Day 213

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Wifey makes two trips to Australia each year, each for two and a half months. When we’re apart it instantly feels like it’s been years since we’ve seen each other. Then the second she gets here it instantly feels like she has been here for years. The hardest part; the end of the trip.

The last few days get very emotional. It’s not intended but just a natural reaction to the idea of being away from the one you love. Wifey is really feeling it at the moment and I am worried. I know she is amazing, strong, resilient and more than capable of dealing with whatever she gets dealt but… I worry.

We woke early. I had a fairly decent sleep, wifey did not. After a few hours of spending time together, wifey went back to bed and I tried to art. I missed having a prompt to rely on as I am not feeling creative. I tried a couple of sketches and gave up. Then I distracted myself with some housework before returning to my pencil and notebook.

I’m not sure where this idea came from but as I was wrist deep in dishwater, I wanted to draw a penguin who was watching its balloon flying away. I guess today I feel a little like a sad penguin.

I’m glad I finally got some sort of art done and it was totally what I wanted to create. I also had some great practice runs in French.

I hope your day has been creative and filled with smiles. Happy weekend. =)