Day 341

I almost got through the entire meditation guide last night before falling asleep. It was a decent sleep and I woke feeling pretty good around 7 am. Hubby had to go to work for a couple of hours, so it wasn’t really a weekend day….. for him. Apparently I took full advantage of the weekend and didn’t get much done.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him and Douglas dog gift wrapping a vintage Barbie doll. Arthur thought Rosie would love to celebrate National Barbie Day with a piece of history.

This weeks meal plan features two vegetarian meals. The stew will be for two night’s.

Chicken Caesar Salad : Thursday
Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos : Friday
Chicken and Haloumi Burgers : Saturday
Ricotta & Spinach Gnocchi Bake : Sunday
Beef and Mushroom Stew : Monday / Tuesday

It’s the start of a new Happy List week. The goals are the same as last week. Last week I did fairly good… sort of okay… I did some stuff… not much. Eep! I worked out 4/5 times, did the water drinking, did the watercolouring, I sang twice and I was in bed on time. I know there were bouts of smiling for no reason but didn’t really time them. I’m sure I can do better this week.

  1. Workout, 5 days
  2. Drink 2 bottles of water, 5 days
  3. Watercolour, 3 days
  4. Do art lesson/’how to’, 3 days
  5. Other art-ing, 3 days
  6. Sing, 2 days
  7. Knit, 2 days
  8. Self care and pampering, 2 days
  9. Be in bed by midnight, 4 days
  10. Smile for 10 minutes, for no reason, 5 days

I hope this week is filled full of goodness, success and bouts of uncontrollable smiling. Have fun and take care.


Day 340

It was another night of  HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Your Cells are Listening Guided Meditation Focused on Healing for my meditation. I’m really enjoying this guide. I have been sleeping much deeper and feeling a little better when I wake. I slept in! We didn’t get out of bed til after 11 am.

I worked on Puddles for a bit before spending the afternoon doing mythic dungeons in WoW. Whenever I did something victorious in the game, I would whisper, ‘International Women’s Day’. I’m pretty sure that’s how you’re supposed to celebrate it.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him and Douglas dog bringing Rosie some lunch. She was very excited to see them. They were going to spend the day celebrating International Women’s Day but Rosie got called into work. Arthur loved the view from her office.

I finished the day with French and Norwegian. Not much to report. It was a fair practice.

I hope your weekend is relaxing, fun and you are surrounded by people that make you smile. Stay safe.


Day 339

I got to bed just after midnight and did  HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Your Cells are Listening Guided Meditation Focused on Healing. I got more from it this time but still fell asleep before it ended and barely remembered it this morning. I feel like I’m in less pain though. Maybe it’s working? I ended up waking up late.

I crawled out of bed around 8 am and got to chatting with hubby. We reminisced over some music compilation cassette tapes that we both had when we were teenagers; 100% Hits. It was an Australian compilation series of what was in the charts at the time. It started in 1991 and went for much longer than I thought. I had all of them up to 100% Hits Volume 15. Hubby and I wanted to relive the tunes from our teens so I jumped on Youtube in hope. I got lucky. A user by the name of Darrin Hyde had uploaded a number of them, if not all of them. That’s exactly what we’ll be listening to all weekend.

Once hubby scurried off to work, I worked out. My lower back was feeling yesterdays workout but I pushed through. I did the 30 minute workout in 27 minutes. It was a good effort.

Then it was onto the art-ing. I spent an hour or so trying to edit a background from the Puddles series (redrawing it would have been sooooo much quicker.) Then just as I was getting ready to do the sketching part, my discord messages to wifey stopped going through. So we ended up chatting on voice instead. Five hours later, I had whipped up a Puddles but the day was almost over. I can’t complain though. I love spending time with wifey.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him playing Cereal Waterfall with Douglas Dog. The aim of the game is to pour the milk into the bowl until it creates a waterfall out of the bowl, over the table and into the waiting mouth below. They had so much fun on National Cereal Day.

