Day 245

I woke up just before alarm time and dreaded the day. I wasn’t looking forward to working out. I’ve been working out too hard and stuff hurts. I started the day with French and got through that fairly quickly. Sometimes I just try and guess the answers, no wonder I don’t get 20/20 very often.

Once hubby had twirled off to work, I did what I had been dreading. I worked out. It. Was. Hard. I still managed to get through it even though I spent the whole time telling myself to just stop. After that, I took a nap.

Once I’d woken for the second time, I jumped straight into art. I have been enjoying watercolour birds, so I found a picture of a macaw and tried.

That was my day. Short and sweet. I hope your day has been filled with sweetness, kindness and a heaping of colour.