Day 274

I got into bed a little bit late last night and I sort of forgot that I was going do nighttime meditation and wasn’t prepared for it at all. I had the blankets pulled up around my ears and I was ready for sleep when I remembered. I very quickly grabbed my phone, found one of the videos I’d half checked out through the day and did it. It isn’t specifically for sleeping but it had sounds of the ocean so it was very very relaxing. Soon as it was done I instantly fell asleep. I even had nice dreams. I listened to Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation.

Homer dog woke me up this morning but that was okay because it meant I could do an early morning workout before hubby got up. I was about half way through when hubby woke. I feel like it’s been a decade since I last worked out. Felt great.

For today’s art-ing and learning I did a number of things.

I loosely followed a coloured pencil tutorial on Youtube; Draw with Coloured Pencils Part 4 – Landscapes. It was a speed walk through, so I made it a speed colouring. I also got a bit distracted and stopped following what he was doing. I used Crayola Blend & Shade pencils.

I signed up with Skillshare so I could check out a couple of the free lessons available. I browsed through some of the free classes and found one on Growing Your Creativity. The whole thing took about 40 minutes. I think the biggest take away for me was the ‘Letting go of Fear’ section. I need to FOCUS on the consequences of success rather than failure, STOP telling myself that I’m not creative and RESPOND to the negative thoughts positively. I haven’t done the exercises from the lessons, even though it would have given me the chance to make another list. I do love a good list.

While I was watching Growing Your Creativity I started to doodle. I was inspired by the shape of the instructors hair and the gap in her teeth. The sketch looks nothing like the instructor though. The quote underneath was something from the lesson. I used ink and coloured pencils.

I found two other free lessons that I would like to watch. One is on writing, one is on watercolour. I still haven’t broken out my watercolour paints. I know the time is near.

Today in The Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him working on his New Years Resolution list. It gives us a sneak peak at what things he may be getting up to over the next few months.

All the art-ing and learning, plus some housework and lunch took me through til about 4 pm. Then I worked on French. I was feeling pretty tired so I’m not sure I got much out of it. Although, I only made three mistakes overall so I can’t complain. I managed to get the second round of lessons finished. So I feel this week will be learning, next week will be practising.

I finished the day with smiling for no reason and some singing. That was my day. It feels full. I hope you’ve had a fulfilling day sprinkled with extra smiles.


Day 255

The day started with lots of pats for Homer dog. I’m sure I enjoy it way more than he does. Followed by a little heated discussion over cricket. Hubby really enjoys sport, especially cricket and AFL. I’m not a fan. So I probably give him a little too much ribbing about how terrible it is and how we shouldn’t watch it. It’s a wonder he loves me sometimes.

Once hubby had fled to work, I worked out. I was looking forward to it and it was over before I even realised. This is also the last day of the workout week. I held up much better than I did last week.

Then it was time to try my new pencils. I got a pack of Crayola Signature blend and shade coloured pencils. There are 50 colours in the pack and I feel spoiled for choice. I’d watched a video of someone reviewing them and they looked good for blending and you could get some very rich colours from them.

So I head on over to Art for Kids Hub to choose today’s inspiration. I went with How to Draw a Winter Princess. Seeing we’re not far out from Xmas, I thought I’d try and stick to Christmas themed guides.

Although this doesn’t really represent a Christmas down under. There is no snow, no warm jackets and the only rosy cheeks you end up with is from a sunburn. I would love to experience a wintery Christmas. Feel free to share your favourite winter Christmas moments.

After that I thought I’d just try some flowers. I referred to the 12 Easy Flowers sketch I did a few days ago, picked the foxglove and gave it a try. I laid the pencil down quiet soft at first but I really am addicted to intense colour and just kept going…and going…and going. When I finally stopped, I had a rather cute lil sketch but I wasn’t overly happy with it. I didn’t want such hard lines around the flowers. Definitely looking forward to creating more art with these pencils.

