Day 104

Hubby’s alarm sucker punched me into starting the day and I felt dazed. I had no idea how I was going to be the day. Things hurt, things had no energy and one of those things was my face. I did my usual morning scowl over a cup of coffee until I found the slightest bit of energy.

Then it was time for French. I decided to move onto a new topic; ‘Family’. I picked up a few of the words but mostly I just enjoyed knowing that I was learning something new. One goal for my Happy List this week is to spend longer practising French and what a great time to start doing that.

Today’s drawing challenge topic; A Cat. I picked the little version because it was adorable and you can’t stop me. I’m glad it was so cute because it was a hard draw. I got a little obsessed. I redid the face at least seven times. From a very faint outline, I added line after line, layering and smudging until I had something that resembled this little bundle of joy.

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Next it was time to start a new knitting project. I was excited after the neatness of my last knit but still disappointed that I had used the wrong needles (or knitting sticks as I’d prefer to call them.) I was determined to get everything right on this pair of gloves for hubby. He wanted a pair in black and red, in honour of his favourite football team, the Essendon Bombers.

The ribbing went smoothly but because I was using black wool, I found it a little hard to see if it really did look good or not. Let’s just assume it did. Good. Got the first few rows of the body done, then changed colours to red. The switch over to the new colour went pretty good. I then knitted a couple more row and had my first real look at it.

UGH!!!!! The change over wasn’t smooth at all. I was hoping for a neat line across, instead it was just… a row of diamonds? triangles? arrows?. It was something I didn’t want. I tried to go back to there and see if I could do something to fix it. I couldn’t. I broke it. So that was two hours of knitting with nothing to show for it. I’ve adjusted the pattern (or what I like to call; recipe) and hopefully I’ll get a clean line on the next attempt.

30 Day Blog Challenge – All my answers will be posted here.

Day 24: What is your favourite movie and why?

I’ve never really been a fan of superheroes and I have most definitely never found one that I’d want to be but at the moment I’m really loving Deadpool 2. It’s a sublime mix of action and comedy. I just love the rawness of Deadpool as a character. He’s edgy, he’s funny and his superhero power is kinda cool. His power isn’t the one I want though.

If I could be any superhero I would be Domino. Give me the luck, all the luck! A lot of the time I feel I am the curse. Not that I am cursed, that I AM the curse. So feeling the complete opposite of that would be incredible.

Tomorrow I will probably give the gloves another shot. I know I can get them right if I can just work out how to colour transition. If that doesn’t tickle my fancy, I’m sure there is another creative outlet that will.

Thanks for reading. I hope something tickles your fancy this week.


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