Day 280

I went to bed a little late and did Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation. I went back to one that I enjoyed instead of trying to find another new one. I really want one with the sounds of the ocean, healing and relaxing. Not asking for much, right? It was enjoyable and relaxing and I had a pretty okay sleep.

So this morning I worked out the problem with hubby being on vacation. It’s not that he’s distracting, it’s just that our day is not structured. When he goes to work he wakes at 7 am, I usually do too. Now we’ve been sleeping in, I’m not really starting my day until around 10 am, which instantly puts me behind and makes me feel less motivated to get things done. Oops, I used the M word. I have avoided discipline like the plague and that’s my bad. I gotta do better.

Hubby had to pop to the shops so I did my workout. It was humid again and everything in me didn’t want to do it. I pushed myself though and burned through it about 2 minutes quicker.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him practising snorkelling in his bubble bath for National Bubble Bath Day. One day he’ll go snorkelling in the ocean.

The next step on the creative ladder was a trip to Skillshare. I watched one watercolour lesson but she kept saying that I understood how to do multiple washes, which I do not, and the angle it was filmed at made it very confusing for my poor brain. I didn’t even attempt it. It did make it rather clear that I need some very very basic beginner lessons on the matter.

I then watched Magical Watercolor: Basic Techniques. This is a free class which goes over the basics: Materials, Water and Pigment, Filling, Gradients, Edges, Softening, Textures, Lighting and Colour Mixing. I didn’t test any of the things from the video I just sat there clutching my tray of watercolour paints.

I followed it up with watching a couple of random ‘How To’ videos on Youtube, still clutching my paints, still not painting. I wish it was National Hug Your Paints Day, because then my day would have at least made sense. Tomorrow I WILL watercolour. I said it, so now I have to. Thanks for being there to keep me on track.

The last few days of art-ing have been getting me down so by the afternoon I decided to do something off my happy list…. NAP TIME!! Hooray for a good nap. If you haven’t indulged in a nap this year put it on your to do list. You will thank yourself.

I hope your day has been everything you wanted it to be. Stay strong.


Day 278

I tried Guided Sleep Meditation for Healing – Deep Blissful Sleep last night and had trouble focusing, again. There were lots of little things picking at my brain and that seemed to carry through sleep time. I had unfulfilling dreams and sort of woke up in a bad mood. On the positive, I did get 8 hours sleep again.

It took me a while to get into the day. I was grumpy. Little things annoyed me. Like when hubby told me he had locked the keys in the car the night before. I think I was more annoyed that we didn’t have a spare key than the actual event.

I mean, we’ve all been there. I remember locking my keys in the car when I was about 18. I spent the day at the beach, went back to the car and saw my keys proudly sparkling from the inside. I made the shame call to my dad who brought down the spare set of keys to rescue me. SPARE KEY!!! Hubby and I are so bad at adult-ing.

Eventually I sorted myself out and started a day of penguin productivity. Not only did I finish today’s cartoon but I’ve done rough sketches for the next three days. I spent about 6 or 7 hours on it. It made the day fly by.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him getting cuddles from a mermaid for National Cuddle Up Day. *BIG HUGS*

I had a great French practice today. I was getting about 18/20 on each run. It was very encouraging and kept me practising for longer than I had planned.

Tomorrow is the official start of the week but hubby won’t be buzzing off to work. He’s got the next four days off (then some more next week) but I’m a little worried I won’t stick to my normal routine. I’m trying to double my efforts of learning and art-ing and having the distraction could be, well, distracting.

I have whipped up my Happy List and have modified it slightly from being so art heavy to a few house things that need attention.

  1. Meditate – 5 days
  2. Yoga – 3 days
  3. 10 minute doodle – 5 days
  4. Watercolour – 2 days
  5. Paint – 1 Day
  6. Nap – 1 Day
  7. Pack up books in back bedroom
  8. Set up piano
  9. Clean old photo frames (and paint?)
  10. Smile for no reason for 10 minutes – 5 days

I hope your week is filled with productivity, creativity and friends who can make you smile when things get rough.


Day 277

I tried a different meditation guide last night; Deep Sleep Induction. I don’t really remember much of it but I did get about 7 hours sleep, so I’m going to call it a success!

Today is the first day of the weekend for us and it’s always a day of relaxing for hubby and a day of WoW for me. My Sunday is still missing something. While it wasn’t a bad day, it really wasn’t a good day either BUT today’s 30 day; New Year, New You Challenge is to ‘think about the positives’ so I will focus on the good parts.