By the time wifey had zombie-shuffled off to bed, my day was almost over. I finished with a face full of French and Norwegian. This new French topic is really kicking my booty. I’m not going to give up, of course. I’ll just need a lot more focused practice with French next week.

Tomorrow is the first day of the weekend for hubby, so he’ll have a feet up sort of day. I’ll spend the morning Puddling and the afternoon WoW’ing. I’m not really looking forward to the WoW’ing. I need a Paladin!!! You know who you are.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend whether you are relaxing, being super productive and everything in between. Stay safe.


Day 337

I tried a meditation guide made by Progressive Hypnosis; HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Your Cells are Listening Guided Meditation Focused on Healing. I must have found it relaxing because I fell asleep half way through. I’d like to give it another go and get a little more out of it. I woke up late, another sign the meditation was good.

When I got out of bad I had a crazy bad pain across the back of my shoulders, so I didn’t bother with a workout. I’ll pick that up again tomorrow. So with that not on the agenda, I got to art-ing.

I wanted to practice painting another scene with people in it in the most casual way possible (which is why it’s kind of terrible.) I was interested in seeing how I could build up the colours. This was my reference (which it looks nothing like.. at all…not even a little bit!)

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him having a relaxing day at home. He’s decided to catch up on some gaming with his sidekick Mr Soda and Mr Cheese Doodles. He’s also celebrating Cheese Doodle Day.

That little bit of art seemed to take up my whole day. While I worked on art, I listened/watched a whole heap of art-ing videos on Youtube. I finished the day with some French. Today wasn’t a complete waste but it sorta feels like it.

I hope your day has been filled with colour, creativity and happiness.


Day 335

I got to bed before midnight last night. Woo hoo!! My phone was almost flat again, so I chose a short meditation guide ; Pain Relief & Healing GUIDED MEDITATION “The Cleansing Pool”. It’s one of my favourites so I definitely didn’t feel like I was missing out. Homer woke me up about 6 minutes before hubby’s alarm would have gone off. It was a pretty good sleep.

I started the day well. Before hubby had gone to work, I’d done French and Norwegian. Soon as he had gone, I worked out and I’m still feeling it. It took me every second of 30 minutes to finish the workout. It’s something I enjoy while I’m doing it but I’m back to struggling through it. Good times.

Once that was done, I was feeling pretty good that I’d started my day well. I dived into Puddles and got that done in about 2 1/2 hours. If I could get the whole process under 2 hours I’d be much happier. This project wasn’t supposed to take up so much of my days.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him celebrating World Wildlife Day with a bunch of his friend. They took a selfie to commemorate the day.

The afternoon was… disappointing. This bout of depression has really dug its heels in. I haven’t really experienced anything like this for a couple of years. The thing that really set me off today was an ad on Youtube. I had some Youtube videos playing while I was working out which were interrupted by ads. I would normally skip them but I was nowhere near the mouse so I had to watch them.

There was an ad made by ‘Huggies’ about how hard it is parenting in 2020 when everyone is judging you. There were lots of mothers sharing how they felt they weren’t doing a good enough job. Near the end of the ad their kids and partners were interviewed and said how amazing the mums actually are.

Being a parent was the only thing I ever wanted and it’s the one thing that I will never have. That hurt is way too painful today. Even writing about it hours after it happened and I can’t stop the flood of tears. I guess my loneliness is reaching all new levels of lone.

I tired to re-focus my day by trying to find something on Youtube for watercolour practice. I watched about an hour of videos but my indecisiveness was becoming overwhelming so I gave up on the day and went to bed.

Tomorrow is another day and I can only hope that it goes smoother. I hope your day has brought you nothing but happiness. Good luck with all things on your to-do list this week. Take care.


Day 334

I probably got to bed late last night and I did Guided Sleep Meditation “The Healing Spring”. I must have had it on auto-play because I woke up around 3 am and I was still listening to meditation guides. Homer dog gave me a peaceful night and didn’t wake me up until about 8.30 am.

