Day 19

The first thing I’ll say about this weekend is it has been disappointing on a get stuff done level. If I was to judge the weekend on a relaxing level, then I am most definitely a gold medallist.

I’m spending far too much time trying to plan things. I know I just need to dive in and get something done. It’s all about starting. Why is starting so hard?

I’m not going to let another week slip by and only get a little bit done. This will be my week.

For all those starting a new project this week, good luck. You got this! =)


Day 16

Another day has passed and it didn’t go as planned. After a pretty good nights sleep I got up and worked out. Hubby made a yummy breakfast and we had most of the day still ahead of us. Then we did nothing.

Although I didn’t get any stuff done around the house, I have spent a huge part of the day looking at creative projects to get started on. I’m getting a little worried that they’re going to turn out to be expensive hobbies but I still have a lot of research to go.

I mostly looked at knitting patterns (which I don’t understand at all) and some painting supplies. Hopefully tomorrow I can narrow it down to two projects to start in the coming week.

Starting is the hardest.


Day 15

I don’t even want to talk about today. I woke before the sun because hubby had to start work early. I felt really motivated and exercised early. Everything after that is a blur of disappointment.

The Easter long weekend is starting so that means it’s time to get some more of the big stuff done around the house. Packing, unpacking, organising, cleaning, all the fun stuff.

Oh, I did make a blog for all the house renovations, garden creation and creative projects but I haven’t worked on it at all or even made it live. It does exist though.

Baby steps.


Day 1

I first thought of this life changing plan, 2 years ago. I was 4 years away from 40 and I knew it was the time to make some big lifestyle changes. I have talked myself in and out of this plan ever since. I’ve been hard on myself and hard to myself. 

So, it’s now 2 years later and I’m finally starting my journey. The goal is to make 40 life changes that will improve my life, before I hit 40. I will keep a daily diary of the journey.

Today started different to most. I slept in. Then, as with most days, I was feeling unmotivated. I didn’t do much and I even put off starting this blog. I have felt reluctant to start because I was afraid I would give up or fail. The only fail would have been not starting. 

There is so much to learn, so much to share and so much more to come.

Thanks for joining my journey. Forever starts today.