Day 72

I actually got out of bed on time today. The morning went quickly, hubby went to work and I worked out. I was 5 minutes faster than I should have been. I was cold and determined to do better than I have the last few days. I achieved that mini goal. 10 points to me.

Before I got into anything else, my brain decided it wanted to work out what being a friend is all about and how friendship even works. The only people I interact with are hubby and wifey, plus a couple of people I game with. I’m not sure people I game with are considered ‘real friends’ because I really don’t know anything real about them.

With this in mind, why do I feel bad if gaming friends are not talking to me? Should I be the one initiating all the conversations? Are conversations not being initiated by them because they don’t want to talk to me? Am I trying to push my way into their lives and it’s really not wanted?

This is why I have trouble doing friends. What’s the right amount of friending? How do you know if they don’t want to friend anymore? I am in the friend abyss and I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know where to look for an answer.

While my head was full of friend wondering, I picked up my knitting needles in hopes of finishing the fingerless glove that I’d been working on. Not long after lunch time, I had it done. It didn’t look the best but it was finished and wearable.

I decided to start on the second glove. I felt confident I could do this one better. My start was fantastic. Then, I noticed that it wasn’t looking right. Oh no! I had used the same stitch (knit or purl) twice. Of course I had continued the back and forth stitching for a number of rows without noticing.

Once I had noticed, on the next row I used the same stitch and got back on track. As it turns out, the little error in stitch actually looks good. The whole second glove turned out so much better, with no holes to fix and a snugger fit.

Frankenstein Gloves modelled by hubby

I used a pattern from Red Heart called ‘Really Easy Wristers‘.

Although, I have decided to call them my ‘Frankenstein’ Gloves. They don’t look so good but they’re functional. Hubby has claimed these gloves.

I’m looking forward to my next knitting project, which will most likely be some gloves for myself.

Amidst a day of knitting, I still got in 30 minutes of French. I did 4 revision levels with no mistakes. It felt good.

Bonne nuit. À demain.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

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