Day 198

Homer dog woke me around 6 am so he could go out. There was nothing in me that wanted to stay awake, so I crawled back into bed until 9 am. It was a late start to the day and I spent the first couple of hours sipping coffee and spending time with wifey.

Then it was time for the creative and I spent the rest of the day doing it. First I started the Doodlewash – October 2019 prompt; 11. Fox. While I really want to try doing a watercolour fox, it really didn’t fit my food theme. (After a quick Google search, it probably would have fit my theme but.. no.) So I decided to draw something a fox would eat. It just so happens that humans also eat them. I used this little green frog reference.

I tried to make the colours a lot softer than I have been (I think I’m addicted to bold colour.) I used two shades of green, brown, yellow, grey and black.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Doodlewash – October 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

While working on the frog, I also did the Inktober 2019 prompt; 16. Wild. I knew I wanted to draw some sort of wild animal and did a search on Unsplash. I found a wonderful picture of a big elephant and a baby elephant. I really enjoyed this inking.

All challenge drawings can be found here…
Inktober 2019 on Three Peas, One Pod

I also did the Inktober 2019 prompt; 17. Ornament. My first thought was a Christmas tree ornament and I very quickly found an ornament reference photo. I also added a couple of simpler decorations and lights.

By the time the sketching was done, so was the day. Wifey had made a delicious dinner and we settled in for a couple of scary movies. The only problem with scary movies is they usually take a turn for the worse in the last 10 minutes. The surprise ending is usually a disappointing ending. We watched; Hereditary. I watched it like I was hypnotised. It made me jump. It made my heart pound. Then it disappointed me. Ahhhh the horror of it all.

It was a satisfying day and I’m tired. Hopefully I won’t have bad dreams.

I hope your world is bright, shiny, filled with laughter and splashed with success. You’re a an amazing individual.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

6 thoughts on “Day 198”

    1. Thanks so much. ^^ I’ve really been enjoying watercolours, even if I’m not patient enough yet. I haven’t heard of Pixaby. Will definitely be checking it out.

      I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. =)

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  1. Ahh the pitfalls of having pets- I’m babysitting my Mom’s dog Chief this week so I can sympathize- although he at least doesn’t wake me up:) the howling winds we had the other day however are another story. And there is nothing wrong with liking/ using bold colors!

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