30 Day Writing Challenge #1

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Day 30: Your highs and lows for the month.

The high has definitely been my discipline with working out. Two workouts every day. Also, I have learned to knit, I can say a few things in French and have done some creative things, like paining and photography.

The lows were losing my locket and then mostly they are just the inner lows, my depression. Even when things aren’t going wrong, the sadness gets too much and I struggle to get anything done.

Day 29: What are your goals for the next 30 days.

More of everything that I have been doing.
1. Double daily workout
2. Paint
3. Knit from a pattern and finish it
4. Draw
5. Keep learning French
6. Add more to my short story
7. Create recipes for a food blog
8. Get more sleep
9. Don’t leave photo challenge pics to the last minute
10. Be more social online

Day 28: Post 5 things that make you laugh out loud.

  1. Silly conversations with hubby and wifey.
  2. Goats in pyjamas.
  3. Good Mythical Morning – The Safest Way to Walk.
  4. A good comedy movie.
  5. Washing machine explained. See the below picture.

Day 27: Conversely, write about something that is kicking ass right now.

The biggest change I’ve made so far is working out. I’ve been disciplined (not motivated) and I feel I am kicking ass. This is the longest I’ve stuck to a workout schedule and I’m not going to stop. This isn’t just a habit, it’s a lifestyle.

Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.

I think it’s clear that I would like to improve in every area of my life. My health, my fitness, my mental stability, my creativity and my happiness.

If I had to focus on just one thing, I would say that I want to improve my happiness. Although to improve that, I need to get better in every other area. The more creative I am, the more active I am, the more mentally balanced I am, the happier I am going to be.

The area I would like to improve; My life.

Day 25: Think of any word. Search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the 11th picture.

I searched for ‘flamingo’. I’ve had them in mind for a while and would love to try painting one. The 11th picture that I found, didn’t really inspire me at all but the one before it did. Some of the pinks were super vibrant and almost orange, other feathers floated in a soft pink. They’re majestic.

I then Googled a flamingo colour palette for anyone who wants to join me in creating pretty pink feathered goodness.

Day 24: Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

When hubby and I first got together, I quickly noticed he was awful with money. I took charge of the money. I would pay the bills and hide a little money so that we could occasionally do nice things.

About six years into the relationship, I was given an inheritance cheque and it made our world instantly shine. We didn’t have to worry about money and we splurged a little too frequently. Around that time my chronic pain had started, I was lonely because hubby was working long hours and my depression was out of control. All those things together made it hard for me to watch the money slowly trickling away. At that point, I gave hubby all money making decisions.

Needless to say I didn’t realise how bad things went until after he’d spent the money and took out a loan to pay for our expenses on the last cruise we went on.

This was a lesson we both learned and we are both still dealing with.

Day 23: A letter to someone, anyone.

Dear ‘Person who tried to break into my house while I was home,’

I can only imagine the things you were thinking as you tried to break into my house. I’m sure you felt you needed the few things that I have. I’m sure you had to make a quick buck and one can only hope it was to care for your family and not feed an addiction.

You didn’t know I was home and you don’t know how badly it has affected me and my puppy since that afternoon. I fear leaving the house. I fear being in the house. I fear not answering the door in case that is the green light to break into my house. I fear losing things that are precious to me. I fear for my safety. These are my daily fears.

My puppy has not been the same since that day. He had always been a confident little guy and that day, the constant banging, the yelling at him, broke him. He’s now terrified of any banging noise. He can’t stand the sounds of the wind. You did that to him.

That day you didn’t get into the house and you left with nothing. We had not much more than that either. In fact, at the time, hubby wasn’t even getting paid for working 12+ hours a day. We were being evicted because we couldn’t pay our rent and YOU were trying to take from us.

Today I realised you did take something. It was something more important than a broken laptop or a wedding ring, you took my self-confidence.

I don’t know your story and you don’t know mine but my story changed that day. It’s time for me to rewrite my story. I will feel confident and safe again one day.


Day 22: Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs.

  1. The Vegas Wake-Up – Last Friday Night (Katy Perry Cover)
  2. Guster – Long Night
  3. Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi
  4. Ana Johnsson – Don’t Cry For Pain
  5. Tokio Hotel – Hey You
  6. The Archies – Sugar Sugar
  7. Amandine Bouregois – L’Enfer Et Moi
  8. Simple Day – One That I Want (Grease Cover)
  9. Jimi Hendrix – Machine Gun
  10. Cradle of Filth – Stay (Shakespear Sisters Cover)

Day 21: What 3 lessons do you want your children to learn from you?
Please note: I do not have children but if I did, this would be what I want them to learn.

  1. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. This was something that we were taught growing up and something that has long been forgotten on the internet journey. There is never a good reason to make somebody feel bad with your words. Bullying is not okay.
  2. How someone lives their life, is none of your business. If you don’t like the way someone behaves, remove yourself from their world. Your opinion on how someone should live, is just that. It’s an opinion. People should have the right to live their life as they see fit. It’s not our place to judge.
  3. Make the world better, one smile at a time. The world is full of stress, sadness, pain, anger and anxiety. Some people feel or face that every day. If you can say something to put a smile on someone’s face, then you are making the world a better place. Compliment people. Encourage people. Listen to people. You will learn, grow and fill your own world with smiles. It’s a winning situation for everyone.

