Day 282

Last night I got to bed on time and I did a new meditation; Guided Sleep Meditation “The Healing Spring” insomnia, relaxation (Guided Healing). I really enjoyed the imagery and found it very relaxing.

Homer dog helped me wake up on time-ish today. I was grateful as it was already too humid and unpleasant. So the first thing I did was worked out. I was pretty slow. The humidity really makes it feel so much harder. I can’t wait until Summer is over.

Even though I got up early, my morning wasn’t a normal work day. Instead of jumping into arts and learning, I spent some time with wifey. With our schedules we don’t get much time together. Her mornings start sometime during my late evening and I’m either eating dinner or tired and ready for bed. Then while she’s relaxing in the evening, I’m trying to get my day started with art-ing and learning. Today was nice. We just chilled and played some WoW.

Today would have been perfect beach weather. Instead of going to the beach, I did a beach watercolour. I had watched; Watercolour Beach Tutorial For Beginners | Easy Watercolour Ideas, a few days ago and was inspired. So I tried it on my own without referencing the video again today. I am pretty happy with how it turned out but I still need to use more water!!

In today‚Äôs Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him appreciating his houseplants because it’s Houseplant Appreciation Day. He loves being surrounded by his interesting and colourful indoor garden.

After a little aimless staring it was time for French. The timed practice runs were filled with words from the ‘Office’ category. It’s been so long since I’ve worked with these words I was instantly worried I wouldn’t get any right. I surprised myself and had a very good practice run. The words popped back into my head like popcorn!

I finished the day by looking at watercolour videos on Youtube. Every time I browse them I end up with four of five more bookmarked to try at a later date. Hubby will be at work tomorrow, I wonder if I’ll be more productive.

I hope your day has been bright, shiny, creative and filled with smiles.


Day 135

The morning seems like a blur now. I think I woke before hubby and stared vacantly until a hot cup of coffee magically appeared in my hands. It was most likely hubby who made it. That is questionable though. Every day I play a fascinating game of ‘Husband or Ghost’. Every time he goes to work, I walk into the kitchen to see a whole bunch of kitchen cupboards left open. Maybe the ghost made my coffee.

The coffee was the fuel I needed to power through 200 xp in French. There are still a couple of words that I forget but mostly it was a good practice.

Hubby left for work and I got to working out. It wasn’t my best work. My body has been particularly achy the last few days. I’m still sure it’s the workout and not stress related. I’m not feeling stressed. It’s getting me down though. Despite that, I finished my workout in under 30 minutes.

Next it was time to find a new drawing challenge. I wanted to join a current one and have decided to be inspired by Doodlewash – August 2019 prompts. Because I’m starting half way through, I will be doubling up on prompts so I can still finish by the end of the month.

The prompts I used today are; 1. Travel Painting Kit and 16. Beach. I drew a girl at the beach with her painting kit. It’s a bit rough around the edges.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – August 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

It was another day where I tapped out in the afternoon and took a very long and very glorious nap. I saw some cool info on ‘napping‘ on Pinterest. It’s good for my health, so why not enjoy it? My naps are too long but I always take one at the right time.

I hope your day has been filled with trying new things, big sunshine-y smiles and a relaxing view that could refresh your soul.