Day 75

It was a late start today but the sleep in was very needed. Hubby and I were pretty bad at getting to bed on time during the week. I blame cricket. I don’t watch it but hubby does and you don’t really have to twist my arm to stay up. This week will be different, I just know it.

The plan was to get the kitchen finished but we were missing a couple of key cleaning supplies. So we went about doing normal housework instead.

For this week’s Let’s Do 52 – 52 Week Photo Challenge picture, I had to snap something ‘close up’. I decided to use the freshly knit bunny, that I made for my dog Homer, as the focus of this shot. I set up the cute little scene outside and got snap happy. Special thanks to hubby for holding some of the flowers.

For more information on the bunny, the tutorial I followed and Homers reaction to his new toy, check out Little Brown Bunny on Three Peas, One Pod.

More pics here

We have been growing two leeks on the windowsill. One has been growing for about three weeks, the other just over a week. Today it was time to plant the first one. The second one will probably be ready for soil next weekend. It’s not the best time of year for planting new things but we wanted to try anyway.

I was thrilled to see a comment on yesterday’s post from Eilidh Horder, in French. The best part was, I knew what it meant. What an encouraging feeling before diving into another French lesson. I did about 30 minutes, working on the ‘people’ subject. I still get a lot wrong but a number of the words are already stuck in my brain after two days. Woo. I’m feeling encouraged.

Lastly, here are some tasty tunes to fill your face with good feels. Enjoy!

Top 10 Songs You Need To Hear 
1. Moaning Lisa – Take You Out
2. Love Fame Tragedy – My Cheating Heart
3. Randa – Rock Bottom
4. City Calm Down – Stuck (On the Eastern)
5. Dope Lemon – Salt and Pepper
6. Tim Ayre – Laxx
7. 15OH5 – Rays Of The Sun
8. I, the Mountain – The Boat
9. Tycho feat. Saint Sinner – Japan
10. Charlie Collins – Please Let Me Go

Today felt like such an achieving day. I plan on making the whole week feel like this. It sure does feel good.

Good luck to all those starting new projects or continuing old projects. Keep going. You got this!!



Day 73

There isn’t much to report today. I woke up late and started morning things even later. I did my workout hard and fast and really pushed myself. I think five days of doing that has made my body tired. After I was done working out, I felt fatigued. Not just tired or worn out but exhausted. The littlest things felt like the most amount of work. Even breathing felt hard. Pain has also been a factor the last few days.

I spent a good part of the day in bed, resting and sleeping. Tonight I’m still in a lot of pain and feeling pretty worn out. Luckily the weekend is here and tomorrow is a rest day. It’ll be feet up most of the day.

I did about 45 minutes of French today. I’ve really been enjoying it. Every now and then I say a few French things to wifey. Our goal is to be able to have a conversation when she gets back home with us. I sure do hope a cat, a dog and a horse all walk by eating an orange because THAT is something I could say.

Homer watching a crow fly over the backyard

I started a new quick knitting project. It’s making a toy bunny out of a square of garter stitch. I’ve completed the square but haven’t shaped or stuffed it yet. Once it’s done, I’m going to give it to my puppy (10 year old puppy), Homer. He has a habit of pulling soft toys apart but hopefully this will be the one he doesn’t want to rip the stuffing from. I will get pictures before he gets his fluffy face onto it.

I hope everyone is having a magical weekend filled with unicorn rainbows and sugar-dipped faeries…. or you know, whatever good stuff you’re up to.