Day 20: Post about 3 celebrity crushes

  1. Paul Rudd. The first time I saw him in ‘Clueless’, I had the biggest crush on him. Then I kinda forgot about him until years later when he started showing up in a lot of comedy films I enjoy. He’s the perfect mix of cute and manly, with an amazing sense of humour.
  2. Jason Bateman. He is also a regular in my favourite comedy movies. Although, I enjoy him the most in the Hopeless Wanderer video clip for Mumford & Sons. That is the ultimate combo for me. If he looked that way all the time, I would highly consider moving and becoming a full time stalker.
  3. John Barrowman. I fell head over heels for his bi-sexual character in Torchwood. His strength, warmth and amazing blue eyes make him irresistible. I think it’s about time I watch Torchwood again!

Day 19: Discuss your first love.

When we met, he had just lost his nephew on Christmas Eve. I was a pleasant distraction for him. I made the hurty bits hurt less. Once he stopped being sad, he stopped needing me. That’s when it slowly started to change.

Meanwhile, I had fallen head over heels and I did whatever I could to make sure we spent time together.

We were together a year, laughing, loving and enjoying each other. Then it was over. He had moved on to someone else and I was heartbroken.

Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself.
1. I’m an only child.
2. I love the colour pink.
3. I have played piano at the Sydney Opera House.
4. My favourite flower is the Gerbera.
5. I don’t like eating raw tomatoes. 
6. My favourite toys as a child were Barbie and Lego.
7. I have lived in Sydney and Melbourne.
8. I’ve vacationed overseas 5 times.
9. My favourite pizza is a Supreme Calzone.
10. I learned tap dancing and jazz ballet when I was 10.
11. I’m opinionated.
12. I had a bone tumour when I was 12.
13. I’ve got a dry sense of humour.
14. I can’t have children.
15. I have always wanted to be a food photographer.
16. I can drive a manual car.
17. Winter is my favourite season.
18. I’m super ticklish. Once I start giggling, I can’t stop.
19. When I close my eyes, I see sounds as colours.
20. I hate brushing my hair and wear it up in a bun all the time.
21. I can’t live without a good pair of jeans.
22. My favourite shoes are converse.
23. I’m a great listener.
24. I love the ocean but don’t really enjoy the beach.
25. My favourite cocktail is a Martini.
26. My first car was a 1983 Subaru Touring Wagon. I miss it.
27. I like to sing opera. 
28. I’m too flirty.
29. I’ve had three dreams that a plane is going to crash into my neighbours yard. 
30. The last teddy bear my mum gave me, goes with me everywhere. I can’t sleep without him.

Day 17: Post about your zodiac sign and whether or not if fits you.

When I was younger, I was much more interested in my ‘sign’ and what it meant. I always thought that I was very much connected to being a Cancer.

As time has passed and memories have faded, I decided it was time to refresh my knowledge. In all fairness, I did just go with the first page I saw BUT it seemed so fitting, if there are other version, they must be wrong.

There are a number of things that I can identify with; being intuitive and being able to read people’s emotions, being passionate and loyal, being creative and resilient, tuned to nature and drawn to the water to name a few.

Check out the Cancer star sign here.

Day 16: Something that you miss

I miss my mum. When things feel bad I wish I had her to talk to. I need a hug. I need her to tell me it’s all going to be okay, that I’m going to be okay.

Day 15: Bullet-point your whole day

  • Woke up
  • Meditated
  • Showered
  • Worked out
  • Sang karaoke
  • Washed dishes
  • Had lunch
  • Watched the Midday movie
  • Napped
  • Had dinner
  • Wrote a quick blog post
  • Drank an iced chocolate
  • Watched Deadpool 2
  • Went to bed

Day 14: Post your favourite movies that you never get tired of watching. 

  1. Finding Nemo. It’s just adorable and not only do I love watching it, I used to fall asleep to it almost every night. Once it would finish playing, there’d be the sounds of bubbles on the DVD menu. Very relaxing.
  2. I Love You, Man. The main character, played by Paul Rudd, is so socially awkward. I can relate to it. Makes me laugh every time.
  3. Deadpool 1 & 2. It’s Deadpool. I really don’t need to explain this one.
  4. Warcraft. It’s my secret love. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it. I’ve literally had it on repeat for hours though, while playing WoW.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Baby Groot makes this movie sublime. The opening sequence has got to be one of the most amazing movie openings…ever! Check it out here.

Day 13: What are you excited about?

This is an easy one. Wifey is talking about her next trip down under being for Halloween and Christmas. Although we don’t really celebrate Halloween, it’d be great to get dressed up and eat candy. We’ve had two Christmases with wifey here and each time has been perfect. Bring on the cheese platter! The best way to celebrate a summer Xmas.

