Day 281

So I’m really doing bad at 2020. Last night I was going to get into bed at midnight so I’d have hopes of a normal start to the day. I got into bed at about 1.30 am, didn’t listen to any meditation and had a pretty horrible sleep. I tossed, I turned, I snuggled under blankets, I threw them off as the humidity swaddled me instead. I woke up just after 10 am. Only three hours behind schedule. Eep! Let’s move on to more pleasant things.

I water coloured! I told you I would. I started by taping my paper to a backing. I wasn’t really planning on using the whole canvas anyway but I did want to see if a ‘masking tape’ hack I read actually worked. It did. You can view the info here: How to Prevent Artist’s Tape from Damaging Your Paper.

So after a little encouragement from tiffanyarpdaleo I decided to try painting the poppies from a few days ago. I redrew them onto my watercolour paper and just went for it. I used red, orange, green, yellow and blue. I’m still not using enough water. All the videos I’ve been watching are much wetter. I think if I was working on a desk I’d feel more confident about using a lot of water. I mostly do my art in my lap, balanced on a Chocolate cookbook!

In today‚Äôs Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him taking a big bite from an apricot still hanging on the tree for National Apricot Day. He just couldn’t wait for this tasty treat. What a cheeky little penguin.

I finished the day with some Puddles rough drafts and a mouthful of French. It was a pretty good practice run and it was using some words I haven’t done in a while. I feel like, deep down, I know a lot more French words than I give myself credit for, I just don’t know how to use them.

My day wasn’t as full as it should have been and I missed out on a number of things I should have done. Feeling very disappointed with myself.

I hope you’re having a fantastical day filled with fun, family and fresh fruit.