Day 295

This headache has followed me through another day. I get relief with meds or if I’m sleeping but it keeps coming back. Everything is feeling like a blur. I know I meditated last night but now I’m kinda questioning if I did or not. I’m sure I did! Didn’t I?

It was 40 C/104 F today and while I had great intentions for the day, once I’d whipped up a Puddles and had a face full of French the most I could muster up was standing in a cold shower (I want air-con) or watching more videos on Watercolour. At least I feel like I’m still learning even though I haven’t been doing. Tomorrow should be cooler and it should be easier to get some art-ing in.

Hubby gave Homer dog a bath today. Homer is pretty good at baths and is even better at drying himself on his towel. Soon as he was done in the bath, Homer ran into the lounge room, thought about wiping himself on the curtain, then waited patiently for his towel to be put on the floor so he could roll around on it. He’s so cute!

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him ready to be dunked. This is one of his favourite things to do. He’s either going to get a face full of cream pie OR he’s going to take a refreshing dip. He thought that was the best way to spend National Pie Day.

I hope your day has been cool, delicious and filled with smiles.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

7 thoughts on “Day 295”

      1. Thanks and Yeah- as soon as it gets warm here I’ll b complaining about the heat- I need to appreciate uncomfortable weather more. I hope the wet weather has helped u all esp with the smoke. Which might be a headache trigger 🤔 And only 2 months and a few odd days- which means I need to get cracking- I might do a final cram session on the flight over.

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      2. Yup- luckily I think everything is in order – save for mon Francais! And I think the flight itself is a good 8 hours 😳 plus who knows how long it will take 2 get through the airport. When my Mom went a couple years ago she got stuck on the plane while it was in the runway due to a nasty thunderstorm- so I’m hoping there will b no in climate weather 🤞


  1. Yesterday it was 7 F/-14 C around here, so it’s def been cool!
    Given the heat and your headache, I’d say you had a pretty productive day! I’m still working on reminding myself that more passive learning is still learning, is still “doing,” and it’s absolutely okay – and necessary – to have those sorts of days from time to time.

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    1. Oooh that sounds very cold there. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that sort of cold in Winter.

      I totally agree that passive learning is okay. Learning is learning after all. =) I hope you’re having a wonderfully creative week. Take care.


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