Day 12: Write about five blessings in your life

  1. Hubby. We’ve been together almost 15 years and he has stood by and supported me through my worst. I haven’t been the easiest to live with (still not some days) but he loves me unconditionally and takes care of me in any way he can.
  2. Wifey. She became part of our relationship 7 years ago. She is there for me every day, no matter if she is here or when she’s in the US. She’s inspirational and makes me want to be the best version of me that I can. She makes me feel safe.
  3. My creativity. Being able to express myself with music or art has been a lifeline through some dark times and is still getting me through things today.
  4. Having my own home. I’ve lost a lot to have this house and I cherish it and am very thankful that my parents worked so hard to make it my future.
  5. Still having time to make changes in my life. Even though I sometimes struggle to see a future, I still have a chance at it, if I work hard.

Day 11: Something you always think ‘What if’ about?

A quick backstory for this question. I grew up in a home with domestic violence. I was sexually abused (when I was very little) and mentally abused up until I was about 28, when my dad finally stopped drinking.

Okay, so I always think ‘what if’ we had of left my dad. My mum asked me when I was about 15 if I wanted to leave. She’d never wanted to before because she was worried he’d kill us or her parents. I’m not sure where her courage come from. At the time I had met some good people and I felt settled amidst all my usual chaos. I said no to leaving. She never brought it up again.

I wonder if we had of left, if she would still be alive today. She had a heart attack not long after my 21st birthday. She had neglected her health for many years (a path I had been recreating.) I wonder if I would have become something. I wonder if I’d have kids of my own. Mostly I wonder if I could have been happy.

Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

When talking to someone, always try and make them feel good. Listen, encourage, uplift, compliment. You never know what someone is going through, what they really feel or how long it’s been since somebody said something nice to them. You can be the difference.

Day 9: Post some words of wisdom that speak to you

The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten. – Mac Miller*

Since starting my journey of improvement, this one has had a constant place in the back of my mind. Whenever I start to feel discouraged about the 2+ years I still have to go, I try and put focus onto how much I have already changed, even in the last 42 days.

Day 8: Share something you struggle with

Discipline. I know that I cannot rely on being motivated or inspired. Those are feelings that come and go. Discipline is knowing you have a job to do and getting it done, no matter what the feels. This is my daily struggle.

Day 7: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now

  1. Ivan Ooze – Bounce That
  2. Kira Puru – Molotov
  3. CLOVES – California Numb
  4. Louis Berry – She Wants Me
  5. K.Flay – High Enough
  6. Grandon – Bills
  7. Dan Auerbach – Stand By My Girl 
  8. Arctic Monkeys – From the Ritz to the Rubble
  9. Heart – Barracuda
  10. Jamie T – If You Got The Money

Day 6: Five ways to win your heart

  1. Have an amazing sense of humour.
  2. Be intelligent and have opinions.
  3. Cook me a delicious meal.
  4. Do something special and unexpected.
  5. Say nice things… and mean it.

Day 5: List 5 place you want to visit.

  1. The US. It would be great to see where wifey lives and go to all the places she loves and has enjoyed during her life. (It’d be a big trip.)
  2. New Zealand (again.) It’s such a beautiful, clean, breath of fresh air. It wouldn’t matter where in NZ, as long as we got to stop by Bully Hayes in Akaroa. It’s my favourite place to eat in NZ.
  3. A beach-side resort in Vanuatu. For my 30th birthday we went on a South Pacific Cruise. We ported in Vanuatu on my birthday and I got a massage at a resort. It was an amazing place that I would love to go back to and experience on a daily basis.
  4. France. Between the Tour de France and The Hairy Bikers (both get a lot of air time in our house), I know there is so much to see from little towns brimming with history and rich culture baked into a delicious bread.
  5. Somewhere with snow, where I can do all the fun snow related stuff.

Day 4Write about someone who inspires you

People who overcome extreme adversity. Adversity takes a lot of courage, strength and determination to overcome. The worse the situation, the harder it is to find the strength. There is nothing more inspiring than knowing someone has faced their challenges head on and won.

Day 3: What are your top 3 pet peeves?

  1. People being rude, mean, bullies. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  2. When someone asks a question but they don’t wait for you to answer it.
  3. Cats being allowed to wander the neighbourhood.

Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

This may seem like a throw away comment and not something of real importance but I remember my grandma once saying that I looked really good in red.

I’m not sure if it has stuck with me because it was the nicest thing she’d ever said to me (she wasn’t the kindest of grandmas) or because I genuinely enjoy wearing red and that comment affirmed my decision.

It’s a strange little comment that has stuck with me for over 20 years and I still like wearing the colour red.

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

  1. Hubby and Wifey
  2. My dog, Homer
  3. A hearty home cooked meal
  4. Music
  5. Being creative
  6. Spending time with good people
  7. Cruising on the ocean
  8. Photography
  9. Working out
  10. Helping, supporting, encouraging people

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