Day 320

I went to bed filled with anxiety last night and no matter how hard I tried to focus on meditation, my mind kept wandering to the worries. I was worried I’d said something silly to a friend. I was worried about Homer dog who had a trip to the vet coming up.

Homer dog has been feeling a bit poorly and grumpy all week. So hubby took him to the vet this morning to get a check-up. Good news, he was in fairly good health. He did have a bit of a butt gland problem but it wasn’t serious. The vet said he was looking youthful for an 11 year old dog. When Homer got home he was in great spirits and wanted to go out again.

I spent the day doing my Puddle cartoon and working on French and Norwegian. I just can’t get enough. I’m sure that it’ll take me three times as long to learn Norwegian and probably take me longer to learn new topics in French but I’m having fun. That’s the main thing.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him doing a random act of kindness for Random Acts of Kindness Day. Arthur and Douglas dog are helping a family of ducks get across the road to the pond.

Every time I say I’m going to have a busy week, I end up having an uninspired week. So let’s just see what tomorrow will bring.

I hope your week is filled with inspiration, productivity, success and most importantly happiness and smiles. Take care.


Day 301

I went to bed late last night and listened to a 15 minute meditation. I don’t remember which one it was. I fell asleep quickly and had a rather lovely sleep.

I got up just a little after hubby and was pretty ready to start the day after a little complaining to wifey about not wanting to start the day. She gave me a nudge in the right direction.

So when hubby left for work, I worked out!! This is the first time in weeks that I’ve worked out. I took it much slower than normal because I was worried about getting light headed but I didn’t seem to have any problems. It was good getting back into it.

After the workout I had a French practice. It was one of my better ones. I only got a handful of things wrong. Then it was on to the art-ing.

I tried a simple watercolour of popsicles with inspiration from Super Easy Watercolour Popsicle Pattern. I used new paper and it wrinkled. I knew that it wouldn’t be as good as what I had been using but seeing it’s watercolour paper, I thought it’d do a bit better than it did. I’ll use it to practice single items and leave the better paper for landscapes.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him having a nap with his puppy, Douglas, after working on a puzzle for National Puzzle Day. It was hard and they didn’t get far. The snack of choice was corn chips because it’s National Corn Chip day.

I am a bit late with my Happy List this week but at least I’ve got it done and I’ve already done some things from it. Woo! Go me.

  1. Meditate – 5 days
  2. 10 minute doodle – 5 days
  3. Watercolour – 3 days
  4. Sing – 2 days
  5. Write meal plan
  6. Use face mask – 1 day
  7. Eat breakfast – 4 days
  8. Be in bed before midnight – 3 days
  9. Workout – 5 days
  10. Smile for no reason for 10 minutes – 5 days

I’m pretty happy with today. I got more done than I have been including some cleaning. I hope your day has put a smile on your face. Happy hump day.


Day 296

I did two meditation guides before falling asleep last night. One was for sleep and one was for healing. It’s such an enjoyable way to fall asleep. It’s also a wonderful time for me to focus on meditation with the world being so still, dark and quiet.

It didn’t take me too long to get to art-ing this morning. I was watercolour inspired by the video; Step by Step Watercolour Painting For Beginners | Simple Watercolour Landscape Painting. I watched it through once, then paused it near the end and just did what felt right.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him teaching his puppy some tricks while giving him treats and compliments for National Compliment Day.

Art-ing seemed to take up most of the day and it was very enjoyable. I finished the day with some more French ‘habit’ lessons. I’m sure they will be a habit soon but I’m still pretty unfamiliar with them. C’est vendredi aujourd’hui.

I hope your day has been everything you wanted. That smile looks great on you. You should wear it more often. Have a great Friday!!


Day 295

This headache has followed me through another day. I get relief with meds or if I’m sleeping but it keeps coming back. Everything is feeling like a blur. I know I meditated last night but now I’m kinda questioning if I did or not. I’m sure I did! Didn’t I?

It was 40 C/104 F today and while I had great intentions for the day, once I’d whipped up a Puddles and had a face full of French the most I could muster up was standing in a cold shower (I want air-con) or watching more videos on Watercolour. At least I feel like I’m still learning even though I haven’t been doing. Tomorrow should be cooler and it should be easier to get some art-ing in.

Hubby gave Homer dog a bath today. Homer is pretty good at baths and is even better at drying himself on his towel. Soon as he was done in the bath, Homer ran into the lounge room, thought about wiping himself on the curtain, then waited patiently for his towel to be put on the floor so he could roll around on it. He’s so cute!

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him ready to be dunked. This is one of his favourite things to do. He’s either going to get a face full of cream pie OR he’s going to take a refreshing dip. He thought that was the best way to spend National Pie Day.

I hope your day has been cool, delicious and filled with smiles.


Day 291

Last night I fell asleep to GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION for Healing again. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even make it half way through before falling asleep. Meditating before sleeping has been helping me to sleep better.

Today was a day of dungeons in WoW. It was missing something but it wasn’t a bad day.

We’ve been seeing a little rain over the last few days. The smell of smoke has finally disappeared. Today it has been raining very lightly for most of the day. I took a picture of one of the frangipani plants in the backyard. It’s so nice seeing the little rain droplets.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him talking on his tin can phone which he made to celebrate Tin Can Day. He was chatting about the sailing while enjoying a big bucket of popcorn for National Popcorn Day.

I hope your day has been splashed with things that make you smile. Happy Weekend.


