Day 251

I woke up just after alarm time and started the day with snuggles from Homer dog. He’s not really a snuggly dog, especially in Summer, but today he couldn’t get enough. It was a nice way to start a long hot day.

Once hubby jumped off to work, I got to working out. I was looking forward to it even though I could still feel some aches from last weeks epic workouts. I thought that I would find it much harder to stay motivated through Summer but the heat hasn’t bothered me yet. I still want to do it and enjoy it. So crazy!! Never thought I’d hear myself saying that.

After the workout I spent a little time looking for art supplies. I take forever to make decisions when it comes to buying things, so I figured I’d get in early on some Christmas shopping. (Plus hubby will be near an art supplies place on Friday, I gotta make some decisions!!!)

Before getting to art-ing I worked on French. I really tried to focus but kept making silly mistakes like hitting the wrong number for multiple choice answers. Overall it was a pretty good practice. I’ll spend the next week doing more practice and hopefully start a new batch of words soon. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done new words.

Then it was time to art. I’ve decided that every day this week I will start my art day with something from Art for Kids Hub. They’re cute, quick and will get my creativity started. Today I chose a zombie taco.

I tried to finish the girl on a chair sketch that I started the other day. I reaaaally should have just restarted. By the time I was done the paper looked so beat up…as did the girl. I learned a lot about trying to layer and blend with these pencils. I look forward to my next try.

Once I had finished the girl the day was pretty hot, so I did some relaxing. Next year I plan on having a much stricter ‘learning’ schedule. I don’t think I’m as far along as I could have been with a little more effort.

I hope your day has been filled with deliciousness.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

9 thoughts on “Day 251”

  1. This is a lovely write up Tilly, though I cannot see the Girl on a Chair, with being blind. I used to work out a lot too. I loved the gym.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Working out is a new habit for me and I’m really enjoying it. It’s just a shame it took me this long to fall in love with it.

      Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you’re having a wonderful week. =)


  2. Les couleurs de la femme are tres bien- honestly were the edges are softened it looks like a pic from some 60’s life magazine or something like that. I like the creepy taco to!

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