Day 222

I woke up exhausted. Sometimes I have very intense dreams involving weather events; cyclones, tsunami or sometimes I have very intense zombie dreams. One time I even had a dream about zombies dropping out of small cyclones.

Last night it was a zombie dream. I spent the whole dream closing doors (people would open them and not close them) and being worried about the zombie boy in the bathroom, who had been let in earlier. People and doors! Eventually I had to flee the house when a zombie well over 6ft was eating someone outside an open door. LA PORTE!!! The dream has clearly stuck with me all day.

Once I was out of bed and searching for something to watch on Youtube to distract my zombie infested brain, I noticed that you could watch ‘Rhett and Links Buddy System‘ for free at the moment. It’s normally for premium Youtube subscribers. Hubby and I indulged in most of the first season before he went to mow the lawns and I attempted art.

I found some acrylic paper and wondered if it would be any good for use with watercolours. My watercolour paper is rough and I was dying for a smooth surface. There were a few splashes of blue acrylic paint from when I had painted the other side. (I always use both sides of the paper.)

I wasn’t sure how this paper and watercolour would work together so I picked a fairly easy reference, from a city close to here, Sydney. It’s a row of colourful houses. I made some design changes. I really love the colour I’ve been using for windows and today’s would be no different.

I coloured, I washed and I was happy with how the watercolour worked on the paper. It almost felt like the paper took the water better too. I finished with a strong inking with a fine Artline200 ink pen. Love that pen, even if it’s really hard to line with. I love the look of the lines.

Once art was finished, we started season two of Buddy System. Only got through a couple of episodes because in the second season each one runs for about 25 minutes. The first season they were barely 15 minutes an episode. Definitely a lot of laughs.

I finished the day with French. It wasn’t my best practice. There seems to be a big chunk of things that I haven’t spent much time on and… I really don’t know them. Tomorrow I’ll track down what group they were in and practice only that group for a couple of days.

Tomorrow is the official start of the week and I want to get back to being disciplined. I’ve kinda been riding the motivation train and it’s not taking me down the right track. I know I’ve slacked, you know I’ve slacked (thanks for not pointing it out) but the good news is, I can change it. Productive week incoming.

I hope your week is productive, creative, inspired and beautiful.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

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