Day 86

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…. except, I don’t want to. I’ve had a fantastic day. I woke up around 7 am and rolled out of bed. It felt early for a birthday wake up but because it was my birthday, I could get hubby to make me a coffee before he did anything else.

Once he was off to work, I worked out. WHAT? This is the first time in 38 years that I have worked out on my birthday. I have never even worked out the day before or after my birthday. In fact, I’m not even sure I’ve worked out in the months surrounding my birthday. It was a great work out. I pushed hard but not too hard.

First thing I did after that was my French revision. I got through it with only a handful of mistakes. Then it was on to writing and it must have been a birthday miracle because my words were back. I had no trouble working on my story. I did about 30 minutes of writing.

I spent a few hours in WoW with a friend. He paid for my sub, so I kinda thought I should. We had lots of laughs as always. It was a nice way to pass the day.

By early afternoon I was ready for lunch and getting back into a pile of creative. After a bowl of leftover pasta I started drawing. I drew another picture that I’d like to paint and it wasn’t from Akaroa. Gasp!! It’s true. I’m going to cast my creative vision a little further than Akaroa. I still have some issues getting the right perspective but I think it was a pretty good attempt.

Before dinner I started work on my knitting. It’s going pretty well. I’ve been keeping track of what I’m up to and it’s noticeable. The double moss stitch is finally looking straight and neat. Woo!

Seeing it was my birthday dinner, we had a delicious cheese platter, with roasted veggies, pickled onions, cabanossi and crackers. I washed it down with a couple of glasses of white wine. The only thing that would have made tonight perfect is if wifey was here enjoying it with us.

Tomorrow will be my last chance to paint before the weeks end. I already have a harbour shot of Akaroa drawn, so that’s what I’ll attempt.

Today was a good day.

30 Day Blog Challenge – All my answers will be posted here.

Day 6: What is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?

It most certainly does and what a great question for my birthday. I have already answered about being the ‘Cancer’ sign in my last writing challenge, so be ready to be copy and pasted, hard.

‘There are a number of things that I can identify with; being intuitive and being able to read people’s emotions, being passionate and loyal, being creative and resilient, tuned to nature and drawn to the water to name a few. ‘


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