Day 295

This headache has followed me through another day. I get relief with meds or if I’m sleeping but it keeps coming back. Everything is feeling like a blur. I know I meditated last night but now I’m kinda questioning if I did or not. I’m sure I did! Didn’t I?

It was 40 C/104 F today and while I had great intentions for the day, once I’d whipped up a Puddles and had a face full of French the most I could muster up was standing in a cold shower (I want air-con) or watching more videos on Watercolour. At least I feel like I’m still learning even though I haven’t been doing. Tomorrow should be cooler and it should be easier to get some art-ing in.

Hubby gave Homer dog a bath today. Homer is pretty good at baths and is even better at drying himself on his towel. Soon as he was done in the bath, Homer ran into the lounge room, thought about wiping himself on the curtain, then waited patiently for his towel to be put on the floor so he could roll around on it. He’s so cute!

In today‚Äôs Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him ready to be dunked. This is one of his favourite things to do. He’s either going to get a face full of cream pie OR he’s going to take a refreshing dip. He thought that was the best way to spend National Pie Day.

I hope your day has been cool, delicious and filled with smiles.


Day 274

I got into bed a little bit late last night and I sort of forgot that I was going do nighttime meditation and wasn’t prepared for it at all. I had the blankets pulled up around my ears and I was ready for sleep when I remembered. I very quickly grabbed my phone, found one of the videos I’d half checked out through the day and did it. It isn’t specifically for sleeping but it had sounds of the ocean so it was very very relaxing. Soon as it was done I instantly fell asleep. I even had nice dreams. I listened to Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation.

Homer dog woke me up this morning but that was okay because it meant I could do an early morning workout before hubby got up. I was about half way through when hubby woke. I feel like it’s been a decade since I last worked out. Felt great.

For today’s art-ing and learning I did a number of things.

I loosely followed a coloured pencil tutorial on Youtube; Draw with Coloured Pencils Part 4 – Landscapes. It was a speed walk through, so I made it a speed colouring. I also got a bit distracted and stopped following what he was doing. I used Crayola Blend & Shade pencils.

I signed up with Skillshare so I could check out a couple of the free lessons available. I browsed through some of the free classes and found one on Growing Your Creativity. The whole thing took about 40 minutes. I think the biggest take away for me was the ‘Letting go of Fear’ section. I need to FOCUS on the consequences of success rather than failure, STOP telling myself that I’m not creative and RESPOND to the negative thoughts positively. I haven’t done the exercises from the lessons, even though it would have given me the chance to make another list. I do love a good list.

While I was watching Growing Your Creativity I started to doodle. I was inspired by the shape of the instructors hair and the gap in her teeth. The sketch looks nothing like the instructor though. The quote underneath was something from the lesson. I used ink and coloured pencils.

I found two other free lessons that I would like to watch. One is on writing, one is on watercolour. I still haven’t broken out my watercolour paints. I know the time is near.

Today in The Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him working on his New Years Resolution list. It gives us a sneak peak at what things he may be getting up to over the next few months.

All the art-ing and learning, plus some housework and lunch took me through til about 4 pm. Then I worked on French. I was feeling pretty tired so I’m not sure I got much out of it. Although, I only made three mistakes overall so I can’t complain. I managed to get the second round of lessons finished. So I feel this week will be learning, next week will be practising.

I finished the day with smiling for no reason and some singing. That was my day. It feels full. I hope you’ve had a fulfilling day sprinkled with extra smiles.


Day 273

Happy New Year!! Hubby and I had a pretty relaxed night of drinks and music. I also played some WoW in the hours leading up to midnight…and through midnight until about 2 am. I was the first one in the group to see the New Year.

I managed to get a little sleep-in. When I woke I wasn’t prepared to dive into the day. In fact, I had made a decision that I wasn’t going to do anything today but I would get into all my plans on Thursday when hubby goes back to work. The longer I was awake, the more I wanted to do things, so I did.

So the first thing I worked on was my first penguin sketch for the year. I’d like to introduce Arthur Puddles. He is a shy and awkward little penguin. He has some big dreams and wants to explore the world. Follow his daily adventures through 2020. I will be posting the daily cartoon on this blog and they will all be posted on

I started a new group of French words today. They are food words. How very delicious. A lot of the words I’m familiar with but the English use of the words are slightly different. As usual I don’t remember a whole lot but I know that this will be a fairly easy topic. I’m feeling encouraged. I got through the first set of lessons quickly.

The first day of the 30 day; New Year, New You Challenge is to set goals that you want to achieve. I set two goal lists in yesterday’s post. I have a monthly goal list and a happy list (a weekly to-do list focused on achieving things to make me happy.) So I will say I’ve done this one and feel good about it.

I tried to find a nighttime meditation guide but there are so many different types and hubby wouldn’t stop talking, so I really have no idea which direction to go in. I’ll just pick one at random tonight and see how it goes.

That’s about it for my New Years day. It wasn’t very spectacular but I did do some things. Tomorrow hubby will be back at work and I’ll have a more productive day.

I hope you have had a safe and happy New Year. Good luck with any new projects you’re starting, New Years resolutions or whatever creative endeavours you’re indulging in.


Day 265

The morning started early. It was one of those early mornings that I’ve forgotten because it was too long ago. I think I watched a whole heap of art videos on Youtube. I was hoping that I’d done French but when I checked in with Duolingo in the evening, I hadn’t. So I just finished the day with a pretty smooth French practice. Now, back to talking about my day.

Once hubby jumped off to work, I jumped into a workout. Working out when it’s humid isn’t my favourite thing. I still did it.

So I haven’t really done much ‘lettering’ in my art-ing yet. I’d watched a Youtube video on blending with sharpies and was inspired to try something of my own. I went with the word; Paris.

I then spent hours working on lettering for a Christmas card. I think I’ve got a design I like but I haven’t finished it yet. I also doodled!!!!!! I never really know where to start with doodling so I feel pretty proud.

I also popped over to Art for Kids Hub for one last Christmas inspired cartoon. I chose ‘How to Draw Kissing Mistletoe‘. Hubby is going to try doing one of the videos with me soon. It’s nice having people to art with.

It doesn’t really sound like a busy day but I was doing things constantly. These are the sorts of days I want more of in 2020. I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways to get organised for a much more productive year. That will start with a productive week of organising after Christmas.

Tomorrow is Christmas day. Hubby’s family live about 12 hours away from us, so we can’t see them. My only family is hubby and wifey. So, hubby and I are planning on a day of yummy food and relaxing. I’ll do some art-ing and he’ll ….. do whatever it is he does.

I hope you have a magical Christmas eve. Enjoy your Christmas festivities and stay safe.


Day 264

Hubby had to work today and it was a long day for him. When he left for work, I thought about working out but seeing it’s not an official workout day, I let it slide. Instead I grabbed a shower, had a face full of French and then went to Art for Kids Hub to start my art-ing day.

I tried ‘How to Draw a Christmas Train‘. I used sharpies (and I can still smell them hours later) and mostly like how it turned out. I should have kidnapped one of wifey’s sharpies for the present loaded train car. I didn’t have the right colour. And yes, I have now kidnapped said sharpies for future use. (You can have them back when you come home, Wifey!)

Then I wanted to do another human sketch. I know the pose that I want to try but I’m having trouble creating it off the top of my head. So I spent an hour trying to find a reference to use but no luck.

Then I got distracted.

I hope you’re having a marvellous week filled with holiday festivities, family, friends and fun. Stay safe.