Day 283

Last night I got to bed a little late but we had been waiting for the cool change after a verrrrry long and humid day. The change came about 12.30 am and I was in bed by 1 am. I did a new mediation guide; Heal Your Body Naturally: Powerful Guided Healing Meditation for Pain Relief & Sleep.  I’m really enjoying these ones focused on healing.

I didn’t wake until 8.30 am when hubby checked on me before leaving for work. I really wasn’t ready to be awake and it showed during the day. I battled my mind all day. The negative thoughts came in, I countered them with some uplifting thoughts and the battle ensued. Around lunchtime I realised that I just wasn’t going to get much done today, so I might as well just relax. My positive brain is almost annoying on days when I don’t feel like being positive. On the upside, I really must be making some progress with my depression.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him splashing his friends with a puddle for ‘Step In a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day. ‘ Luckily the long-necked flamingo and tiny little red bird didn’t mind at all. They had a fun day in the sun.

I hope your day has been splashed with sunshine, love and joy. You’re a wonderful person with a fantastic smile.


Day 149

I still haven’t been sleeping well and getting up was a struggle. Determined to get more done today, I got straight into my French practice while I sipped coffee. It was an average practice run, which seemed to match my average mood.

That’s about where my day ended. We’ve all been feeling a little headcoldy and I gave into a day of sleep. Even though I have been in bed all day, I feel so exhausted and unwell. It will be an early night for sure.

While trying to find a cute and inspiring picture, I came upon a number of Flamingo themed things, including this gallery of Flamingo crafts on Cool Crafts.

I hope this short and sweet post finds you in good health and happy spirits.


Day 62

Hubby and I had a terrible nights sleep. Around 3 am there was a huge thunder rumbling that made the windows shake and pulled me from a deep sleep. Then came the rain and more rain and then some more rain.

Normally I enjoy sleeping with the sound of trickling rain but this was a downpour and we have a few holes in the roof. If a downpour comes down in the wrong direction, our living room ceiling gets wet and drips through a hole that my dad must have drilled to release water. We were both worried that this extreme weather would bring down the ceiling.

Every time I dozed off, I quickly woke, praying that the rain would ease down. It finally did and I finally got back to sleep, poor hubby didn’t.

The morning felt extra hard and extra cold but nothing a workout and shower couldn’t fix. Even the workout felt a little harder than it has been. I almost gave up half way through but that’s just not who I am now. Go, go, go!

More pictures on…
Three Peas One Pod

I finally got my paints out today and went about painting a flamingo. It was really dark in the living room, so I illuminated the table with a flashlight on my phone. I spent a little while drawing a rough picture, then started painting. I wasn’t entirely sure how to layer the colours but it’s pink and resembles a flamingo. I think that means I win. The only thing it was missing is some detailed feathers.

I also did 30 minutes of French. That’s now 7 days of learning French. It’s pretty exciting. I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a teenager. I had a little trouble remembering some of the greetings today but I think that’s just because I’m tired.

I didn’t get to knitting today but the weather has reminded me that I really should. My last knitting practice is sitting on the table under my wrists as I type, keeping them warm. I need to learn how to make gloves.

Here’s Day 29 of the writing challenge. If you’d like to see the full challenge details, click here. All 30 days will be posted here.

Day 29: What are your goals for the next 30 days.

More of everything that I have been doing.
1. Double daily workout
2. Paint
3. Knit from a pattern and finish it
4. Draw
5. Keep learning French
6. Add more to my short story
7. Create recipes for a food blog
8. Get more sleep
9. Don’t leave photo challenge pics to the last minute
10. Be more social online

I think 10 dedicated goals is enough. Of course that won’t stop me from achieving other things. 

Good luck to all those starting a project this week. May the creative flow through you and create smiles in all you do.


Day 58

It is official. I am the worst at waking up. If I’m not the worst, I’m at least in the top three. I yawned and stretched and sat huddled under my Hello Kitty robe and fluffy white blanket and couldn’t even conceive the idea that I had to get up and workout and shower.

The clock struck 8.30 am, hubby disappeared to work and I did what had to be done. The workout was hard though. I keep pushing myself as hard as I can because I really want to reap the benefits of my hard work. Today it just felt more draining. I could be coming down with a head cold, which would explain feeling extra drained. Not sure though.

Once that was all wrapped up, I dived back under robe and blanket and started singing. I’m really loving the sounds of women in the 80’s and gosh they’re fun to sing. My most sung songs would be;

  1. Heart – Barracuda
  2. Blondie – Heart of Glass
  3. Kate Bush – Babooshka
  4. Alannah Myles – Black Velvet
  5. Cyndi Lauper – True Colours
  6. Pink – The One That Got Away
  7. Fiest – 1, 2, 3, 4
  8. Marina & The Diamonds – (I am Not) A Robot
  9. Paloma Faith – Upside Down
  10. Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes

Fun fact: The song Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes was the #1 song the day I was born. Find out yours here!

I made lunch and decided to check on the celery. I think it’s the wrong time of year to try growing it. It looks healthy, just hasn’t grown any since it was planted in soil.

Then I went to find a locket I was going to take a photo of for this week’s photo challenge picture. I can’t find it!!! My world officially imploded. I have no idea where it is. It isn’t in the last few places I know I have kept it. I’m beyond freaking out.

When I realised it (and my wedding ring) are missing, I felt like I was having a heart attack. My chest ached, my arm tingled, my head pounded and my vision got blurry. I knew that my anxiety was in full throttle and I instantly started counting my fingers quickly. This was a way I used to keep myself calm if I had to be in public. Now I couldn’t count fast enough and it wasn’t helping. I went and laid down til it all passed, which took about 2 hours.

I wasn’t able to do anything since then. I sat, almost motionless, my brain trying to find the memory of what I did with them. They are both so important to me. The locket though, it’s irreplaceable and I’ll be devastated if I can’t find it.

Then Duolingo emailed reminding me that I can’t learn French if I don’t do the lessons. So I did about 30 minutes of that, just so I can say I did something with my day.

Hubby and I will try and find the locket in daylight over the weekend. Tomorrow I will try and stay distracted.

Here’s Day 25 of the writing challenge. If you’d like to see the full challenge details, click here. All 30 days will be posted here.

Day 25: Think of any word. Search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the 11th picture.

I searched for ‘flamingo’. I’ve had them in mind for a while and would love to try painting one. The 11th picture that I found, didn’t really inspire me at all but the one before it did. Some of the pinks were super vibrant and almost orange, other feathers floated in a soft pink. They’re majestic.

I then Googled a flamingo colour palette for anyone who wants to join me in creating pretty pink feathered goodness.