Day 328

I got to bed a bit too late and did Guided Sleep Meditation “The Healing Spring”. This guide is focused on relaxation and helping insomnia. I fell asleep pretty quickly but still only got about 6 hours.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep over the last few weeks and it’s really making mornings difficult. I’ve never been a morning person in the first place and now with the ever present tiredness, I’m enjoying them even less. I am proud of myself though, I’ve actually been eating breakfast!!

Once hubby had fluttered off to work, I got a quick shower and tried to start the art-ing. I sat. I stared. I pondered. Oh Puddles. It literally took hours to come up with a concept (after desperately trying to find a new holiday), it took hours to finish and when I was done, I wasn’t satisfied. There was only one way to fix it… try another art project that I couldn’t do! I’d say it was a facepalm but it was more like a headdesk.

For my watercolour practice I kept on with the Winter theme. I either want Winter so badly, it’s the only thing I can stand painting OR because there are so many white breaks, I feel like it’ll be easier. I chose another guide from Paint with DAVID; A Snowy Winter Landscape. There was so much black and very very very dark green in this piece, I just couldn’t trust myself to do it right. I added, I washed. I added, I washed. I’m pretty sure I made the paper cry.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him celebrating Mardi Gras. Arthur, Rosie and Douglas dog went to visit his dance teacher, Missy Hippopotamus. They got dressed up and did a Mardi Gras parade in her driveway. It was a sparkly day.

I started a new topic in French. It’s another ‘People’ topic and so far it’s just added a few extra words…which I can’t remember and they were so easy. My short term memory is the worst. I also did a little Norwegian. Some words are sticking, others aren’t. I get confused by the order of some things. I had the same problem when I started French. Practice helps.

It didn’t feel like a very productive day. I’m sick of feels.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the week. Good luck if you’re starting a new project or job. Take care.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

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