Day 201

My day started with a longing stare and a mountain of licks from Homer dog because he wanted to go outside. It was already 8 am so I settled down on the couch for a good heaping of Good Mythical Morning to start the day. Then it was time to write a meal plan.

I did a five day meal plan with lots of new things to try. We have one vegetarian meal on the menu and there’ll be some leftover ricotta, so I’ll try and write a recipe for my spinach and ricotta pinwheels this week.

White Bean Gnocchi with quick Balsamic Lamb Ragu : Monday
Green Curry Chicken + Singapore Noodles : Tuesday
Zucchini, Chilli and Ricotta Frittata : Wednesday
Beefcake with Mushroom Sauce : Thursday
Kung Pao Chicken : Friday

Once hubby and wifey had gone to do the shopping, I decided to do some singing. I’ve been having some fun learning the song Dance Monkey by Tones & I. I Can’t wait to try recording it again.

Before I knew it everyone was back and it was time for me to art. For the Inktober 2019 prompt; 18. Misfit, I decided on a drum kit for the band ‘The Misfits’. It was based on this Ashton kit.

All challenge drawings can be found hereā€¦
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I tried to work on the next Inktober prompt but couldn’t finish it… or got distracted very easily so I didn’t have to finish it. Instead of drawing I spent some time with a friend. We had fun as always. I also found out that I inspired him to write a song. That made my night.

I finished the day with French. I had one perfect run and a handful of timed attempts with silly mistakes. Tomorrow I’ll start a new topic. I’ll try and start a lot of new projects tomorrow or work on some old ones like the pair of gloves I’m knitting for hubby.

I hope that your day has been inspiring and creative. Good luck with any new projects you may be starting this week. You got it!