I started the day with French and Norwegian. It was a good practice on both. I’m still working on the new ‘People’ words in French. I have done this much slower than normal even though I’ve been practising more. I’m not sure how that works.

Then it was onto finding a holiday for my Puddles cartoon. Once I learned what it was about, I really wanted to do a tribute piece for ‘Will Eisner Week‘. So I did a quick Google image search and found the perfect piece. It’s the cover of a book which you can find on amazon: Will Eisner: The Centennial Celebration: 1917-2017. This was such a fun piece to create.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him recreating the cover of Will Eisner: The Centennial Celebration: 1917-2017 to celebrate Will Eisner Week.

I put together a meal plan for the week. I’m going to make this a regular Monday habit. This week only has one vegetarian meal. Oops!

Chicken Caesar Salad : Wednesday
Chilli Mushroom and Bean Mince : Thursday
Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos : Friday
Fish Burgers : Saturday
One-Skillet Sausage, Peppers, Potatoes and Onions : Sunday
Chicken, Chorizo and Tomato Penne : Monday

I’m going to keep the same ‘Happy List’ each week for March. I am happier when I do certain things and apparently I need a list to tell me to do them.

  1. Workout, 5 days
  2. Drink 2 bottles of water, 5 days
  3. Watercolour, 3 days
  4. Do art lesson/’how to’, 3 days
  5. Other art-ing, 3 days
  6. Sing, 2 days
  7. Knit, 2 days
  8. Self care and pampering, 2 days
  9. Be in bed by midnight, 4 days
  10. Smile for 10 minutes, for no reason, 5 days

So I think I’m pretty prepped for the upcoming week. I’ll try and stick to a daily schedule of languages, workout, Puddles, other art-ing and then whatever else I may need to get done in the day. Sounds like a busy and fulfilling week.

I hope you have a productive, inspired and creative week. Do all the things that make you smile or just smile for no reason.


Day 331

It was another late night, somewhere around 1 am. My phone was almost flat (that’s what I use to listen to the meditation guides), so I picked a 20 minute one; Pain Relief & Healing GUIDED MEDITATION “The Cleansing Pool”. I got through it without the phone giving up (it was at 2% when the guide finished.) I quickly fell asleep and even got to sleep in. Hubby closed the bedroom door when he got up so Homer dog just had to lay outside waiting instead of waking me up for snuggles.

I felt pretty good and encouraged to start the day. Not long after hubby had twirled off to work, I started a Puddles. Then I got sidetracked. Then the day was almost over!! I finished the day with a mouthful of French and Norwegian.

For watercolour practice today I took inspiration from a landscape on Unsplash.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him and Douglas dog learning how to be a tooth fairy.

I hope your day has been sprinkled with smiles, compliments and something magical. I think you look great in that smile. You should wear it more often.


Day 330

I really need to get to bed earlier. I’ve been mildly obsessed with playing The Sims 4. My obsession started when I watched Youtube personality, Jazza, make a video about how he made his sim paint non-stop. The game looked pretty good so I got it.

Anyway, when I finally got to bed I meditated; GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION for Healing, and had a nice sleep. I probably would have slept in if Homer dog didn’t bounce up onto the bed for snuggles.

It was a cool and darkish morning. I am hoping that yesterday was the final Summer hurrah for the weather. I am more than ready for Autumn to begin. Of course, my morning was still blissfully lazy and took quiet some time to get started. The first thing I did was some singing. I figured it was creative but still gave me a little more procrastination time.

For my watercolour painting today I wandered away from winter scenes and found; Simple Watercolour Landscape Painting Using Only One Brush! by Karen Rice. This is probably one of my worst practices so far. I really don’t pay enough attention to the videos.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him reading some fairy tales to a polar bear cub for International Polar Bear day.