One good part is today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles. We find him taking his first ‘flight’ with the help of some sweet little red birds for National Bird Day.

The creator of Inktober will be emailing a weekly prompt to help keep up the inking skills. I’ll be adding the prompt to one day’s adventure each week. This week’s prompt is ‘flight’. It fit in so perfectly with today’s Puddles plan.

I spent most of the day playing WoW. It was just a healer friend and me for most of it, with a couple of other friends joining for one dungeon. The hardest part of WoW today was being constantly bugged for a ‘selfie’ through one of the dungeons. I generally don’t cross my real life with my gaming life. Lately I have been more open but it still makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Once that was all wrapped up I got a face full of French. I did much better today and remembered how to spell ‘dejeuner’. (You can tell I typed it because it doesn’t have the accent!!)

I didn’t mention yesterday’s 30 day; New Year, New You Challenge because….wait for it…. I forgot! Luckily I messaged someone special so I achieved yesterday’s goal.

I hope you’ve had an outstanding weekend filled with sunshine, fun and friends.


Day 276

I thought I’d try a new meditation guide last night; Guided Sleep Meditation for Healing – Deep Blissful Sleep. I found it a bit harder to focus with this one but I did get very relaxed. So much so, I fell asleep before it ended. The voice at the beginning of the next video woke me. That was okay though because it was the other meditation guide with the ocean sounds, so I got relaxed and quickly fell asleep again.

I woke just after 6 am and briefly contemplated starting the day then made my way back to the comfort of a soft bed and air cooler. The day was already too hot and I wasn’t feeling good. The last few days hubby has been flirting with a head cold and I think it’s trying to have its way with me now. Bleh.

When I eventually got out of bed I struggled to get anything done. At first I felt vexed that I was giving up on a normal day only four days into the New Year. That wasn’t a very positive attitude to have. So I decided whatever I got done would be enough.

I finally got around to today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles . We find him eating a big bowl of spaghetti because it’s National Spaghetti Day.

I quickly moved on to French and didn’t have the best time. For the life of me I cannot remember how to spell ‘ déjeuner ‘. In the end I had to copy and paste it every time the word came up. I really don’t know why it’s such a tough word to remember.

After lunch I watched some Youtube videos half-hearted looking for an easy watercolour to do. I found some I might like to try but it was about 36C/96F by that point and I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than lay in front of the air cooler.

I hope you’ve survived the heat if you’re Down Under. Stay safe. I hope everyone has had a pleasant day and a positive start to the year. You can do it!


Day 275

Last night I meditated using Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation. Once again it left me completely relaxed and I fell asleep instantly when it was done. It was also another night of good dreams, I think. I don’t really remember them but I felt good when I woke up.

I started the day with a workout. I find it a bit mentally harder rolling out of bed and straight into a workout but the sense of achievement is wonderful. It didn’t really do much for the lingering tiredness which ended up following me for most of the day.

The morning was spent working on today’s Puddles cartoon. I did a rough sketch, then the actual sketch and then coloured it. The whole process took about two hours. It was followed by French. The lessons went smoothly but when I tried a timed practice run it was evident the new words haven’t stuck yet.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him in bed. He is celebrating ‘Festival of Sleep Day’ with a nap. I think that’s a grand idea. Naps are good for your health.

Then I found it really hard to start something new. I was tired. So I casually looked through more free classes on Skillshare and found a couple for viewing after lunch.

After lunch I started with Yoga for Desktop Warriors 1: Quick and Easy Techniques to Relax and Re-Energise. This is a free class that runs for 14 minutes. The actual Yoga portion runs for 10 minutes.

This was my first step into Yoga. The only other time I’ve tried it was back when I was 20, had stayed up all night and was watching it on TV at 6 am. I enjoyed it that day and never did it again, until today. It’s a short stretching program that ends with relaxing to the sounds of the ocean. I’m LOVING all this ocean relaxing. I did feel relaxed but not really re-energised. I’m going to do this daily to see if it can help.

I then tried The Watercolour Painting Series – Semi-Realistic Complementary Donuts. This was my first attempt at using watercolour paints and it was fun. I can’t believe I’ve put it off for so long. Working out how much water to use is hard but I feel pretty happy with my first attempt. The lessons covered composition, complementary colours and then how to do the shadows and drop shadows.

