Day 67

After a much needed sleep in, hubby and I got about our day with a quick breakfast and a yummy coffee. Once that was done we started on our spring clean of the kitchen.

The goal was to get the whole kitchen done, we were a little off the mark. There was twice the amount of work we had thought and most of it took longer than planned. What we did get done is looking great.

My favourite job of the day was re organising the ‘unopened food’ cupboard. Making it so organised and having things lined up, is so deeply satisfying.

Kitchen Spring Clean: Part 1

Things we got done today;
– Washed dishes.
– Cleaned the exhaust fan cover and the light cover.
– Threw away out of date food, cleaned and re organised the unopened food cupboard.
– Cleaned and re organised the open food cupboard.
– Cleaned the tableware shelf.
– Got rid of old appliances.
– Cleaned the microwave.
– Gave the oven a good scrubbing. (Not fully clean yet)
– Cleaned the cutlery and cooking tool drawers.

Things left to do;
– Clean fridge.
– Clean and organise overhead cupboard.
– Clean on top of cupboards.
– Clean the microwave shelf.
– Organise appliances.
– Organise pots and pans cupboard.
– Organise and get rid of items from a small cupboard that has been untouched for years.
– Organise the cleaning cupboard under the sink.

Once the cleaning was done it was time for French refreshers. Hubby has been taking more of an interest in learning, so we did the refresher together. The first practice run was perfect. It was exciting. The next couple had things I couldn’t remember. I was also having trouble understanding some of the spoken prompts.

We also spent a lot of time talking through the day about how to improve our lives. Seeing I’m now two months into my life changing journey, I thought it might be good for hubby to set some goals. I’m looking forward to see what he’d like to achieve in the next two years.

Knowing how important it is to set goals, we’re going to start a weekly happiness challenge. Every Tuesday, I will post a list from myself, hubby and wifey, of 10 things we can do through the week, that will make us feel happier. There is no punishment, there is no failure. There is just the opportunity to be focused and actively working on our happiness. At the end of the week, I’ll update how good we’ve done with our goals. I know it’s not a competition but I’m totally going to win happiness.

Tomorrow is going to be a chill day. I’ll be doing mythic dungeons in WoW through the morning and the afternoon will be spent with wifey. I’ll finish the day with some French and a little knitting.

Lots of fun stuff coming up this week for our family. I hope you and your family have a week of feeling good and glorious adventures.


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Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

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