Day 245

I woke up just before alarm time and dreaded the day. I wasn’t looking forward to working out. I’ve been working out too hard and stuff hurts. I started the day with French and got through that fairly quickly. Sometimes I just try and guess the answers, no wonder I don’t get 20/20 very often.

Once hubby had twirled off to work, I did what I had been dreading. I worked out. It. Was. Hard. I still managed to get through it even though I spent the whole time telling myself to just stop. After that, I took a nap.

Once I’d woken for the second time, I jumped straight into art. I have been enjoying watercolour birds, so I found a picture of a macaw and tried.

That was my day. Short and sweet. I hope your day has been filled with sweetness, kindness and a heaping of colour.


Day 240

I actually slept through until alarm time today. Morning was still very very morning though and it only got slightly better when drenched with coffee. When hubby buzzed off to work, I got to working out. It was another fierce workout. Go me.

The watercolour bird I did the other day has been sitting on the coffee table ever since. I really enjoyed doing it, so I thought I’d try a bird again. I found a lovely reference of a rainbow lorikeet. I made a couple of changes to the plants surrounding the bird (because of space,) and then made a big mistake with the body. At least I’m learning.

I spent the afternoon doing rough sketches of a ladies body. I used reference photos from LaLunatique on Deviant Art. I used the ‘Standing‘ and ‘Relaxing Reader‘ sets.

By the time I was finished art, there wasn’t much time left before hubby would get home from work. I stuffed a little French practice into what time was left. It was a good practice run. Although, it is always a good practice when it’s focusing on the things I first learned. Still struggling to pick up the latest group of words.

I hope your day has been filled with smiles, satisfaction and sandwiches.


Day 237

The day started off pretty normal. I sipped coffee, I did French practice and I worked out. It was a pretty good start to a productive week.

I then spent the greater part of the day writing. Although I blog daily, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to use words. I wrote, I read what I wrote, I would change a word or two. Hours later I still wasn’t sure it was what I wanted it to be. So I took a little break from writing and tried a watercolour.

I found a ‘How to draw a bird with coloured pencils‘ on Youtube. I don’t own the pencils that they used in the video but I thought it might look nice as a watercolour.

I don’t have much to show for the day but it was very creatively satisfying. No idea what I’ll work on tomorrow.

I hope your week has started well. Good luck with new projects, new jobs and hard conversations. You’re an amazing person. Be proud of your achievements.


Day 231

I woke at 6.30 am and started the day. By that, I mean I sat around half awake, sipping coffee until hubby left for work. Once he had, it was time to work out. I was looking forward to working out today and probably pushed a little too hard. My shoulder has been a little sore all afternoon.

For art today I used charcoal for the first time (after a suggestion from MJ Seal). I searched Youtube for a ‘how to’ tutorial and found what I thought would be something fairly easy; How to Draw a Bird Head. I used a charcoal stick not a charcoal pencil. I blended with my finger and a blending stick for the line work. It was fun and messy.

I also attempted another portrait sketch in pencil. I know I want to practice face features and I figure it’s the best way to make sure I’m practising them evenly. I referenced another photo by Johan De Jager of a man wearing a hat. I used a paintbrush to blend today. It was a little nicer than using my finger.

I had a hard time getting a good photo of this sketch. The light kept reflecting off the lead because it was so light. I started with a 5H pencil and planned on finishing with other leads but I just didn’t finish it. I put it in an editing program, worked the contrast more than I should but came up with something that I rather liked. It’s very grainy but I felt that gave it more character.

I had a really good French practice but weirdly, I still can’t remember any of the words. Le portable? Something about … e-mail? A few more days and I’ll have a better grasp on these new words.

I remember when I first started doing French, I’d feel so frustrated not knowing the words or not remembering the words. Now I know it’ll happen, it just takes time. I’m not stressed or worried about this aspect of my journey. Slowly but surely I will learn French. I’m growing!!!

I could have got more packed into my day but I have enjoyed the things I’ve done and I have a smile on my face. I hope that your day, whether full or relaxed, was one that made you smile.


Day 192

I woke not long after 6 am and thought I’d try starting the day. It’s 8 pm now and I still don’t think I’ve started the day. I spent all day feeling anxious. Once that started to ease my mind started ticking over and I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness at the idea that wifey only has 3 1/2 weeks before she heads back to the US.

I can’t say that I got much done today but I did the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; 8. Bird. I went with a chicken and eggs, seeing both fit my food theme for this challenge. I wasn’t feeling very creative so it’s pretty basic (and not that good.)

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I put together a meal plan for the week. Wifey is going to cook Chilli and Cornbread for us. A couple of the meals are our own creations so I can’t link to those… yet.

Roast Chicken & Potato Salad : Monday
Special Fried Rice : Tuesday
Thai Beef Mince in Cos Lettuce Cups : Wednesday
Chilli & Cornbread : Thursday
Cauliflower Mac n Cheese : Friday
Shopping / Takeaway : Saturday
Beef, Beer and Bacon Spaghetti : Sunday

I finished the day with French. I think I’m picking up the new ‘city’ words. I know the important things. I can ask where the bathroom is, where the hospital is and proudly proclaim; Je suis à la boulangerie.

I hope you’re having a fun filled weekend. Smile! It looks good on you. =)