Day 321

Last night I listened to; Sleep Hypnosis for Pain Management with Relaxing Binaural Music. It wasn’t technically meditation but I’m always interested in finding new pain management for my chronic pain. I’m not sure if it was just the simple suggestion of being hypnotised but when it got to that part (after far too much talking and a mini history lesson) I couldn’t feel the pain. I fell asleep sometime during it all and when it ended, the pain returned and I woke up. It was an interesting experience. I’ll return to meditating tonight so I can get a good sleep. I’m feeling mentally exhausted.

I have been struggling with my mental health over the last few weeks. My inner dialogue is screaming that no one cares about me. Which is obviously untrue. There are a number of people who care about me but that hasn’t stopped the noise. I feel hopeless and like everything I’m trying to do is a waste of time. I frequently find myself saying things like ‘it would just be better if I was dead.’ It’s a dark place. One that I have dealt with many, many times. I will deal with it again. It’s just so hard.

Let’s move on to anything else!! I started the day with a workout! A workout!!!! It was so hot and humid and I knew it would be a struggle. I pushed through. My 30 minute workout actually took 30 minutes.

For my art-ing I Puddled and I wrote a paragraph length story. I had stumbled upon The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 443. It’s a list of words that you put in a story. I’ve seen people doing these for some time now and finally decided to participate. The prompt list can be found here.

Anna had taken a wrong TURN and now she was LOST. She had driven too FAR down an old dirt road and it had LEFT her feeling uneasy. The lights of the city LIMIT were now a distant memory. Anna pulled the car over to the SIDE of the road and got out. This was the wrong MOVE. An unnerving man SLYLY emerged from the thick scrub. The man held an axe by his side that dripped with BLOOD. He gasped for AIR. “I didn’t do it!” he stammered, trying to put her at EASE before collapsing to the ground. Anna didn’t know how to FEEL. Was she in danger or was he?

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him at a wine tasting with Rosie for National Drink Wine Day. It was a special day. They held hands for the first time.

After the Puddles, I did French and Norwegian practice. I will start a new topic in French next week because I think it’s been a few weeks since my last one. I won’t progress as quickly with Norwegian though. I am remembering a few more words like; god = good, morgen = morning, kveld = evening, katt – cat, barn = children, heter = name, hva = what, velkommen = welcome, en mann = a man. Those are the ones that first spring to mind. Not bad for a couple of days.

In the afternoon I knew I should attempt a watercolour but the idea of being bad at it was giving me such intense anxiety I had to take a nap. When I woke up, Homer dog gave me lots of snuggles. He always knows when I’m not feeling my best. It helped.

As I sat down to write a post we could hear a storm in the distance. Hubby (a complete weather nerd) got on his weather app to see what was up. There was a huge storm front headed our way. It was providing quiet the light show in the distance and after about 15 minutes of recording, I finally got a great shot. It’s only a few seconds long and I slowed the video down so you could actually see it. Wow!!! The storm barely hit us. It went either side of our house and out to see. There was only one crack of thunder that sounded like it was above us.

I am looking forward to having a better day tomorrow. I hope that your day is filled with all the things that make you happy. Enjoy the little things.


Day 319

Hei og velkommen. Hubby and I ended up going to bed late last night because we were watching art videos on Youtube by Jazza. It got hubby feeling all art-spired. That’s exciting. I still meditated and I used a guide I hadn’t heard before; Guided Sleep Meditation: The Haven of Peace (Extended Version) Dark Screen. It was so watery. So relaxing.

We ended up waking late and had a very relaxed Sunday. I Puddled while hubby got rid of the tree that had fallen in the storm last week.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him spending the day with his Nana Dot and Douglas dog, his family. They were baking up lots of tasty treats to celebrate National Bake for Family Fun Month. They had lots of fun and ended up with a months worth of baked goods.

The Puddles adventure pretty much took up the entire afternoon. I still finished the day with language learning.

When I logged into Duolingo I was still on the Norwegian lessons, so I thought, why not? My brain really wants me to say the words with a French accent. Switching between the two isn’t easy but I’m only new to doing it, so that makes sense. When I do my French practice, I still feel very confident with it. I almost feel like I’m doing better at it when I start with Norwegian. My brain is packed!!

It was a chill day. I needed a chill Sunday. I hope your Sunday is everything you need it to be. Take care.


Day 317

I listened to Pain Relief & Healing GUIDED MEDITATION “The Cleansing Pool for my meditation last night. It was so relaxing. I fell asleep before it ended but woke soon as it did. I guess I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I quickly fell asleep again and woke at a normal time.

Another humid day was afoot and I struggled, again, to start the day. It wasn’t until about 11 am that I started working on today’s Puddles. I worked up the first sketch pretty quick and then stared at it. It seemed to have so many details and I wasn’t sure it would even look like what it was supposed to. Hmmmmmm.

While Puddles procrastinating I logged onto Duolingo to get my French practice done. Once on the website, instead of working on French, I started the Norwegian course. I had planned on starting this at the beginning of next year but after watching The Ash Lad – In the Hall of the Mountain King, for the third time, I was compelled to try. (It sounds easier than French.) I know that I won’t be picking this up quickly and I will still be giving the majority of language learning time to French but my third language is now underway.

After the language practice I got back to Puddles. Because it was so detailed I decided to do a full digital colour. It seemed to take so much longer. Hours after I started, I called it done and took a nap.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him on a date with Rosie for Valentine’s Day. They went to the local amusement park and rode on the Ferris Wheel to celebrate Ferris Wheel Day. They had a lovely time.

It wasn’t a productive day. Oh well. I’ll try again tomorrow. I hope your day is filled with a big helping of happiness and creativity.