Since I’ve started learning Norwegian, I have more than doubled my language learning time. I wasn’t exactly slacking off with French but I wasn’t giving it as much attention as I should have. I would do the minimum required and not much more. Now I just can’t get enough of either language. Today was a good practice.

I actually did a meal plan! *GASP* I have been so terrible at planning lately, well, at everything lately. I guess the upside of being bad at something is there is room for improvement. It’s not the fanciest of meal plans but it should be delicious. We tried the taquitos last week and they are a new favourite. So much flavour and so cheap to make. We will add a lot of extra veggies to the Autumn Beef Casserole so we can have it again on Tuesday night. (I used the French words for days of the week for practice.)

Chicken Ceasar Salad : Thursday / Jeudi
Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos : Friday / Vendredi
Beef Burger : Saturday / Samedi
Grilled Pesto Chicken with Bacon, Potato and Pea Hash : Sunday / Dimanche
Autumn Beef Casserole with Herb Dumplings: Monday / Lundi

Once I’d done all that, I only had enough time for a little housework before hubby got home. Glad the end of the day is here. Really looking forward to getting to bed on time.

I hope your day has been filled with goodness, kindness, and adventures.


Day 329

When I woke just after 7 am, meditation was a distant memory and I was tired. I gulped down a coffee and thought about what to do with my day. It was about 27C / 80F at that point, so I figured not much would get done.

Soon as hubby skipped off to work, I did French and Norwegian. I continued with the new group of ‘People’ words in French. I’m still not remembering many of them. It’s including the numbers 11 – 13. I can honestly say I don’t remember learning 1 -10 but I am guessing I did. Eep! My Norwegian practice went the same as most days. Some things I remember, some things I don’t.

Then the Puddles saga began. I wrote up half a year’s worth of prompts last year and I picked what I thought would be the easiest holidays. For a lot of them I had ideas soon as I read them. I thought today’s topic would be easier than it was. This was my third attempt at a drawing. The whole process took about 5 hours.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him in the backyard with his friend Melody Mermaid. They are celebrating ‘Tell a Fairy Tale day’. Melody has lots of stories. Douglas dog enjoyed the stories too.

I hope your day has been splashed with kindness, creativity and good friends.


Day 328

I got to bed a bit too late and did Guided Sleep Meditation “The Healing Spring”. This guide is focused on relaxation and helping insomnia. I fell asleep pretty quickly but still only got about 6 hours.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep over the last few weeks and it’s really making mornings difficult. I’ve never been a morning person in the first place and now with the ever present tiredness, I’m enjoying them even less. I am proud of myself though, I’ve actually been eating breakfast!!

Once hubby had fluttered off to work, I got a quick shower and tried to start the art-ing. I sat. I stared. I pondered. Oh Puddles. It literally took hours to come up with a concept (after desperately trying to find a new holiday), it took hours to finish and when I was done, I wasn’t satisfied. There was only one way to fix it… try another art project that I couldn’t do! I’d say it was a facepalm but it was more like a headdesk.

For my watercolour practice I kept on with the Winter theme. I either want Winter so badly, it’s the only thing I can stand painting OR because there are so many white breaks, I feel like it’ll be easier. I chose another guide from Paint with DAVID; A Snowy Winter Landscape. There was so much black and very very very dark green in this piece, I just couldn’t trust myself to do it right. I added, I washed. I added, I washed. I’m pretty sure I made the paper cry.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him celebrating Mardi Gras. Arthur, Rosie and Douglas dog went to visit his dance teacher, Missy Hippopotamus. They got dressed up and did a Mardi Gras parade in her driveway. It was a sparkly day.

I started a new topic in French. It’s another ‘People’ topic and so far it’s just added a few extra words…which I can’t remember and they were so easy. My short term memory is the worst. I also did a little Norwegian. Some words are sticking, others aren’t. I get confused by the order of some things. I had the same problem when I started French. Practice helps.

It didn’t feel like a very productive day. I’m sick of feels.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the week. Good luck if you’re starting a new project or job. Take care.