Day 3

In some ways today was a better day, in other ways, it really wasn’t. I started out motivated and determined to get the things done that I had mentioned in yesterdays post.

It wasn’t until mid afternoon, when the humidity had risen, that I started to feel emotionally flat and no longer desired to do the things I knew I should be doing. Maybe I just needed to drink more water?

I did add some goals to The 40 List. I made a weekly schedule, that I’ll start tomorrow. I’ve almost got the social media pages sorted, kinda.

I don’t feel like I’m making much ground yet but as I’ve said for a long time now; ‘Something is more than nothing.’

Tomorrow is another day. A day I’m looking forward to.


Published by

Tilly Collins

I'm on a life changing journey to 40. There will be ups, there will be downs. I'm like a roller coaster but with more agoraphobia.

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