Day 314

I didn’t listen to meditation when I went to bed last night. I was so tired I thought I’d fall asleep instantly. I was very unsettled and it took me too long to fall asleep. I missed meditation. I then had terrible dreams and ended up sleeping in.

The bad dreams really stuck with me all day. I guess they were how I’ve been feeling but seeing it happening in the dream made it all feel so much worse and so much more real. I’ve really been getting wrapped up in my own world lately and I’ve almost stopped communicating with the outside world. The most I’m really doing is replying to comments on here (and it’s been taking me days … I’m sorry!) The loneliness really stings.

It took me a while to get into the day but eventually I Puddled, doodled, watercoloured, Frenched and took a photo of our little rescued succulent for the creative stuff.

For today’s watercolour, I took inspiration from the Yaquina Head Lighthouse at Newport Oregon.

For my 10 minute doodle, that took 15 minutes, I drew fingers.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him at the city skate park, wearing a white t-shirt and grinding the rails for White T-Shirt Day. He thought the white t-shirt made him look like a skater. I think he fit in very well.

We replanted this little succulent in July 2019. This is the first time I’ve seen it in months. It was hidden behind some other pot plants. It’s grown so much!! See the planting photos here.

While I haven’t really felt like doing the day, I did get some things done. I spent some time outside in the sun and I spent some time cleaning the kitchen. It wasn’t a wasted day.

I hope your day has been filled with sunshine and smiles.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

15 thoughts on “Day 314”

  1. What an amazingly full day! Wonderful imagery & thought expression, Tilly 😊 Your Puddles work is adorable! And, as I’ve just started learning watercolors recently, have to ask, did you pen & ink the outlines in the lighthouse pic, or paint them? I’m having quite a challenge getting the hang of outlining to effect in watercolor, but enjoying the challenge!

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    1. I’m also very new to watercolour. I’ve only been doing it a few weeks. xD

      I’ve been enjoying the line and wash style where you line with a waterproof ink pen first and then add paint. So if you see a well defined line in one of my pieces, it’s ink! xD

      And thanks so much for the kind comments. =) Take care.

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      1. You’re very welcome! Sounds like we’re in similar beginnings with watercolor 😊 Am beginning to embrace the use of pen & ink line among the washes, combines and opens so many possibilities! ❤️

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      2. Watercolour is so much fun to work with, especially if you can work out how much water to use. xD From all the videos I’ve watched…. it’s a lot! LOL

        How long have you been art-ing for? What other art mediums do you use?

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      3. You know, I “just” saw an article last night saying that same thing ‘bout how much water is the big learning curve; and I’ve gotten just far enough into watercolor work to think, “oh, yeah, so that’s why that messed up, lol !!!!” 😊

        Me, I dabbled doing Dali melting clocks as a late teen, early 20’s (late 60s, early 70s), then tried clouds 😊 Then, tried drawing while I was in the Air Force (mid 70s). Got a watercolor set in the very late 70s & figured they’d be, well, watery, but of course weren’t, being pans; painfully dry painted a tea jar on our back porch railing in the sun & thought, “this is too hard! 😂 Start of the 80s, tried this new fangled stuff called acrylics. Oh all gaps I have no idea what I was doing, raising family, going out, etc 😊 I liked acrylics. Experimented mixing the paint with chunks of rocks, tons of medium (hello pouring) and sold a few pieces. But had a blended family, needed $, and got a job, and learning framing, to stay near art, and did mall and art shows and festivals into the start of the 90s when we moved to Austin & I opened a frame shop across from UT; stayed there ‘bout 5 years til we decided to move back to Galveston. Kids were grown & I picked up acrylics again, did shows again, sold a “few” pieces, again 😊 Start of 2000 we moved back to Austin & I was determined to learned oils, but settled on those new fangled water soluble oils and told myself I’d learn to “do” impressionism, as it was the art form I loved most. Sold a few more, and still sell a few from that period. And I was working full time til the late 2000s when my wife & I retired. Wife & I were tired by then; needed to refocus, so we decided to live in Galveston a year and a half, then Vermont, my wife’s home state, for a year and a half, took a 5 1/2 week detour in Paris, and moved back to Austin end of 2012, close to when the youngest grandchild’d be born, and slowly ventured back into water soluble oils, then acrylics, and now watercolors. Where I started back in the late 70s with my aborted attempt with my tea jar in the sun 😊 My style’s gone somewhat abstracted, with within a context, and with an impressionist “bent.” I feel I’m on the best path I’ve been on since my pure adrenaline fun rush of the early 80s & impressionist passion of the early 2000s. “So far” – watercolors are showing me much of what I’d “hoped” to do with either oils or acrylics in terms of softness & glow. And I’m “very” aware I’ve just begun 💕

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      4. What a wonderful life and art journey you’ve had. =) It’s great to see that at each part of the journey you’ve still had the chance to do art. Very exciting that you also got to sell some pieces too. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

        I hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend. =)

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      5. Thanks, Tilly! You too 😊 Had my wife’s birthday party & such yesterday, and youngest grandchild’s BD kid party today, whew! Kinda like my art journey in two days, lol! Both have been very good looking back; I really appreciate your kind words ❤️

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