Day 290

Last night I fell asleep to GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION for Healing. Seeing this guide deals with so many different aspects of healing, I will just keep repeating it for a few nights.

When I woke up this morning my first thought was to turn over and go back to sleep. I felt exhausted. I got up though because hubby had to work today and I didn’t want him to endure his morning alone. Soon as he hopped off to work, I was alone.

I still wasn’t feeling great so opted for another day of Puddles and French only. The one thing I’ve noticed about a week without learning or much art-ing is that it has given my depression a chance to rear its ugly head again. If life had an eject button, I probably would have used it today.

Moving on.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him reading the Thesaurus to his new puppy for National Thesaurus Day. Arthur thought it was a book about dinosaurs.

I hope your day has been filled with smiles.


Day 286

Today has been another lazy day. I wasn’t feeling good when I woke up and I opted for a relaxing morning with wifey instead of art-ing. I didn’t get started on Puddles adventures until late afternoon. It was a bit hard getting a photo with the sun glowing red but I was able to tweak it enough for posting.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him in the park with his new pet dog. It was ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’ so Arthur dressed him up as a hot dog. Then they shared a hot dog on Arthur’s favourite bench.

I finished the day with French. It was fast and not my best practice run. Today just hasn’t been my day.

I hope your day has been fun, sunny and delicious.


Day 190

I don’t really feel like talking about my day. I’m unimpressed with myself at the moment. I know the feelings will pass and until they do I will do as much as I can.

Today I worked on the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; Dog. With the food theme in full swing, I decided to draw a hot dog. I could have just done the hot dog but I found a great reference picture of a woman holding a hot dog.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I also finished the Inktober 2019 prompt; 9. Swing. I did a search for ‘swing’ and amongst all the swings you would sit on, I found a picture of a person taking a swing at a baseball. Why wouldn’t I try sketching that?

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I finished the day with French. I have just started work on the ‘City’ topic and got through the first level of it pretty easy. Some of the words like ‘today’ (aujourd’hui) are going to take me some time to get used to.

I hope you have a fantastic day filled with smiles, goodness, friendship and an abundance of creativity. You’re the best.


Day 75

It was a late start today but the sleep in was very needed. Hubby and I were pretty bad at getting to bed on time during the week. I blame cricket. I don’t watch it but hubby does and you don’t really have to twist my arm to stay up. This week will be different, I just know it.

The plan was to get the kitchen finished but we were missing a couple of key cleaning supplies. So we went about doing normal housework instead.

For this week’s Let’s Do 52 – 52 Week Photo Challenge picture, I had to snap something ‘close up’. I decided to use the freshly knit bunny, that I made for my dog Homer, as the focus of this shot. I set up the cute little scene outside and got snap happy. Special thanks to hubby for holding some of the flowers.

For more information on the bunny, the tutorial I followed and Homers reaction to his new toy, check out Little Brown Bunny on Three Peas, One Pod.

More pics here

We have been growing two leeks on the windowsill. One has been growing for about three weeks, the other just over a week. Today it was time to plant the first one. The second one will probably be ready for soil next weekend. It’s not the best time of year for planting new things but we wanted to try anyway.

I was thrilled to see a comment on yesterday’s post from Eilidh Horder, in French. The best part was, I knew what it meant. What an encouraging feeling before diving into another French lesson. I did about 30 minutes, working on the ‘people’ subject. I still get a lot wrong but a number of the words are already stuck in my brain after two days. Woo. I’m feeling encouraged.

Lastly, here are some tasty tunes to fill your face with good feels. Enjoy!

Top 10 Songs You Need To Hear 
1. Moaning Lisa – Take You Out
2. Love Fame Tragedy – My Cheating Heart
3. Randa – Rock Bottom
4. City Calm Down – Stuck (On the Eastern)
5. Dope Lemon – Salt and Pepper
6. Tim Ayre – Laxx
7. 15OH5 – Rays Of The Sun
8. I, the Mountain – The Boat
9. Tycho feat. Saint Sinner – Japan
10. Charlie Collins – Please Let Me Go

Today felt like such an achieving day. I plan on making the whole week feel like this. It sure does feel good.

Good luck to all those starting new projects or continuing old projects. Keep going. You got this!!


Day 73

There isn’t much to report today. I woke up late and started morning things even later. I did my workout hard and fast and really pushed myself. I think five days of doing that has made my body tired. After I was done working out, I felt fatigued. Not just tired or worn out but exhausted. The littlest things felt like the most amount of work. Even breathing felt hard. Pain has also been a factor the last few days.

I spent a good part of the day in bed, resting and sleeping. Tonight I’m still in a lot of pain and feeling pretty worn out. Luckily the weekend is here and tomorrow is a rest day. It’ll be feet up most of the day.

I did about 45 minutes of French today. I’ve really been enjoying it. Every now and then I say a few French things to wifey. Our goal is to be able to have a conversation when she gets back home with us. I sure do hope a cat, a dog and a horse all walk by eating an orange because THAT is something I could say.

Homer watching a crow fly over the backyard

I started a new quick knitting project. It’s making a toy bunny out of a square of garter stitch. I’ve completed the square but haven’t shaped or stuffed it yet. Once it’s done, I’m going to give it to my puppy (10 year old puppy), Homer. He has a habit of pulling soft toys apart but hopefully this will be the one he doesn’t want to rip the stuffing from. I will get pictures before he gets his fluffy face onto it.

I hope everyone is having a magical weekend filled with unicorn rainbows and sugar-dipped faeries…. or you know, whatever good stuff you’re up to.