Day 273

Happy New Year!! Hubby and I had a pretty relaxed night of drinks and music. I also played some WoW in the hours leading up to midnight…and through midnight until about 2 am. I was the first one in the group to see the New Year.

I managed to get a little sleep-in. When I woke I wasn’t prepared to dive into the day. In fact, I had made a decision that I wasn’t going to do anything today but I would get into all my plans on Thursday when hubby goes back to work. The longer I was awake, the more I wanted to do things, so I did.

So the first thing I worked on was my first penguin sketch for the year. I’d like to introduce Arthur Puddles. He is a shy and awkward little penguin. He has some big dreams and wants to explore the world. Follow his daily adventures through 2020. I will be posting the daily cartoon on this blog and they will all be posted on

I started a new group of French words today. They are food words. How very delicious. A lot of the words I’m familiar with but the English use of the words are slightly different. As usual I don’t remember a whole lot but I know that this will be a fairly easy topic. I’m feeling encouraged. I got through the first set of lessons quickly.

The first day of the 30 day; New Year, New You Challenge is to set goals that you want to achieve. I set two goal lists in yesterday’s post. I have a monthly goal list and a happy list (a weekly to-do list focused on achieving things to make me happy.) So I will say I’ve done this one and feel good about it.

I tried to find a nighttime meditation guide but there are so many different types and hubby wouldn’t stop talking, so I really have no idea which direction to go in. I’ll just pick one at random tonight and see how it goes.

That’s about it for my New Years day. It wasn’t very spectacular but I did do some things. Tomorrow hubby will be back at work and I’ll have a more productive day.

I hope you have had a safe and happy New Year. Good luck with any new projects you’re starting, New Years resolutions or whatever creative endeavours you’re indulging in.


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I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

19 thoughts on “Day 273”

    1. I set some 2 year goals early last year, so it made it much easier for me to start setting up goals for this year. =)

      Thanks for your comment. I hope you have a magnificent and creative 2020.

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      1. It’s easy 2 make and u don’t actually need a fondue pot- any nice ceramic pot will work on the stovetop. The most difficult part- at least out here in the sticks- is getting the cheeses.

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      2. I have a fondue set straight out of the 70s but I’ve never used it. It’s just followed me through a handful of moving houses. Luckily we can get lots of delicious cheese easily. It’s on my to do list this year I swear!!! xD

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  1. I did stay up, because I was watching some Little House on the Prairie episodes, not to ring in the New Year, lol. I tried WOW some years back but I hated that for most things I needed to be a part of a group, but I played UO for many years just quitting recently, where you could still do a lot of things by yourself. lol even did a little pvp ;).

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    1. I haven’t seen Little House on the Prairie since I was little. xD I hope you had a great night!

      It took me about 5 years of playing WoW before I felt okay joining groups. I’m lucky that I have a nice handful of people to play with now. xD

      What is UO? I’ve never been much of a gamer except for WoW!

      Hope you’re having a great start to your year. Take care. =)

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      1. UO is Ultima Online, it was before WOW, it started in 97. I just liked the way you could do pretty much whatever you wanted with your char (I think you all call your’s toons :P) without much regard to races. They did add a little bit of special stuff to different races but mostly you can still put most skills on most of your chars. Gargoyles fly and no other kind of char can but then Gargs can’t ride anything either, tho they get a bonus to imbuing :P. Most chars can have stealth but Elves have an extra bonus for it, that kind of stuff. It’s fun to have someone to chat with about games :).

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      2. Ahhh, that sounds like it could have been fun. xD Did you play as a gargoyle? Were there lots of abilities? I prefer playing toons that don’t have a lot of abilities! lol I still feel like such a noob and I’ve been playing WoW for about 7 years now.

        What games are you playing now?


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