Day 187

I woke just after 7 am and I really wanted to go back to sleep. I tried but my brain had already started ticking and I was keen on starting some art. I’m a few days behind in the Doodlewash event and one day behind in the Inktober event.

For the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; 4. Ice, I decided to do ice cream because yum! I found a colourful reference and tried. I particularly like the wafer and the strawberry ice cream. Another thing I will try drawing again.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

For the Inktober 2019 prompt; 6. Husky, I decided to draw a Hillman Husky. My original idea was to draw a husky dog but wifey helped me find a non dog reference. I had no idea how to tackle a dog in ink.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I spent the afternoon looking for some reference pictures for my next few challenge prompts and I worked on the next Inktober sketch but it’s not finished yet.

The new week starts tomorrow and that means a new Happy List. Although I have ignored writing for many weeks now, I still keep it on the list. I have things I want to write but no discipline in this area.

New to the list this week is playing my piano. I started learning to play piano when I was four. It’s always been something I loved but over the last 10 years (and not having my piano), I just lost the urge. Today hubby and wifey finally pulled my electric piano out of storage. Fingers crossed it still works.

Happy List for the week ending 13 October 2019

  1. Teach wifey to knit
  2. Plant seeds
  3. Knit, 2 days
  4. Draw with Ink, 5 days
  5. Watercolour, 5 days
  6. Write, 2 days
  7. Guitar / Sing / Piano, 3 days
  8. Watch 1 world movie
  9. Massage legs, 2 days
  10. Drink 2 bottles of water, 5 days

I hope your week is creative, inspired, happy, healthy and filled with things you love. You’re a shining star on a dark night. =)


Day 185

When I woke up it was dark and I thought I had plenty of sleep time left. I did not. It was 7 am and time to start the day. I stared vaguely until hubby had disappeared off to work and then it was time to work out.

I remember not wanting to workout and pouting my way through the 30 minutes of doing it. I’m always proud of myself for working out when I don’t want to. I thought this would be the hardest change to make and it’s been one of the easier things (although you wouldn’t know it from all my complaining.)

Then I sat down to work on the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; 3. Fish. I found a pretty reference picture and did my best. I don’t think I’m being patient enough in between using the water and applying a new colour. I’m also not sure if I use enough or too much water. Confusing. I like how the fish turned out though.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I also did the Inktober 2019 prompt; 5. Build. I didn’t use a reference picture. I’m still a little shy with ink and didn’t add as much detail or shading as I feel it needed. I’m sure I’ll get more confident.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I finished the day with French. The timed practice runs went smoothly and I’m wondering if I should start on a new set of words on Tuesday or if I should practice what I already know for another week.

Tomorrow is the first day of the weekend for hubby and we will relax. Hopefully we’ll get some seeds planted this weekend. I don’t want to miss out on all the lovely spring weather.

Bonne Journée . Que tous tes voeux se réalisent. (Have a good day. May all your wishes come true.)


Day 184

It’s the evening and I’m tired. So tired I don’t remember when the day started. I know around 8.30 am it was about 30 degrees (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and we worked out. I am not looking forward to working out during Summer but I’m oh so proud of myself for doing it today. It was a pretty solid workout and I groaned a lot.

I did the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; 2. Snack. With it being such a warm day I went for a refreshing snack suited to a Summer-esque day; watermelon. I didn’t use a reference.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I also did the Inktober 2019 prompt; 3. Frozen. Again, I didn’t use a reference and just went for something casual, fun and summery.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

Also on the productivity plate was knitting, singing and French. I dabbled in a little of all of them and it was a pretty enjoyable experience.

I finished the day by finishing the weekly meal plan. There’s a couple of repeats because they’re delicious and I want them again. Everyone is happy with that decision.

