own bandaged bear.

Once I’d put the pens down, wifey and I did housework. I thought today would be more chill, so I’m kinda impressed at how much we got done today.

While hubby and wifey went grocery shopping I did some singing. Then spent a little time doing some rough sketches. Today has been a creative day.

I hope your day has been filled with sunshine, sparkles and a big heaping of creativity. Have fun tomorrow.


Day 184

It’s the evening and I’m tired. So tired I don’t remember when the day started. I know around 8.30 am it was about 30 degrees (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and we worked out. I am not looking forward to working out during Summer but I’m oh so proud of myself for doing it today. It was a pretty solid workout and I groaned a lot.

I did the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; 2. Snack. With it being such a warm day I went for a refreshing snack suited to a Summer-esque day; watermelon. I didn’t use a reference.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I also did the Inktober 2019 prompt; 3. Frozen. Again, I didn’t use a reference and just went for something casual, fun and summery.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

Also on the productivity plate was knitting, singing and French. I dabbled in a little of all of them and it was a pretty enjoyable experience.

I finished the day by finishing the weekly meal plan. There’s a couple of repeats because they’re delicious and I want them again. Everyone is happy with that decision.

Healthy Beef Mince Thai Noodle Salad : Monday
Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi Bake : Tuesday
Corn and Chorizo Zucchini Slice : Wednesday
Japanese Chicken Noodle Stir-fry : Thursday
Vegetarian Chilli Beans : Friday
Shopping / Chicken & Haloumi Burgers : Saturday
Lamb Meatball Tagine : Sunday

Thankfully the day is over and the countdown until bedtime has started. I’m hoping for 8 hours sleep tonight. Wish me luck.

I hope you’ve had a sunshine-filled day with a dash of watermelony goodness. (I just had to use the word watermelony, I’ve been saying it all day.) Your smile shines bright like the sun, you should do it more. =)


Day 136

The day started around 6 am. I sat on the sofa, stared at the computer and nothing happened. 30 minutes later I opened Duolingo for today’s French practice. I was averaging between 16 – 18 correct each round. I was able to reach 200 xp points in under 30 minutes.

Once hubby had cartwheeled off to work (he didn’t but he should have,) I started my workout. With my playlist turned up loud, I busted through the workout in 20 minutes. That’s a new record. Even though I was going faster, I don’t feel like it was any less of a workout. Also a few hours later, I didn’t feel as body fatigued as I felt earlier in the week.

Next it was time for today’s Doodlewash – August 2019 topic; 2. Shoes + 17. Food. I decided to draw a picnic scene, with waterfall and the cityscape in the background. At first I was going to draw a pair of shoes that had been left on the picnic blanket but it didn’t seem to fill the space well. So I added someone wearing shoes instead.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – August 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

Half my day was taken up with this drawing, it was an epic attempt. Once it was done (once I put the pencil down and forced myself to not pick it back up), I spent a couple of hours singing. I tried singing a couple of new songs. The biggest problem is, I barely know the songs. Learning them is on my to do list for next week.

I topped off the day with a glorious nap. When I can relax and not feel guilty about napping, they sure do help.

I hope your day has been filled with delicious food, relaxing and encouraging words. You’re a magnificent person, with so much to offer the world. Keep smiling.

Happy weekend.


Day 134

My sleep last night was fairly decent and I felt encouraged about starting my morning. I dragged my heels over a cup of coffee then dived into French. It was a mix of really achieving and disastrously bad practice runs.

By the time I had to workout, I was ready to push myself hard again and hopefully fight off the French blues. It was another great workout that has left my muscles feeling used. Hopefully the pain won’t get too overwhelming today.

Then it was time for the last drawing challenge topic; a congratulations banner. I mean, I get it but yawn-tastic. I found a cute banner and made my version of it. I was also inspired by the way yesterdays drawing looked.

This was an interesting draw. I found it impossible to create the same pattern above and below. I think they are similar enough that it still looks like a flowing piece.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

I spent hours singing during the afternoon and spent a lil time with wifey. There’s just over one week until she gets back here. Everyone is excited, including Homer dog. Every time I say wifey is coming home; Homer starts barking and looking at the bedroom. (That’s where wifeys come from according to him.)

I hope you’ve had a wonderful day filled with singing, smiles and sandwiches. Congratulations to anyone who has achieved today!!


Day 118

Bonjour! Bienvenue.

My day started as hubby’s alarm went off. I was tempted to turn over and go back to sleep but I made a commitment to myself to get more done this week. I threw the covers off, dived into a cup of coffee and started my French lesson.

With the optimism of a new day, I started a new group of French words, that turned my little French world upside down. This group of lessons has introduced the word ‘nous’, which means we. Whenever you use that word, the words that follow seem to change from the ones you would use with ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘He/She’. They’re similar but longer. I know the clue lies in those extra letters (which might be the same?) but it’s all confusing and Mr Duolingo isn’t really explaining it.

