Day 235

Today was a good day but it feels like I’m missing something. I woke at 6.30 am and convinced that Homer would get me up around 7 am, I decided to stay up. Homer dog didn’t even get out of bed until 9 am. I would have got a sleep in.

I did get a chance to catch up with a friend in the early morning, so it was definitely worth getting up when I did. I probably overshared again. I’ve had that ‘sinking’ feeling all day.

A big portion of my day was spent in WoW. No surprises there. It was enjoyable enough.

In the afternoon there was a little art. I found a Youtube video; How to Draw a Landscape with Charcoal. I mostly watched the video. I didn’t really. I skipped in big time chunks to see the process and then just went for it.

We finished the day with a delicious vegetarian meal; Fully Loaded Baked Potatoes. The ‘bacon’ is made from mushrooms and it was super delicious. It tasted like the best parts of bacon and just melts in your mouth. Try it!!

I hope you’re having a deliciously satisfying weekend. Take care.


Day 129

I am officially giving up on sleep. Do we really even need it? I tumbled out of bed just before 6 am and sat in a cold, dark lounge room. The only light was the glimmer of my monitor. I spent some time with wifey and thought it was a brilliant start to my day.

First on the productivity agenda was today’s drawing topic; under the sea. I am drawn to the ocean. I love being on it, I love being in it, I love seeing what lives there. I found a reference picture of a turtle and then lost it half way through the drawing. So in the end I took inspiration from many different photos and art from a ‘under the sea’ Google search.

All challenge drawings can be found hereā€¦
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

I felt inspired to sing, so I did that for a couple of hours. I was so close to getting a good recording. I’m sure it’ll be any day now that I’ll feel confident enough to share something, maybe something that isn’t perfect!

Then there was more time with the wifey. I seriously can’t wait til she gets home. Just over 10 days now. Exciting.

I’ve been meaning to share this quote, and by quote I mean lyrics, for the past week. I think it’s a great reminder to keep moving. The dream is yours to grab.

“You say you’re chasing a dream, well you better get moving. Every second you waste, what you’re trying to chase,
gets away from you.”

Have fun chasing your dreams.