Healthy Beef Mince Thai Noodle Salad : Monday
Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi Bake : Tuesday
Corn and Chorizo Zucchini Slice : Wednesday
Japanese Chicken Noodle Stir-fry : Thursday
Vegetarian Chilli Beans : Friday
Shopping / Chicken & Haloumi Burgers : Saturday
Lamb Meatball Tagine : Sunday

Thankfully the day is over and the countdown until bedtime has started. I’m hoping for 8 hours sleep tonight. Wish me luck.

I hope you’ve had a sunshine-filled day with a dash of watermelony goodness. (I just had to use the word watermelony, I’ve been saying it all day.) Your smile shines bright like the sun, you should do it more. =)


Day 183

I woke up around 6 am-ish and frowned. I would really like to sleep until the alarm goes off. I’ve been getting less and less sleep this week and I don’t like it.

I rolled onto the sofa and poked at a cup of coffee. After some time, I did my timed French practice on Duolingo. It was an okay practice. Some rounds were very good, other rounds were not so good. It was definitely the tiredness that hindered my progress.

By 8.30 am, hubby had scurried off to work and I scurried back to bed. I couldn’t push myself to workout or even be awake. I napped until about 1 pm and woke to still feel sleepy. I was tempted to stay in bed but I really did want to get something done with the day.

That something was the Inktober prompt; 3. Bait. I’d been thinking about this prompt as I was falling asleep and wanted to draw a Bait Shop. I found an amazing photo by Ted Engler of Fredrickson Bait Shop and used that as my reference.

After doing the lead sketch, I was a bit disappointed I wouldn’t be using watercolours on it. It was on the wrong paper, so there really was no chance to change it. So I grabbed my Tombow inks and went for it. The one thing I’m enjoying is that once you draw a line, it’s done. You can’t change it 100 times. That is also scary and horrible when you draw a line you don’t want. I like the roughness of this sketch.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

The only other creative was a little guitar practice and I worked some more on the knitting project. I think it’s still going well. Hubby seems pretty excited about them and is already putting in an order for a beanie, scarf and pyjama onesie type thing with a butt flap!

Today I also cut and coloured my hair. I haven’t been to a hairdresser since I was about 22. I have cut and coloured it (mostly) black myself since then.

When I was little I had very long hair and I hated it. I would always wear it up and would never brush it. Once a month my mum would sit me down, with a comb and a pair of scissors, and she’d spend hours fixing my hair.

Then when I was around 20 I decided to have easy, care-free short hair. I didn’t need a hairdresser for that. When you have a very short cut, it can be as messy as you want and people think you’re doing something purposely stylish.

Now I have decided to keep my hair around shoulder length, so I can still wear it up and I’ve dyed it a chocolate brown like my natural colour. I even gave myself a cute fringe (bangs.) It feels so nice to have it done.

That was my day. I didn’t get enough done but that’s okay. As I always say; Doing something is more than nothing.

I hope your day is filled with light, love and laughter.


Day 178

I woke just after 7 am and I sat and stared. That continued until about 11 am. I knew I had to get anything done, so I started work on the Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 23. Bowl.

My first attempt at a set of bowls, with watercolour pencils, went terrible. The sketch was okay but I didn’t like the direction the colour went. At that point, I just wanted to give up but I’m already behind in this challenge, so giving up just wasn’t an option.

I then found a very simple reference photo of black and white bowls and created my version of it in black ink, with lead pencil shading.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I’ve been feeling a bit disappointed with my art the last couple of days and it’s starting to show in my overall mood. I was voice chatting with a friend in Discord and he said that I didn’t sound like myself. He was worried. I’ve been trying really hard to stay happy and positive this week, I guess it’s not working as well as I thought. I need sleep.

While waiting for dinner I started attempt number 4 on the fingerless gloves for hubby. Football season is now officially over, so I guess I really have 6 months until he’ll need them. Hopefully I can get them done long before then.

We had Veggie Burgers for dinner. YUM!

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. I’ll start the morning with friends in WoW. Then the afternoon will be filled with arts and crafts with the family (this is the first time we are art-ing together.) The day will be finished with a movie marathon. I can’t wait.

