Day 303

I did, Guided Sleep Meditation “The Healing Spring”, before sleep. My favourite meditations have the sounds of water. They also seem mentally cooling after a long hot Summers day.

I woke up just after hubby and got lots of cuddles from Homer. It was a nice way to start the day. I then sipped coffee and chatted with wifey for a while before getting into art-ing.

I have watched a number of line and wash videos on Youtube by Peter Sheeler and finally tried; A Line and Wash watercolour tutorial by Peter Sheeler, quick and easy style. I first roughly sketched it in pencil, then used ink. I didn’t really follow what he was doing with the colours, I sort of just went on my own little journey.

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him visiting his friend Rosie. It’s National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day and all he wanted to do was spend the evening art-ing Miss Rosie. His naughty puppy Douglas got paint paw prints everywhere.

In the afternoon I finished the day with some singing, smiling, French and a nap. J’aime beaucoup dormir.

I hope your day has been art inspired. Happy creating.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

4 thoughts on “Day 303”

    1. Thaaaank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Yes, I’m trying to use a lot more water than how I started out. Sadly the paper I’m using now can’t handle a lot, so I still have to be careful. Still having fun though. xD

      I hope you have a fantastic and creative weekend. Take care!

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