Yesterday I didn’t post about the 30 day; New Year, New You Challenge because I forgot to do it before I had posted. The second day prompt is to list things you’re grateful for. I’m grateful for the people who love me unconditionally, who support, who care and encourage me. For having all the things I need to have a comfortable life. For my mums love and support that got me through my childhood. There seemed like lots of little things too but I wasn’t sure I should list them.

Thankfully somebody has already listed what I’m grateful for. A lot of the things I would never have thought of but I am actually very grateful for having them in my life like music, rain, making mistakes. So really, I should be grateful for every last thing that happens in my life. That’s a lot to ponder. Inspired by 60 Things to be Grateful For.

Today’s 30 day; New Year, New You Challenge prompt is removing negativity in your life. This is definitely something I want to do. I read through some posts about this and found 7 Steps to Removing Negative Energy from Your Life, very helpful.

Seeing I’m making life changing a priority, I think I’ve already achieved the first step. The second two points are very important for me. I have a habit of talking negatively about myself and my achievements. I also enjoy a good complaining without ever following it up with something actionable. From now on, I’ll just do the opposite to the normal. I’m not around that many people so I feel good about number four already. The sixth point about having an action plan really is just having some relaxing or focus shifting and I’m slowly gathering those skills. I’m on the right track. Woo!!

I also did 10 minutes of doodling and got my kitchen sparkly clean. The doodle was inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies that have been playing on TV this week.

It has been a super full day today. I feel that I was more focused and found myself smiling at the end of it all. I wrapped up things around 4 pm because just like Arthur Puddles, I wanted to honour ‘Festival of Sleep Day’ with a nap.

I hope your day has been free from negativity, filled with creativity and bursting with joy.


Day 268

The first thing I did when I woke up was workout. I missed the last couple of days because of Christmas (pretty sure that’s a terrible excuse) so it was good to get back into it. It gave me a little energy boost before a coffee boost. I felt pretty inspired to start working on a plan for next year.

I am in the process of making a monthly goal list and a weekly happy list. I plan on having an entire month of happy lists and meal plans done before the start of the year. I want to be much more organised and focused. Even though they’re small lists it’s feeling pretty overwhelming. Oh well. I’ll just take it one day at a time and I’m sure I’ll achieve.

I started my art day with 10 minutes of doodling. Well, the goal was 10 minutes but I think I ended up going for 16 minutes. This is going to be a new habit for the New Year, to start every art-ing day with 10 minutes of doodling.

I spent a couple of hours working on some ideas for the upcoming penguin project. The start is only a couple of days away and my poor little penguin remains nameless. Uh oh!!

I’m putting French on hold until the New Year but I’m really looking forward to diving back into a new batch of words on the 2nd of January.

There wasn’t much more to my day. I got a little housework done but kinda fizzled out by the hot afternoon. I’m pretty sure I made some progress on my plans though, so I will call it a good day.

I hope your days are bright and shiny and filled with the people you love.


Day 261

I haven’t been sleeping well. It took me forever to fall asleep and then I woke around 5 am. I was determined to get back to sleep and laid there for what felt like an hour before dozing off again. Then I woke just after 7 am. Needless to say, I spent the day tired.

Hubby had to leave for work early and that meant I got to working out early. It felt good while I was doing it but it made me feel pretty worn out.

Then I went searching for art-spiration. Where, oh where, is my art-spiration? I thought that I would find working out the hardest thing to do in Summer, apparently it’s art. I watched countless ‘How to’ videos on Youtube, I had wifey try and nudge me into some sort of creativity (to which I dug in my ‘I CAN’T’ heels) and eventually I went to find the easiest drawing on Art for Kids Hub.

I chose ‘How to Draw a Christmas Cat Wearing a Sweater.’ I used Sharpies for the outline, scarf and sweater and a Tombow pen for the cat. I really enjoyed using the sharpies and then tried to find some other ‘Sharpie’ tutorials to follow. I didn’t really find anything I wanted to try.

So the end of the year is coming around pretty quick, as is Christmas, and I’ve decided to give myself something special this year…. I’m giving myself a break. I don’t mean I’m going to stop doing things, I’m just going to stop being so hard on myself. Whatever I get done IS enough. However I’m feeling IS okay.

I finished the day with a glorious nap. Just between you and me, it was seriously glorious! Oh, also some French. There was a mouthful of French. Oui!

If no one has told you today, you’re an inspirational person with a fantastic smile.