I hope your day has been filled with yumminess, kindness and happiness. You look great in that outfit!

Happy weekend.


Day 176

I woke up just before 7 am and curled up on the sofa, almost ready to start my day. With the fuel of a yummy hot coffee, I started my French lessons. I am still working my way through the ‘restaurant’ level. Some more words are sticking, some are still a little confusing or I haven’t really got the spelling down yet.

I worked on the weekly food plan. There’s only one vegetarian meal this week. On Sunday we’re going to have an arts and craft afternoon, followed by a movie night, so it’s a much more casual Sunday dinner than normal. It’s also a great way to use the leftover vegetarian chilli from last week. I’m such a huge fan of leftovers and turning them into something new and wonderful.

Steak + Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms : Monday
Pepperoni and Potato Frittata : Tuesday
Japanese Chicken Noodle Stir-Fry : Wednesday
Shopping Day / Salmon & Cream Cheese Crostini : Thursday
Chicken Sang Choy Bow : Friday
Veggie Burger + Chips : Saturday
Hot Dogs /w Vegetarian Chilli Beans : Sunday

I had managed to get that all done before hubby left for work. Once he had disappeared into the mist, I got to working out. Wifey was still sleeping, so it was a solo mission today. I got through it in about 25 minutes, with every last part of me aching. I pushed hard.

Once that was done, I settled down to finish the shopping list and get started on art. I flicked to the World Movie channel on TV and found the Norwegian movie; ‘Ragnarok‘. While it was a little predictable, it was really well made. Two hours later and it was time to art.

I did the Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 21. Coins. While searching for some inspiration I saw a coin-operated laundry and decided to try it. I loved the colour palette. My watercolour pencil art is much bolder than the original.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I spent the afternoon doodling. Nothing in particular and nothing worth sharing, just some general practice with ink and lead. I topped the day off with guitar and singing. My finger tips got super sensitive pretty quickly. I’m trying to learn some new chords and cheat an F chord (no bar chords for this hand). We’ll see how that turns out.

I feel pretty content with the day. I kept busy and I have a smile on my face. I hope you’re having a fantastic week filled with creativity. Good luck if you’re learning something new. You’ll get it in no time.


Day 174

I woke up just after 7 am and felt pretty good. The weird funk from yesterday had lifted and I was ready to fill my day with creative things.

I started the day watching some Good Mythical Morning while sipping coffee. Once hubby had left for work, we contemplated working out but wifey needed some time.

So I picked up the guitar and spent a few hours playing and singing. I found a couple more songs that I could play; Pink – The One That Got Away, Jewel – You were meant for me.

Around lunchtime I put down the guitar and finally got to working out. It felt good to be doing it. It seems I enjoy doing it so much that I really do want it to be the first thing I do in the day. I got through it in about 24 minutes and I sure am feeling it now.

I was trying to wait for my art supplies before I did any art, so I moved onto French. Today it was time to start a new topic; ‘Restaurants’. There are lots of food, furniture and people words. The only thing I can remember is ‘la table.’ At least the new word journey has begun.

After that I did a little practice with a ‘Sharpie’ ink pen. I found a tutorial on Pen and Ink Sketching: 6 Shading Techniques and I tried that. Working with ink is interesting. You have to be so much more confident. This line practice was pretty eye opening.

I finished the ink practice and Homer dog alerted us to the mailman. It was very exciting. My art supplies had arrived!!!!! I ripped into the packaging to reveal my goodies. There’s watercolour and gouache paints, watercolour pencils, sketch pencils, craft kits, dual brush pens and paintbrushes. This should keep me creative for some time.

I fiddled with some of the new art supplies and drew a teacup. By the time I was done it was too late to get a photo, the sun had already set.

It was a fulfilling type of day. I feel so inspired to create art and learn how to use watercolours. I hope your day has made you smile.