Day 225

There really isn’t much to be said about today. I woke up and waited for hubby to leave for work. Once he was gone, I worked out. It was a great workout. I really pushed myself hard. I was very focused and it felt great. I followed that up with a day of relaxing and a handful of little creative tasks. Nothing to show but it was a very enjoyable day.

I finally made a colour chart of my watercolour pencils. This should make colour choices much easier and hopefully help me to create things with much more depth.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic day.


Day 224

It was a normal morning that started just after 7 am. Once hubby had bounced off to work, I worked out. I really really didn’t feel like it but I also know that sometimes you gotta ignore the feels and just get the job done. I worked out hard and I’m still feeling it.

I was thinking of practising drawing lips, so I avoided that by jumping into some French revision. It was a fairly successful practice. Once I was done, I decided to sing…and not just because I was still wearing a headset (or for that exact reason.) I sang for about 40 minutes. I am getting pretty close to having a song recorded that I like. The morning had started well and I was on track for having an extra productive day.

Then it was time for lips. UGH! I looked at so many drawing tutorials. Draw shapes. Draw lines. Draw things, add some shading and done. Ohhh nooooo. That isn’t how it worked. I am struggling to draw lips. This is going to take years of research and piles of eraser shavings. I don’t think my failed lip attempts started my bad mood but there was a bad mood brewing.

I was going to log onto WoW for a bit of relaxing before trying round two of art. I couldn’t log on. I’m starting to dread logging on. It made me feel agitated.

I wanted to be distracted and get some housework done. Then I saw a new message from Hubby. He proceeded to message me for about 20 minutes, for something he didn’t need to send a message about in the first place. It made me feel more agitated.

I was annoyed, unreasonably so, but by the time I’d started the dishes, I was in tears. I don’t think I’ve been dealing with wifey’s departure as well as I’d like to believe I am. I’m also worried about her. I’m worried about me and my journey. I’m feeling overwhelmed and sad.

Thankfully, doing the dishes gave me time to think, calm down and relax. Cleaning was calming and my kitchen is grateful.

Today I needed some words of encouragement and I found them. I hope you feel encouraged too.


Day 223

I woke up before 6 am and decided to stay up and enjoy whatever coolness the morning would provide. We had a forecast for 35 degrees (95 Fahrenheit) and I wasn’t looking forward to a day of productivity. I spent some time playing WoW until hubby left for work.

Once hubby had fluttered off to work, I worked out. I didn’t want to but I know I had to return to being disciplined. It felt good while I was doing it. Now stuff hurts and it’s hot. Yuck

The morning was starting to heat up and I quickly got to art. I found a colourful houses by water photo for inspiration. I tried but I really don’t like this one. There are some mistakes which I didn’t notice until after it was done. The colours don’t pop as much and… the ink. Hmph to the ink.

By the time I’d finished working on it, the day was hot and I was emotional. Let’s just pretend that I was emotional because it was hot.

I did a really quick French practice and headed to bed around 3 pm to try and avoid the hottest part of the day in front of the fan. I am not sure I slept but I am sure that it really did get hotter.

It’s Happy List time of the week again. I sure hope that if I get this stuff done, that I will feel happier with myself.

  1. Workout, 5 days
  2. Drink 2 bottles of water, 5 days
  3. Art, 5 days
  4. Make watercolour pencils colour chart
  5. French, 6 days
  6. Practice drawing lips
  7. Sing, 3 days
  8. Watch 1 world movie
  9. Massage legs, 2 days
  10. Nap

I hope you’re having a magical day filled with smiles, good feels and the people you love. I’m sorry if you’re hurting right now. It’ll all be okay. *HUGS*


Day 222

I woke up exhausted. Sometimes I have very intense dreams involving weather events; cyclones, tsunami or sometimes I have very intense zombie dreams. One time I even had a dream about zombies dropping out of small cyclones.

Last night it was a zombie dream. I spent the whole dream closing doors (people would open them and not close them) and being worried about the zombie boy in the bathroom, who had been let in earlier. People and doors! Eventually I had to flee the house when a zombie well over 6ft was eating someone outside an open door. LA PORTE!!! The dream has clearly stuck with me all day.

Once I was out of bed and searching for something to watch on Youtube to distract my zombie infested brain, I noticed that you could watch ‘Rhett and Links Buddy System‘ for free at the moment. It’s normally for premium Youtube subscribers. Hubby and I indulged in most of the first season before he went to mow the lawns and I attempted art.

I found some acrylic paper and wondered if it would be any good for use with watercolours. My watercolour paper is rough and I was dying for a smooth surface. There were a few splashes of blue acrylic paint from when I had painted the other side. (I always use both sides of the paper.)

I wasn’t sure how this paper and watercolour would work together so I picked a fairly easy reference, from a city close to here, Sydney. It’s a row of colourful houses. I made some design changes. I really love the colour I’ve been using for windows and today’s would be no different.

