Day 338

I got to bed before midnight again. I’m enjoying this new habit. I did another new meditation guide; Rapid Healing While You Sleep. I enjoyed it but I know I fell asleep long before I should have. That’s okay though, as long as I’m getting sleep. I woke just after 6 am and tried to go back to sleep but tossed and turned until I got up just before 7 am.

I powered through French and Norwegian over a cup of coffee. This was my best day at Norwegian. I got at least 18 out of 20 questions right each time. French on the other hand was horrible. I struggled through the practice and wished I had just continued on my magical Norwegian journey.

When hubby shuffled off to work, I worked out. It was rather humid and I took my sweet time doing the workout. I did it though. YAY!

When it came time to do the art-ing I started with another ‘person’ watercolour. After a couple hours of painting, I had nothing to show. Eep! What was supposed to be a female in the woods, turned into a very 90s looking male… in the woods. As a painting of a 90s male, it was pretty good. I had some good texture on the clothing and the skin was shadowed well.

I still had a lot of paint leftover so I thought I’d try a winter landscape; Watercolour Snow Melt. About half way through I was sorta over the whole painting experience, so I called it done. It didn’t look done. I took a couple of photos and really liked a cropped version of it. There were lots of nice painting elements today but just not a whole piece.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him and Rosie celebrating National Dress in Blue Day. Arthur felt like the Captain of a ship, so they went out on the harbour in a rowboat.

The art-ing took up the whole day. Although I did manage to get about 45 minutes of singing practice in before hubby got home. It was a pretty good day.

I hope your day has been bright, colourful and filled with all the things you enjoy.


Day 297

I tried another guide from The Honest Guys – DEEP SLEEP MEDITATION “Healing Hands” – Guided Sleep Talk down. It was very calming and I fell asleep before it ended.

Hubby had to work today so I got up at 7 am with him. I’m sure he wishes I had of stayed in bed. I was grumpy. Not for any reason, I am just not a morning person. He hopped off to work and I started a day of art-ing.

I went back to the watercolour paints. It took me close to an hour to decide on a Youtube video to follow. All the ones that have ‘easy’ in the title, didn’t seem that easy. I ended up picking; Easy Watercolour Landscape Painting for Beginners. I followed along closely but probably skipped over a few of the techniques.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him dancing under the dragon with the help of some sweet little rats for Chinese New Year.

I finished the day with French. I’m guessing a lot of things well in this latest category of ‘habits’. C’est samedi aujourd’hui.

The weekend is back tomorrow (even though the last three weeks have felt like the weekend with hubby home) and I’m planning on enjoying it. I was relatively headache free today so by Tuesday (the first day of our week) I should be ready to get back to a full normal routine. I hope. Fingers crossed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with fun, friends and a helping of creativity.


Day 296

I did two meditation guides before falling asleep last night. One was for sleep and one was for healing. It’s such an enjoyable way to fall asleep. It’s also a wonderful time for me to focus on meditation with the world being so still, dark and quiet.

It didn’t take me too long to get to art-ing this morning. I was watercolour inspired by the video; Step by Step Watercolour Painting For Beginners | Simple Watercolour Landscape Painting. I watched it through once, then paused it near the end and just did what felt right.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him teaching his puppy some tricks while giving him treats and compliments for National Compliment Day.

Art-ing seemed to take up most of the day and it was very enjoyable. I finished the day with some more French ‘habit’ lessons. I’m sure they will be a habit soon but I’m still pretty unfamiliar with them. C’est vendredi aujourd’hui.

I hope your day has been everything you wanted. That smile looks great on you. You should wear it more often. Have a great Friday!!