Day 171

Today was a blissfully uninspired day. I have pushed myself pretty hard this week to do things even when I didn’t want to do them. Today I didn’t want to do them and I didn’t want to push myself to do them. There was no French. There was no drawing.

I did work on a couple of items from my Happy List, including starting a new knitting project. Of course I made a handful of mistakes that mean I will have to start again but… I learned some valuable lessons, so I guess that makes it okay.

Tomorrow is an official rest and relaxation day. Then when Monday rolls around it’s back to housework and maybe even a little gardening. It’s spring now and we have seeds that need planting.

I hope your weekend is filled with smiles, sunshine, singing and something delicious.



Day 163

Okay, let’s not talk about my sleep last night or the two hours that I had my eyes shut, as I like to call it. Around 5.30 am I just gave up. I grumpily got out of bed and flopped down onto the sofa. What could I even do so early in the morning, with everyone still asleep?

French! Tu as raison. I had another encouraging lesson. There were only a couple of times where I just blatantly forgot what I was doing but mostly, I was parler français. The French got me through to about 6.20 am and I repeat, what could I even do with everyone still asleep?

Knitting! I said that I would start a knitting project today so what better time to do it. I put on a song by Shakey Graves and started on hubby’s fingerless gloves. I’ve done the starting ribbing and the first few lines of the first colour. I didn’t start the second colour at the time.

It was just before 8 am when a friend asked if I would do some stuff in WoW, so, I did. My morning had already been rather productive, so why not relax a little. I spent about an hour doing the social.

When the clock struck 9 am I knew it was time to draw. I started work on the Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 8. Feathers. Today I would work in colour. Wifey had picked up some simple colour pencils on last nights shopping trip and I took them for a test run.

I have become so used to working in lead that I wasn’t even sure where to start with the colouring. I’d done a very rough outline of the general shape and then got my colour on. The colours are vibrant. My design… needs work. I’m looking forward to more colour creativity.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I did a little housework, had some lunch and then did the next Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 9. Keys. I really enjoyed the last time I sketched a skeleton key, so I went for the same again. I found a reference picture and worked in lead and colour.

After drawing number two, I did a little more work on the knitting project. I think it’s wrong again. I think I needed to change colours on a different row. Oh well. Here is my daymare, enjoy.

While listening to Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed, earlier this morning, I tracked down the chords. I pulled out my favourite guitar (I learned to play on it when I was in my teens) and spent about an hour trying to play the song. My fingers are in a world of hurt. I forgot how sensitive fingertips become after playing guitar. It was fun though. I will definitely be adding more instrument playing to my to do list.

You can find the chords here or you can check out the song on Youtube.

This has been the biggest post I’ve done (I think.) It feels it. I’ll wrap it up even though it’s only 5.30 pm. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for any more creative, even if I do it today.

I hope your day has been overflowing with creativity and joy. I also hope you have the most wonderful dreams the next time you sleep.


Day 105

Last night I went to bed early. It was nice getting the extra sleep and it may have helped my morning. I didn’t feel the overwhelming dread of morning sunlight like normal. I sipped coffee and prepared a weekly meal plan and shopping list. I tried to get more veggies into this weeks plan.

Once hubby had left for work, I worked out. I was determined to get through it faster than normal and ignore any fatigue my body was feeling. It worked and I was 4 minutes faster.

Next I moved on to gardening updates on Three Peas, One Pod. We’re still in the midst of winter, so we’re really only planting what needs to be planted at this point. Hubby had some frangipani cuttings that were looking ready for soil. We also replanted our surprise succulent and I have started documenting our mystery citrus. I’m excited about following the journey of our plants.

I created new pages for the Family of Frangipani, Succulents and Mystery Citrus.

After that I did 30 minutes of French. It was a very quick 30 minutes and I didn’t want to stop. Some of the new ‘family’ words are sticking, some make no sense at all.

Today’s drawing challenge topic; Clouds. While I enjoy painting them I did not want to draw them. Even though I’ve now done it, I still don’t want to do it. I used this photo for inspiration. I’m glad this challenge is now behind us and I say to you Mr Clouds, NO, just no!