Okay, so French was a little disappointing. No worries! It was time to workout. A nice hard workout would shake off the disappointment. Wrong. My body decided it would have a fatigued sort of day. Within the first two sets of reps I knew this would be a long, hard event. By the last two sets, tears streamed down my cheeks as I wondered why it was like that. I’ve been doing this workout for over 3 months and today it felt like the first day. Mega UGH!

Then the sunshine broke through the clouds and I just forgot about the workout, grabbed my camera, my drawing of sunshine and went to hopefully capture something share worthy. Enjoy!

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

When I showed the drawing to wifey she said that she loved it so much, she would totally get it as a tattoo. I’m feeling pretty good about that. Not everyone may like the drawing but I know it’s made someone smile and that’s awesome.

Today’s drawing challenge topic; a saying. It took me a minute or two to work out what direction I wanted to go but then I saw a quote on Pinterest and thought it seemed fitting.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

I also did some singing today but still nothing share worthy. There was also a little socialising too. Plus a nap. I stuffed as much into my day as I possibly could.

So today starts a new Happy List and I can hear you screaming… ‘But Tilly! Where is last weeks list? Did you even happy?’. Thanks for your concern. I did happy last week. We all did. I just never got round to updating it. The updates are updated now though and a new list begins.

This week I’ve got a couple of new goals. One is to research some coastal arts and crafts and decor ideas. I feel like it’s the theme I want for my house, seeing we’re about a 5 minute drive to the beach.

The other new goal is to comment more on blog posts I read. I come across a lot of posts that are highly comment worthy but sometimes my social anxiety creeps in and I can’t find the right words to say what I want to say. That’s just silly. I want to encourage people as much as people have been encouraging me.

I hope your day has been filled with creativity and sunshine. Good luck if you’re starting a new project this week.


Day 114

It was a slow morning. I spent too long sipping coffee and browsing info about the next season of Masterchef. The next thing I know, hubby was off to work and I had to workout.

It was a great workout. I was listening to music at the time and kept forgetting what rep I was up to. So I worked out more than I should have but still finished under 30 minutes. I’m still feeling it in my muscles and I like it.

I have really been enjoying singing this week so I did a little of that. I recorded a couple of songs and actually saved them because they weren’t terrible. I wish I could record something I’d like to share. I’m just so crazy critical of how I sound.

Next I drew a quick cacti sketch for painting. I liked a lot of the elements from my cacti work last week and took inspiration from my painting and drawing to make a new art work. I didn’t get round to painting though. I felt conflicted because I want to paint cacti BUT I also wanted to do another French painting before the Tour de France ends. I browsed photos from Paris, then decided to do my French lessons instead.

I had so much fun with French today. The words flowed. I did 30 minutes. The extra practice must be helping. I’ll keep it up.

Then an unexpected message popped up from a friend and after feeling like I had overshared with them through the week, I was happy to know they wanted to talk again. We got deep. I haven’t felt this comfortable talking to someone in a very long time. I’m enjoying having someone I can share with.

By the afternoon I was ready for a nap. Before I did, I decided to do a little writing and added more to my story. The words flowed. It’s been a very free flowing sort of day for words.

Then I indulged in my third nap for the week. I’m really enjoying getting a little extra sleep and it hasn’t been affecting my sleep at night, so it really is extra.

When I woke, I finally got round to today’s drawing topic; a line drawing. So the first thing I thought of was drawing a lion line drawing. It was too much fun to say. I found a great reference picture and got this drawing done in about 20 minutes.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

I’m hoping that I can wake up early tomorrow and get started on the creative straight away. I would like to get French and drawing out of the way before hubby goes to work, then a little early painting. Who wants to bet I end up being social instead?

I hope you’re having a week full of good memories and delicious food.


Day 113

The day started just after 5.30 am. Hubby had to start work early and I wanted to get up to keep him company. Once he’d left for work I did a little singing. I’ve had the song ‘California Numb‘ by Cloves, stuck in my head. Mainly the line; ‘I don’t like my fate, or how I’m turning out. I am in over my head’. That has been on repeat in my head all day.

I got to my workout earlier hoping that it would distract me. I was slow and unfocused. I got through it but not a day I am proud of.

After that I was feeling too tired to focus and decided to head back to bed to try and sleep away the feels. Sleeping was so lovely.

I woke and got some housework out of the way. Then it was on to French. My mood was still rather flat and in some ways I just went into auto pilot and got a lot right. I didn’t bother with flirty words, I feel my flirt fuse has fizzled out.

Today’s drawing challenge topic; stars in the sky. This felt like a difficult draw using only grey pencil. I had no concept of how to draw a star either. I really can’t focus today.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

I hope my focus returns to me. This week is sure becoming a week that I’m not proud of. If I haven’t said it yet, UGH!

I hope your week is free from awkward moments and bad feels. May smiles and joy be abundant for you and your family.