I really wanted to be lazy for the rest of the day so I got French out of the way. Maybe it was because I really wanted to get it over and done with but it was un fantastique practice. Most runs were near perfect. Again, I made silly mistakes like typos. My fingers sometimes move faster than my brain.

I finished the day with a nap. Who doesn’t love a good nap?

I hope your day has been fun-filled, creative and relaxing. You’re a fantastic person.


Day 181

The day started at 7 am and by 8 am I was doing French. I finished the ‘restaurant’ topic and I’m going to spend the rest of the week doing timed practice runs. It was a pretty solid practice again. I finally feel I’m getting somewhere with French. I’m on a 100 day streak. Woo!

Hubby ambled off to work which marked the start of the day. I threw my blanket off and wifey and I got to working out. We did the workout in 26 minutes. We both groaned a lot. I like to call that the sound of workout. If i’m not making it, I’m just not pushing hard enough.

Being the first of the month a lot of art challenges are starting. I really want to participate in the Doodlwash October and Inktober events. Although, as I write this, I still haven’t finished the event from last month. If I can finish that off today, I’ll be happy.

I started with the Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 27. Phone. I referenced a retro phone I found on Pinterest.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I skipped prompt 28 because I planned on using watercolour pencils and thought it would be best to do that last.

So then it was onto the prompt; 29. Bottle. I was looking at upcycled wine bottles for inspiration and saw some lovely vintage bottles. That led me to perfume bottles and I chose a beautiful pink perfume bottle for inspiration. I ended up taking a little inspiration from it then made it my own (something I could actually draw.)

Next I did the Doodlewash prompt; 30. Brush. There were so many different brushes that I could have chosen but I was drawn to a picture of mascara. It has to be one of my favourite beauty products. I sketched the ‘Lash Paradise‘ from the reference picture.

Then it was time for the last Doodlewash prompt; 28. Soap. I left this one til last because I was going to try to use watercolour pencils but I’d been having such a good day of normal pencils, I continued the trend, regrettably. The smoothness of watercolour would have helped this a lot. Oh well. The reference I used has a recipe for making soap. That seems pretty cool.

I got through the last four Doodlewash – September 2019 prompts by 4 pm. It felt like a good place to stop. Tomorrow will be another very full day of art. I will start work on Doodlewash – October and Inktober prompts.

Inktober 2019

It’s a new week for the Happy List (a list of 10 things that will make me feel happier if I do them). Arts and craft is strongly featured. I really just want to learn and do things that are good for me.

  1. Learn something new
  2. Paint
  3. Knit, 2 days
  4. Draw with Ink, 5 days
  5. Drawing Challenge, 5 days
  6. Write, 2 days
  7. Play guitar, 3 days
  8. Watch 1 world movie
  9. Massage legs, 2 days
  10. Drink 2 bottles of water, 5 days

If I could keep up today’s level of busy all week, that would be epic. I feel that I won’t be able to sustain it though. I’m tired already.

I hope your day has been filled with creativity, colour and cake.


Day 179

I woke up just after 6 am and thought I better stay up. It was kinda hard. I was tired and the allure of a soft bed was overwhelming. I pushed through with the help of my knitting needles. I knit my way through the first colour, then switched to the second colour. I think it’s working this time. Fingers crossed.

Then 9.30 am rolled around and it was time for me to log onto WoW for our Sunday mythic dungeons. We did well and we had fun. Before I knew it four hours had passed and that part of the day was over.

After lunch, hubby and I got to art-ing. Wifey wasn’t feeling well so she went back to bed. Hopefully she will join us on the next art day. I worked on the next Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 24. Books. I found a picture of a pile of books on Pinterest and used that as my reference. I enjoyed it.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

When I bought my art supplies, I got hubby and wifey their own colouring books. They are books designed for adults with very intricate designs. Wifey has a unicorn book and hubby has an owl book. He really enjoyed the experience and had a hard time stopping. It was great to see him excited about it.

Hubby art-ing

Once we had finished art-ing, I played the guitar for a little bit, then I did my French practice. It was a lovely creativity stuffed rest day.