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

Round two of the gloves (I am having the WORST luck with knitting gloves) was the next thing on the agenda. I decided to do a small test knit to see if I could figure out the colour transition and I learned two things. One, I still don’t know what I’m doing. Two, I didn’t have the focus to do the simplest of knits. I’ll try again in a couple of days.

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Day 25: Discuss someone who fascinates you and why?

I found it really difficult to pinpoint one person. I think humans in general are fascinating. There are so many creative, artistic, outgoing, intelligent, proud, damaged, deranged and dysfunctional people out there, each with a unique story. So I think that everyone is fascinating, I just haven’t heard their story.

I think tomorrow is a good day for painting. I’d love to paint more than once a week but it’s so very time consuming and I have lots of other learning on my plate. Oh well, as long as I’m improving, I’m improving.


Day 104

Hubby’s alarm sucker punched me into starting the day and I felt dazed. I had no idea how I was going to be the day. Things hurt, things had no energy and one of those things was my face. I did my usual morning scowl over a cup of coffee until I found the slightest bit of energy.

Then it was time for French. I decided to move onto a new topic; ‘Family’. I picked up a few of the words but mostly I just enjoyed knowing that I was learning something new. One goal for my Happy List this week is to spend longer practising French and what a great time to start doing that.

Today’s drawing challenge topic; A Cat. I picked the little version because it was adorable and you can’t stop me. I’m glad it was so cute because it was a hard draw. I got a little obsessed. I redid the face at least seven times. From a very faint outline, I added line after line, layering and smudging until I had something that resembled this little bundle of joy.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

Next it was time to start a new knitting project. I was excited after the neatness of my last knit but still disappointed that I had used the wrong needles (or knitting sticks as I’d prefer to call them.) I was determined to get everything right on this pair of gloves for hubby. He wanted a pair in black and red, in honour of his favourite football team, the Essendon Bombers.

The ribbing went smoothly but because I was using black wool, I found it a little hard to see if it really did look good or not. Let’s just assume it did. Good. Got the first few rows of the body done, then changed colours to red. The switch over to the new colour went pretty good. I then knitted a couple more row and had my first real look at it.

UGH!!!!! The change over wasn’t smooth at all. I was hoping for a neat line across, instead it was just… a row of diamonds? triangles? arrows?. It was something I didn’t want. I tried to go back to there and see if I could do something to fix it. I couldn’t. I broke it. So that was two hours of knitting with nothing to show for it. I’ve adjusted the pattern (or what I like to call; recipe) and hopefully I’ll get a clean line on the next attempt.

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Day 24: What is your favourite movie and why?

I’ve never really been a fan of superheroes and I have most definitely never found one that I’d want to be but at the moment I’m really loving Deadpool 2. It’s a sublime mix of action and comedy. I just love the rawness of Deadpool as a character. He’s edgy, he’s funny and his superhero power is kinda cool. His power isn’t the one I want though.

If I could be any superhero I would be Domino. Give me the luck, all the luck! A lot of the time I feel I am the curse. Not that I am cursed, that I AM the curse. So feeling the complete opposite of that would be incredible.

Tomorrow I will probably give the gloves another shot. I know I can get them right if I can just work out how to colour transition. If that doesn’t tickle my fancy, I’m sure there is another creative outlet that will.

Thanks for reading. I hope something tickles your fancy this week.


Day 103

I woke up around 7 am and staggered to the couch. Why must morning? Hubby was still asleep and I flicked on the TV and switched to the world movie channel, hoping for something interesting. There were adorable little French kids, so I figured that’d be okay to watch.

The movie that followed; The Beauty Inside. I’m not sure if it was the movie or I was just feeling sad but I cried through the whole thing. It was an amazing movie that is definitely worth the read. There really weren’t any more bad feels for the rest of the day, glad I can say that.

I finished my beanie today. I’m so proud. This is the biggest knitting pattern I’ve tried. Overall I felt pretty good about the knit. I was able to follow the pattern, although I did manage to use the wrong sized knitting needles. DERP! I didn’t use the suggested wool but I did end up with a cute pink beanie that I can wear.