I coloured, I washed and I was happy with how the watercolour worked on the paper. It almost felt like the paper took the water better too. I finished with a strong inking with a fine Artline200 ink pen. Love that pen, even if it’s really hard to line with. I love the look of the lines.

Once art was finished, we started season two of Buddy System. Only got through a couple of episodes because in the second season each one runs for about 25 minutes. The first season they were barely 15 minutes an episode. Definitely a lot of laughs.

I finished the day with French. It wasn’t my best practice. There seems to be a big chunk of things that I haven’t spent much time on and… I really don’t know them. Tomorrow I’ll track down what group they were in and practice only that group for a couple of days.

Tomorrow is the official start of the week and I want to get back to being disciplined. I’ve kinda been riding the motivation train and it’s not taking me down the right track. I know I’ve slacked, you know I’ve slacked (thanks for not pointing it out) but the good news is, I can change it. Productive week incoming.

I hope your week is productive, creative, inspired and beautiful.


Day 221

I woke just after 8 am and waited patiently for art-spiration to strike. I was hoping it would be like a lightning strike but… nothing. Even after spending a good hour browsing photos, there was nothing that I wanted to art. I was also running out of time, so I put the art project on the back burner.

I had a comment on yesterday’s post asking when I would be doing my blog in French. Great question! While I’ve been learning for about 3 months, I’m not sure how good the things I’ve learned are for writing a blog post.

Curious, I opened up Google Translate, had the language set to French and made sentences off the top of my head, until I had about a paragraph amount. The translation into English made sense. I don’t know how to type the accented letters, so I just used plain ole’ English letters.

‘Salut. Je m’appelles Matilda. J’habite dans une trois piece la maison avec mon mari et ma femme. Nous avons un chien. Je parle un anglais et un petit Francais. J’aime la pizza, la musique, le chocolat et les vaches. Je vais ouvert la fenetre. Au revoir.’

Translated into English…
Hello. My name is Matilda. I live in a three-room house with my husband and wife. We have a dog. I speak English and a little French. I like pizza, music, chocolate and cows. I’m going to open the window. Goodbye.

So unless I have a busy day of opening doors and windows, while commenting on horses, dogs, cats and cows eating pizza, it could still be some time before I could write a blog post.

NEW GOAL: Write my 40th birthday blog post in French.

From 10.30 am until… dinner time, I played WoW with friends. This has become a highlight of my week. I spent the whole day laughing. Well, mostly. Towards the end I had a bit of a social anxiety type event. I was asked to join in the groups Discord channel. I thought about it but seeing that there were four people in there, I got really intimidated and didn’t want to join in.

Then I spent the next hour having obsessive conversations with myself about how I’m not normal. What must people think about me if I can’t even join in a simple conversation? I wanted to. I just couldn’t stop my heart from pounding, my mind from racing and my body from feeling sick. Hours later and I’m still feeling it. Ugh.

I’m going to get an early night tonight. Not sure what tomorrow will hold but I plan on holding a pencil.

I hope your weekend has been filled with relaxing, good memories and a handful of your favourite things.


Paris bottle image from Unsplash

Day 220

I woke around 7 am and pondered what sort of art I wanted to do today. An hour and a half later, I went for a shower to avoid having to decide.

Once out of the shower I quickly jumped into French. I did two levels from the new group of words I’m learning, then kept doing timed practice runs. If I didn’t stop my French practice, I wouldn’t have to work out art.

French went on for far too long. The second I stopped, I jumped up to do some housework. If I didn’t finish housework, I wouldn’t have to work out art. I got the kitchen clean and a bunch of other odd jobs scattered through the house.

Once back at the computer I started to browse some ‘village’ photos for inspiration. I got a message from a friend and quickly got disracted playing WoW with him. If I was doing that, I wouldn’t have to work out art. We had fun and he inspired me to art. While we were hanging out he did a quick sketch and it was awesome. I knew I had to try.

I found a photo of a little blue truck on the street. I used watercolour pencils and finished with a thicker ink pen than I’ve been using. While it was much easier to make lines on the rough paper, I feel they turned out too thick. I’d prefer to make thicker lines with a thin ink pen. I learned some stuff.

I now have my two latest watercolours in a frame on the table. I like them.

I hope art-spiration strikes early tomorrow.

Happy weekend. I hope it’s full of relaxing, inspiration and fun with friends.


Day 219

I went to bed early last night, woke up late and still felt exhausted. I really don’t know what’s up with me at the moment. I did French, then spent a little time with wifey, before climbing back into bed for a lunchtime nap.

I woke around 2 pm, it was hot, I was exhausted, my body ached and I was starting to feel pretty miserable about the whole situation. I tried to find some inspiration for a watercolour sketch but nothing seemed appealing.

Instead I got out my sketching pencils that I hadn’t used yet and did a little more work to my Romain Duris sketch. So I really don’t know anything about the different types of lead pencil, I just tried a number of them to see what they did.

WiP – Romain Duris

I have a lot of trouble drawing mouths and thought that may be a great place to stop for the day. I’m determined to finish this sketch though. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I hope your day has been filled with energy, excitement and happiness.