We finished the day with a M. Night Shyamalan movie marathon. We set out to watch; Unbreakable, Split and Glass. We only managed to watch two of the movies before it got too late.

This was a sensational Sunday. I hope you’re having a sensational one too (whatever it is you’re doing!)


Day 164

I had a fairly decent sleep and was ready to dive back into the art world… with colour.

After a slightly chocolatey coffee I started on the Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 10. Fruit. I found a neat drawing of a watermelon on Pinterest and made my version. I think mine is a little more rough around the edges but I had so much fun watching it develop. I used dark green, light green, red and black pencils.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

While I was drawing I watched a ‘world movie’ called Mary and Max. I think it only qualifies as a world movie because it was on the world movie channel. It was based on a true story of an 8 year old girl in Australia becoming pen pals with a 44 year old man from New York. It follows their life long journey dealing with life as outcasts. It was moving.

After lunch I worked on another Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 11. Leaves. I am slightly obsessed with all things tropical, so I tackled a Monstera leaf. I used dark green, light green and dark blue pencils.

I took a break from drawing because the next Doodlewash prompt seems too hard. Can someone do it for me?

Instead I picked up my guitar and continued my practice of the song ‘Dearly Departed.’ I’m getting much closer to having it right. (As right as I can without being able to play some of the chords.)

After guitar practice, I did about 30 minutes of French. It was a fantastique practice. I worked through the ‘family 2’ topic and it was easy. Then I thought I might try some timed practice runs and had three perfect attempts. I even got questions about student/studying right.

That’s about it for the day. I feel weirdly disappointed and I’m not sure why.

I hope you’ve had a day filled with bright colours, beautiful songs and big smiles.

Happy weekend.


Day 163

Okay, let’s not talk about my sleep last night or the two hours that I had my eyes shut, as I like to call it. Around 5.30 am I just gave up. I grumpily got out of bed and flopped down onto the sofa. What could I even do so early in the morning, with everyone still asleep?

French! Tu as raison. I had another encouraging lesson. There were only a couple of times where I just blatantly forgot what I was doing but mostly, I was parler français. The French got me through to about 6.20 am and I repeat, what could I even do with everyone still asleep?

Knitting! I said that I would start a knitting project today so what better time to do it. I put on a song by Shakey Graves and started on hubby’s fingerless gloves. I’ve done the starting ribbing and the first few lines of the first colour. I didn’t start the second colour at the time.

It was just before 8 am when a friend asked if I would do some stuff in WoW, so, I did. My morning had already been rather productive, so why not relax a little. I spent about an hour doing the social.

When the clock struck 9 am I knew it was time to draw. I started work on the Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 8. Feathers. Today I would work in colour. Wifey had picked up some simple colour pencils on last nights shopping trip and I took them for a test run.

I have become so used to working in lead that I wasn’t even sure where to start with the colouring. I’d done a very rough outline of the general shape and then got my colour on. The colours are vibrant. My design… needs work. I’m looking forward to more colour creativity.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – September 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I did a little housework, had some lunch and then did the next Doodlewash – September 2019 prompt; 9. Keys. I really enjoyed the last time I sketched a skeleton key, so I went for the same again. I found a reference picture and worked in lead and colour.

After drawing number two, I did a little more work on the knitting project. I think it’s wrong again. I think I needed to change colours on a different row. Oh well. Here is my daymare, enjoy.

While listening to Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed, earlier this morning, I tracked down the chords. I pulled out my favourite guitar (I learned to play on it when I was in my teens) and spent about an hour trying to play the song. My fingers are in a world of hurt. I forgot how sensitive fingertips become after playing guitar. It was fun though. I will definitely be adding more instrument playing to my to do list.

You can find the chords here or you can check out the song on Youtube.

This has been the biggest post I’ve done (I think.) It feels it. I’ll wrap it up even though it’s only 5.30 pm. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for any more creative, even if I do it today.

I hope your day has been overflowing with creativity and joy. I also hope you have the most wonderful dreams the next time you sleep.