Today’s drawing challenge topic; diamonds. I went for one glorious diamond with shadow. I was inspired by this photo. I’m trying not to obsess over the drawings and just get them done as quickly as possible. I want to learn to trust myself and what I can see.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

Hubby and I did a little gardening but I’m feeling too lazy to go through the photos. I’ll put that on the to do list for tomorrow and whip up a post on our new plants.

I did my French practice and forgot lots of stuff. I’m not feeling confident about learning new words but I’ll give it a go anyway. I might need to practice a little longer each day.

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Day 23: Post five pictures of celebrities you find attractive

Left to Right…
Natalie Portman, Eva Morey, Felicity Jones, Pearl Liaison, Eva Green

Last week’s happy list made me happy. One thing I didn’t get done was to take a nap. I was feeling like I hadn’t done enough last week but knowing I didn’t get time to nap means I had kept myself busy, which makes me happy. A new happy list tomorrow and another week of achieving.

Happy Monday!


Day 101

I woke up at 6.30 am and was determined to dive into my day with the lust and vigour of someone who enjoys mornings. Two hours later all I had managed to achieve was being awake. Hubby left for work and I decided to do the things.

I started with a workout. It was a nice hard workout and it got my heart beating fast. Muscles felt sore but everything else felt good for doing it.

Next was French. I had to have a little giggle to myself when I realised that I was learning another language and I’d now be able to avoid conversations in two languages. I will definitely need to visit France or somewhere that speaks French so I can point out a boy and cat eating pizza. The practice went pretty well, I think.

Today’s drawing challenge topic; triangles. I had seen a neat triangle pattern that I thought I could do and then add little doodles in each triangle. It took just over an hour.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
40 Day Drawing Challenge on Three Peas, One Pod

I spent a couple of hours working on my beanie. I finished the body and now I’m trying to shape the top. Knitting two stitches together is my least favourite part of this whole knit. So close to being done though. Exciting!!

Beanie WIP

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Day 21: What is one of your favourite TV shows and why?

Torchwood. I have watched this series more times than I can count. The lead character, Captain Jack Harkness, is divine. He’s the perfect mix of masculine and tenderness. People die in his arms and it looks like the most peaceful and reassuring thing that could ever happen. The show has got the right balance of aliens, action and bisexual men. It’s easy to get caught up in this fantasy.

Tomorrow I’ll start the day with a workout and then see where the morning coffee will lead us. No real plans at this point. I’ve been a bit unfocused the last few days. Eep.

Happy weekend.


Day 96

Today was definitely another rest day.

I woke up just before 8 am and stared at a really strange animated movie on TV. I didn’t feel like much else but picked up my knitting and thought I’d knock out a few rows while I decide what to do with the day.

It was around 1.30 pm when hubby pointed out the day was half over. I was sort of shocked. It had only felt like a couple of hours had passed. I got a lot done on the beanie. I’ve only got about 15 rows left to do before I start on shaping the top of the hat.

By late afternoon I was ready for a nap. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve indulged in an afternoon nap and I loved every second of it.

Once being awake had reclaimed me I did a little French. I’ll spend the next week working on the ‘travel’ words and hopefully start on a new topic the following week.

Hubby finally planted the leek long after the sun had set. I still snapped a couple of quick pics. Fingers crossed it’ll grow big and strong. It’s done pretty good on the windowsill so far.

Follow the journey on…
Three Peas One Pod

30 Day Blog Challenge – All my answers will be posted here.

Day 16: What are your views on mainstream music

When I was younger I was heavily into rock and grunge, with a splash of pop. The pop music would have been the mainstream music of the time.

Now my music tastes have chilled a lot and I’m loving indie. In saying that, if I like a song, I like a song. There are songs that I adore that ride long and proud on the music charts and would be considered mainstream.

Overall, mainstream music really isn’t my thing but what makes it mainstream is that LOTS of people do enjoy it. If it puts a smile in your heart then I’m glad someone is making it.

A new week is about to start and I’m going to keep on with the workouts, creatives and learning. It sure is a nice way to live. If you’ve missed my drawings, check back tomorrow!

Happy creatives to all.