Day 237

The day started off pretty normal. I sipped coffee, I did French practice and I worked out. It was a pretty good start to a productive week.

I then spent the greater part of the day writing. Although I blog daily, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to use words. I wrote, I read what I wrote, I would change a word or two. Hours later I still wasn’t sure it was what I wanted it to be. So I took a little break from writing and tried a watercolour.

I found a ‘How to draw a bird with coloured pencils‘ on Youtube. I don’t own the pencils that they used in the video but I thought it might look nice as a watercolour.

I don’t have much to show for the day but it was very creatively satisfying. No idea what I’ll work on tomorrow.

I hope your week has started well. Good luck with new projects, new jobs and hard conversations. You’re an amazing person. Be proud of your achievements.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

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