Day 241

Homer decided he wanted to go out at 5.30 am and guess who he woke up? Me. I knew there was no chance that I’d get back to sleep, even though I was still very tired. I watched Youtube videos until a coffee magically appeared in my hands. (Thanks, hubby!) Then had a little light conversation with hubby and waited for him to go to work.

Once he was gone, I worked out. It’s the last day of the workout week, so I pushed even harder today. I’m really glad to be back on track with this goal.

Then it was time for art. I’m not feeling very inspired at the moment and after a lack of sleep, I didn’t feel like putting much effort into it either. During my morning of Youtube, I had found an art channel for kids called ‘Art for Kids Hub‘.

I tried; How to Draw Ariel the Little Mermaid. How to Draw a Cartoon Flamingo and How to Draw an Owl.

I also found a ‘How to Draw a 3D Hole‘. Even though I used a ruler, I still managed to make every line uneven.

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend and that means some relaxing, some WoW (maybe) and a little art.

I hope your day has been magical.